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Holiday romance

"A one off unexpected swap."

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I’ve noticed that a lot of stories are based on events that happen with strangers whilst on holiday which is what happened to us and why I feel I have to share ours. Our adventure started completely out of the blue. Amanda and I have been married for 15 years, she’ s 40 and I’m 41. Amanda is an attractive blond with curves in all the right places, a great figure, complete with a heavy chest which attracts attention from men and women alike. But what I didn’t expect was my wife’s reaction to the attention she received from random strangers in holiday.

We had never talked about swinging or any other form of sex outside our marriage other that the occasional silly ‘would you’ if we saw an attractive man or woman or couple.

We were on holiday in Spain, just before the first lockdown. One evening a Dutch couple started a conversation during the evening entertainment. They were both tanned and well built, as in they clearly looked after themselves physically. That went of for a few hours and we got on quite well. It was towards the end of the evening that the mood seemed to change. I whispered to Amanda ‘would you’ she giggled, probably due to the several glasses of wine she’s said, ‘Nice ass’, I assume talking about the Dutch guy.

We started to walk back to our room followed by our new friends when the Dutch woman said to Amanda something like ‘you have nice breasts and her husband said that he agreed. Amanda giggled again and gave them a shake. The Dutch woman smiled and said ‘amazing’.

The conversation carried on in the same vein, talking about Amanda’s body and how the Dutch couple run a lot and so on until we got to our room. I was a bit confused as to why they were still with us as their room was on another floor.

Then, without much of a conversation or beating around the bush, the Dutch woman says to Amanda, ‘I would like to suck your amazing breasts’ and added that she was sure her husband would as well.

I was speech less, but Amanda shrieked out loud and opened the room door and we all just went in.

I’m not sure if my wife took them seriously but she threw her handbag onto the floor and shook her shoulders again causing her breast to bounce and shake. The Dutch woman just said ‘Amazing’ and started to undo Amanda blouse, then she sat on the bed in front of my wife and undid her bra. I stood there, shocked at what was happening, waiting for my wife to protest, but she didn’t.

The Dutch girl takes one of Amanda’s breasts in her hand, lifts it and sucks her nipple, slowly at first then seems to be trying to get as much of my wife’s breast onto her mouth as possible, first one, then the other. I just look on, in shock. My wife just lets her but is slowly sucking in air and biting her bottom lip. But it was when Amanda put her hand on the woman’s head and said ‘that’s nice’ that I was really in shock.

My usually timid and conservative wife was enjoying having another woman suck her breasts.

When the Dutch guy puts his hand on my wife’s shoulder and takes Amanda’s other breast in his hand to have a good feel and my wife makes an ooh noise that I have to sit down wondering where this was going to go next. I didn’t have to wait long.

The Dutch woman stops sucking my wife’s nipple and unzips Amanda’s skirt and pulls it and her knickers down. Amanda is stood there in front of them naked. The touching and sucking continues with the Dutch woman gently rubbing Amanda pussy with her finger. My wife is loving the experience and making all sorts of ooh noises and ‘oh yes’ comments.

The Dutch guy takes his t-shirt off and drops his shorts. A thick long cock spring’s out.

‘You don’t; mind if I fuck your wife do you’, more of a comment that a question.

I was about to object and say something about it not being what we expected then my wife turns round, sits on the end of the bed and take’s the man’s cock into her mouth and starts to suck for a few seconds, before edging back onto the bed, laying on her back and opening her legs.

She looks at me and smiles before he lays in between my wife’s legs and pushes his shaft into her pussy and starts to slowly thrust.

Amanda is squealing and coming out with all sorts of comments like ‘fuck its big’ and ‘fuck he’s in deep’ and then says to him ‘please fuck me hard’. He obliges and starts to fuck her harder and faster, bending so as to have her breast in his mouth whilst he does it.

I hadn’t noticed his wife undressing, until she stands in front of me, naked and takes my hand and in her strong Dutch accent says something like, ‘come on, we can fuck as well’.

By now the guy is eating my wife’s pussy and she’s begging for more, pleading with him not to stop and I’m fucking his wife’s mouth, feeling her much smaller breast with her out of proportionally big nipples. Her husband moves up and is inside my wife and they are fucking hard, Amanda’s tits swinging and bouncing, both the Dutch guy ad his wife who I’m fucking are commenting on how amazing her tits are.

I didn’t last long I’m ashamed to say, I guess about 5 minutes before I was at the point of no return. I did want her I was going to cum and she said the weirdest thing which I took to be due to her knowledge of English, ‘its ok, you seem like nice people’ and added that I could cum inside her if I wanted. I did want, and I did cum inside her. She let out a long loud grunt as I did so, gripping me with her legs.

My wife wasn’t so polite. I think she said something like ‘you fuck me’ and ‘you cum inside me’ and ‘for fucks sake fill me with your spunk’ which isn’t a word I had heard from her, ever.

I had finished, but he hadn’t. I slid off his wife and looked over, next to me at this guy banging the fuck out of my wife, grunting and moaning whilst my wife clearly reached orgasm on more than one occasion whilst the fucking continued, and the Dutch guy fucked Amanda whilst his wife sucked her face and tits.

Every time a cum I need to pee not long after and this was no different. Even from the bathroom I could hear the three of them grunting and moaning and grunting ‘fuck his cock is big’ and ‘suck me hard’. The guy grunted over and over, and my wife told him that she couldn’t take any more.

I walked back into the bedroom to see Amanda’s knees up by her face and the Dutch woman getting as much of my wife’s breast on her ands and mouth as she could with her husband still shagging my wife.

Then he lets out a half grunt, half roar and Amanda cries out and thrashes around. I have arrived just in time to see a stranger impregnating my wife and my wife having a powerful orgasm.

A few more thrusts later he slides off my wife and his wife slides onto her and they have a short rough lesbian shag, both of them climaxing again.

And then it was over, the Dutch couple laying side by side, wet with perspiration, hands sliding over each other. I was hard again, and it was the Dutch woman that told me that I had to fuck my wife, ‘it is the right thing to so’. So I did.

I pushed my cock into my wife’s soaking wet pussy and fucked her until I cam inside her, and whilst I did, the other couple fucked yet again.

And then, they stood up, dressed, thanked us and left.

A couple of times during the week Amanda would spend the enough with him and his wife with me and we would all fuck as much as we could.

It was a one-off experience, never to be repeated I would have thought. But Amanda and I have talked about it a lot, usually during sex and we both got a lot out of it.

So, if you get the chance, I would say ‘do it’.

Written by Amanda's hubby.

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