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Gardener Does Mrs R's Today

"The Lawn Man Cums While Mr R is Away and She Spills His Seed"

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I had phoned that man who treats our lawn in the week to complain that it is covered in the speedwell weed which was spreading over the grass like wildfire. I left a message for him to phone me back I wanted to know exactly what we were paying him for. I was in the garden there’s so much to do I just knuckled down to it I was getting hotter and took my jumper off I just had a black V neck vest top and a loose, very loose cool skirt on. The vest was one of those that had a really plunging neck with little popper buttons that undid as I stretched and heaved to pull the weeds out. It was hard work, but I enjoyed it. it gave me time to think about things quite often when the sun blazing the subject was sex. Mr R had been away in Germany for two weeks, to do with a manufacturing project or contract or something like that I was missing him because now I wanted sex, he would not be back for another five long days, and I wanted it now! we made love and built on our desires built up an intimacy beyond my wildest dreams I loved being screwed by him watching him go wild when I sat on his cock saying things I knew would make him crazy with lust, like me with another man, or woman, or both! I could feel my pussy wet up as I was working away my thought were interrupted by a shout from the house “Mrs R!!” I stood up and looked. it was the green finger man. damn. I wished he’d phoned first I was sweaty and dirty and had a very low plunging top on I tried to straighten myself up and started to walk to meet him. As I got closer, I could see this was not our usual man, Brian. it turned out it was his son Liam. He was well built he had dark hair and blue eyes his chiselled features and masculine caught my attention, I swallowed hard and tried to hide the quiver in my voice. God, I had been rather sharp on the phone with his Dad. He probably thinks I’m a right battle axe. I apologised and started to explain about the speedwell we walk up the garden together as I pointed out all the patches of this stuff and how it had spread. I could feel his eyes on my cleavage he was a lot younger than me, but he was feasting his eyes on my tits. I could feel my heart racing I told myself not to be stupid my thoughts were turning to sex. I tried to look discretely at the front of his trousers he saw me look and gave a wry smile. We got to the end of the garden and walked under the canopy of the hawthorn tree my heart was pounding. He said this was where all the trouble was. It was all overgrown and full of weeds and that where the problem stemmed from all at the sudden, he turned and pushed me against the tree. I screamed then shouted what did he think he was doing? His hand cupped my tit squeezing as he spoke. I’ve been talking to your Dad about you, and he said your other half is away and I reckon from the way you got so agitated on the phone you’re not getting enough these past weeks ? He massaged my tit harder through the material. you’ve got good tits I reckon an attractive woman I reckon you love sex don’t your experienced – love good fuck. You think about having toy boys and sex with someone who can keep their dick up for He wasn’t wrong there and started kissing my mouth and neck I could feel my nipples harden I did I wondered what his cock was like. I wondered if he would feel good in my pussy. I wondered if he could fuck away my frustrations, my wants for hard sex he was pushing me hard against the tree I could feel his erection. My hand was drawn to it I cupped and squeezed it hard that’s it he said you dirty bitch is that what you want it isn’t it, his hand was on my thighs lifting my short skirt up higher. holding me fast against the tree I could feel the hardness of his cock on my mound, pussy was aching, throbbing to feel him up me. he ripped my top open to reveal my tits I could feel the breeze brush over them making them harder he started sucking on them fuck it felt so good his mouth filling with saliva wetting my nipples letting the air on them creating electric shocks of pleasure. god what if the neighbours could see us. I fumbled to undo his zip. I wanted to feel his meat my hand was quickly down the front of his pants I felt a warm rush of pussy juice fill my panties he delighted in my moans I started wanking him frantically. He responded by thrusting into my hand asking me if that’s what I wanted my hand was getting sticky from his pre-cum he started to moan with each thrust. his hand on the inside of my thigh at the rim of my panties fuck you’re soaked, gads you need this bad don’t you, you dirty wet fucking bitch, his fingers inside the rim of my panties. For a moment I think we both though he was going to spurt cum too early. A few deep breaths I can feel my pussy throbbing against his hand he cups my mound, and I can feel his fingers at my pussy lips fuck your nipples hard and dark. he pulled me close and kissed me full on the mouth his breathing heavy and hard suddenly he turns me round so I am facing the tree my tits scrape on the bark it hurts but like pleasure and pain. He held my arms up against the tree. I could feel his cock hard against me pushing at my arse I could feel myself rubbing my mound against the tree it felt so good this was raw and spontaneous with someone I never met before. He was teasing me from behind with his cock he whispered he wanted to get me naked and fuck me the way I needed to be fucked. We tucked ourselves in and scurried into the house and up the stairs. When we got to the top, we stopped at the window kissing our hands all over each other. he turned me round so I was facing the window his hands all over my tits and pussy .my head back on his shoulder not knowing we were being watched by Mick next door, he was stood at the top his hand down the front of his trousers wanking at us getting sexed up. We stumbled into the bedroom, our bedroom, Mr R’s and mine, onto the bed he took his trousers off his cock standing proud dripping pre-cum shaved ready for sex wanting warmth of a sexed-up cunt that needed to be shagged. His smooth shaved chest and strong arms were making me wetter wanting to get shagged. He lifted my skirt pulled my panties to the side started to lick hard nibbling at my clitty, sucking on it stimulating me so I do anything he wanted he got me naked on the bed panting for sex he lay on the bed next to me denying me his cock knowing I wanted to feel his stiff rod in my hand he suckled hard on my nipples making me squeal his hand on my tummy rubbing me working down to my mound. . he parted my legs I was wet all over my thighs pouring wet for his length he started to work down with his mouth and tongue over my tummy licking it hard wetting me with his salvia he was sending electric pulses over my body his tongue in my tummy button it was getting so horny I was begging him to fuck me. He, the dirty bastard, turned to the golf clubs in the corner of the room taking the putter out the bag he ran the cold metal over my tits and tummy down to my mound rubbing my clitty with the cold metal, my knees bent and my legs splayed my slit was wide open and wet he eyes burning into mine as I felt the cold metal between my pussy lips fuck he eased the putter edge inside me fuck it felt so good he worked it in and out catching my spot I had a wild head spinning orgasm on it crying out in ecstasy I could hear him saying fuck you dirty bitch I can see your cunt sucking on it almost pissing on it you’re so wet he took it out and at last he climbed on top of me. I clasped his cock in my hand wanking it making it harder, harder to pleasure me with. I wanted him a need his big stiff dick deep and hard. Liam’s cock head was smooth and shiny I rubbed his foreskin up and down to his moans of pleasure. I begged him to do it to me now hovering over me his cock thick and hard pulsing at my pussy ready to penetrate me I was about to take a gorgeous new cock fuck yet another new cock. he was at my wet pussy lips I lifted my hips up to him willing him to penetrated deep. I felt his tip then his cock head start to ease up his cock in the cold from the metal and the heat from my cum. I was taking the new cock straight in after my orgasm I could feel my pussy stretch as he got deeper inside me his pink cock head poking me so good. I wanted to cum again I could see his reflection in the mirror his arse riding up and down as he gave me what I desired it looked so fucking good. he knelt up still inside me thrusting hard listening to wet noises and sucking from my wet cunt. my tits bouncing at each filthy arrogant thrust. I couldn’t help it I was cumming off again I was soaking the bed, my cunt stretched with new cock I’d been dreaming of. He was getting more and more worked up again. He withdrew, turned me over, got me in my hands and knees, he started to shag me like a dog on my hands and knees. He gave me what for the bed was bouncing and creaking as we fucked like crazy. the neighbours outside, I hoped, looked up to see me getting dogged my tits swinging with every filthy thrust. My pussy getting what she wanted good and hard. He turned me over on my back again. With my legs right up, he bent down to the floor he had taken a small cucumber he must have got out the fridge on the way up. He didn’t hesitate or give me a chance to stop him. He screwed it inside me. I was so wet soaking it, thrusting deep and hard, holding the cucumber in me he placed his cock at my sopping cunt and started to push it in me at the same time. I cried out it, was like having two cocks, he fucked me harder and harder his excitement feeling the cold fruit against his prick turned him wild in and out. We could hear all wet sucking and squelching; it was gorgeously filthy – I planned to tell Mr R every sex craved detail. I could feel the heat build. He moaned as he felt it too, I could feel the spurts of cum as she pulsated on his cock. He withdrew his cock from the heat of my pussy, soaked with my cum. He pulled me up and held my head to his cock, and demanded that I lick my dirty cock, loving wet off it. I took his thick length in my mouth wanking his shaft, rubbing his foreskin up and down his moans so very loud. I wanked him faster, squeezed his fucking cock harder, I pushed him on his back I still wanted more sex, more of this new thrilling cock I rolled a rubber over his fantastically erect young penis then straddled him I leant back so he could see my cunt lower over his rubber covered cock. I started slow riding, grinding and writhing deep, feeling his cock deep in my tummy feeling the rim of my cunt stretched and swollen for this fuck. I was soaking his balls, the smell of sex so strong I was shagging him hard now both thrusting at each other our flesh smacking against one another riding him like a bucking bull he is grabbing for my filthy tits pinching my huge stiff dark nipples hard as he could. was crouched over him fucking fast and furious I could feel the heat build again as another orgasm started, I was so fucking horny my piss started to cum too his balls tightened I was bringing him off. He shouted he was cumming. my hot piss on his cock bringing him off I pulled back I wanted to see it spurt. I wanked him fast, he thrust his cock in my hand like filthy bastard he cried his last cry as is started to cum I watched it come out his hole in his cock and spurting hot salty semen high in the air over his chest and face both of us well and truly shagged out. Maybe there will be another new cock or even a pussy soon. XX Mrs R
Written by ralphe50

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