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Surprise encounter.

"I had never really thought of meeting couples, but they welcomed me into the lifestyle with open arms... And legs."

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Author's Notes

"First time writing anything like this, please drop me a line if you like it. I sure enjoyed reminiscing about it while writing it down. More coming soon."

I thought I'd share the fist encounter that opened my eyes to the lifestyle.

A few months back, last summer, I had just spent the day out walking in the Peak District, I ended a bit lost and returned later than I had planned and by the time I finally got back to my car it was already dark. As I approached my car, the carpark was almost empty with just my car and another one left there, parked on the other side. I started throwing my stuff in the boot and as I was about to get in the car to drive away, I saw the other cars inside lights turning on and off and a woman inside signaled for me to come closer. As I did, I saw that the woman's top was off and the man was gently stroking her tits. She rolled down her window a bit and asked if I'd like to watch. I was a bit shocked, but of course I did, what a better ending for a nice day out?

They were a couple in their late forties, she was blonde, with nice big boobs and the dirtiest smile, he was a big guy and fully absorbed into what he was doing, barely gave me a nod of acknowledgment. She rolled her seat back a bit and kept eye contact with me, smiling suggestively and letting out little moans as he stroked her harder. The fact that I was standing out there watching, both unable to look away and obviously a bit nervous about it all, constantly checking that no one was coming, just seemed to get them both really going. He proceeded to grope her tits harder and harder as he buried her face deep in her cleavage and sucked them for all they had. One of his hands drifted down south and started massaging her pussy. When he did I delighted in finding out that she had no underwear under her skirt. She turned a bit towards me, spread her legs and pulled up her skirt fully revealing herself in all her glory. It was a thing of beauty, pink lips, already moist and perfectly smooth other than a little strip of hair on the top. Obviously she was enjoying the stupid grin in my face and seeing that I was a bit awkward. I was now fully immersed on things, well past caring about the rest of the world and weather anyone else might be coming and fully hard.

The woman rolled her window and leant out a bit, and as hubby continued to grope her now glistening crotch, she asked.

"Why don't you get it out and let me see what you got there? Your trousers seem rather tight there"

As she pointed with a little smirk to the bulge in my pants.

I was a bit shocked, but more than happy to comply and after hubby looked up and nodded, as if to say, you heard the lady! I opened my zip and pulled it out of my pants. It was so hard that it jumped out like a spring. The Lady seemed very pleased and let out a little gasp of approval and with the naughtiest of smiles said

"well, well, I think I'm going to have to help you with that"

while suggestively licking her lips.

She then leaned out of the window a bit, put her left leg kneeling on the seat and poked her bum towards the guy. He did not miss a beat, and grabbing firmly onto her cheeks, dove mouth wide open into her pussy, and started slurping like he had not been feed for a while. She then pulled me closer, moaning softly as hubby ate her:

"Come here, I don't bite."

She then grabbed my shaft and started stroking softly, while staring with lustful eyes right into my soul she was clearly enjoying being licked as much her power seeing me squirm and how shy I obviously was under the piercing stare. Not going to lie I was so excited that the second she grabbed my balls and stroked a bit faster, I came in record time, all over the door of her car and mumbled sorry, with my legs suddenly wobblier than they had been after a whole day walking. She then proceded, without breaking the eye contact to suck her fingers clean of a little string of my cum and demanded that I grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard, to pinch her nipples. She was in a frenzy and started furiously rubbing her clit, while moaning louder and louder, pushing her pussy hard into hubby's face, who was still dutyfully slurping. She was pushing against my chest with the other hand and dug her nails in when she eventually came screaming like a possessed woman.

Once done, she brought to my face the hand she was rubbing herself with, held me, and almost violently stuck a couple of fingers in my mouth for me to taste her sweet, sweet juices.

Once we had all recoverd our breaths, she pulled down her skirt , put a top on. She thanked hubby and gave him a little snog. They popped out and we had a lovely chat, and introduced ourselves. Hubby cleaned my spunk of the car door while she gave me their numbers and one final stroke through my trousers and promised that we would meet again soon.

We arranged to meet a few weeks later for a drink that lead to another few, while we chatted about the lifestyle. We then ended up at their lovely home for a "nightcap", but that is probably a story for another day. 😏

Written by Miguelito9in

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