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An afternoon sunbathing

"Starting off enjoying the sun but enjoyed so much more"

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It was a lovely summer’s day so I thought I’d go off to the coast. I arrived at the beach and off I trotted in the dunes laid out my towel slipped into my little bikini and started to sunbath. Laying in my front I undid my top so I didn’t get any strap marks. Drifting off to a world of my own I was rudely brought back to reality by a group of young lads in their late 20’s who had decided to sit a short way from where I was. Without thinking I rolled over to see what was going on forgetting that my top was undone giving the lads a good view of my tits one of the lads lifted his can of beer to me and said hi.

Feeling more confident I decided to lie on my back sunning my tits every now and then glancing over to see the lads having sly look. I started to feel a bit turned on knowing that these young lads were eyeing me up. Sitting up I reached for my sun cream and started to rub the cream over my tits much to the delight of the lads. Feeling a lot more confident I said to the guys” anyone fancy doing my back for me” they looked at each other then one got up and said “why not” as he started to walk over to me. I handed this lad the cream and laid on my front. He proceeded to rub the cream into my back starting at my shoulders then working down my back when he got to the small of my back I was getting quite turned on. He moved to my legs starting at the calves moving up I instinctively I parted my legs as he creamed up my thighs working the cream into my skin. He inched closer to my pussy which was getting wet by this stage. Then I felt him have a cheeky feel of my pussy through my bikini bottoms. As I didn’t stop him he must have taken this as a sign and become more obvious rubbing my pussy I parted my legs a little more to give him better access, he moved my bottoms to one side and slipped a finger in my pussy and started for finger me “mmh somebody is wet” the first orgasm took control of my body. I rolled over onto my front and he continued to finger my wet pussy while I reached down and started to rub his already hardening cock I reached into his shorts and pulled out his impressive young cock and started to wank him.

The other 3 guys saw what was happening and all walked over to have a better look. The guy I was wanking stood up and removed his shorts and knelt back down this time closer to my face and resumed fingering me giving me another orgasm I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck on it. After a while he said “ I really need to fuck you” he pulled me to my knees and got behind me and in one movement pushed his cock inside me and started to fuck me. His mate all removed their shorts and sat around me all offering their cocks to me with me taking each of their cocks in my mouth. The guy fucking me started to increase his pace and I knew he was close to cuming then with one last thrust I felt his young cock start to throb as he pumped his seed in my willing pussy. He pulled out and put his shorts back on it wasn’t long before one of the other lads was behind me fucking my pussy as I sucked the two remaining cocks in front of me. He fucked me hard till he let out a groan as he cum inside me. The two reaming guys took it in turns to fuck me before they got dressed and went back to where they were sitting leaving me well and truly fucked and filled with the cum of four young guys. I continued sunbathing in the nude I couldn’t be bothered to put my bikini on. After a while the lads got up said good bye and left soon after I got dressed and went home their cum still leaking out of my pussy.

Written by medwaykatie

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