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Even these ended up with cum on them

"Steve gets to finger her pussy"

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"Later Michelle ended up with spunky toes when we got back to ours"

A quick one.

We were in the pub watching England and had enjoyed a good few drinks and after the footy Steve came in and saw us and came over.

Michelle had a good buzz on and was horny and immediately told Steve to sit down and I would get him a pint. He sat down I got up and got us all large drinks and pint and we stayed for another hour or so until it was dark.

Steve the cheeky sod asked if he could walk us back home via the picnic area, to which Michelle advised we would be going straight back to ours which we did.

From the pub there is a dark area where the walkway skirts the woods and as it was hot Michelle had a cotton tank top and a shortish skirt. Her nipples were showing hard through her bra and cotton top.

There is a bench where the path splits and it is just inside the woods walkway and Michelle pulled Steve onto the bench and started to kiss him and suck his tongue deep into her hot sexy mouth.

Steve pushed his hand down her top and began mauling her tits pulling and rubbing her nipples as they kissed. He pulled out one of Michelle’s tits dropped his mouth and began biting her nipple hard as Michelle lay her head back against the bench as I watched and opened her legs.

As Steve sucked and bit Michelle’s nipple he pushed his fingers inside her Bridget Jones knickers and began to finger fuck my wife. Her cunt was very wet and his fingers were squelching inside her and Michelle began to moan that he was going to make her cum if he carried on.

I pulled out Michelle’s other tit from her tank top and began to bite and suck it hard. Steve then began to kiss Michelle and suck her tongue as she groaned and moaned between kissing and breaths that she was going to cum.

She told Steve to fuck her cunt with his fingers as they squelched inside her as she leaked out more pussy juice as she began to cum.

Steve was now kissing and sucking her lips and tongue as I bit and sucked one nipple as I twisted her other nipple hard making her moan.

Michele began to shout she was cumming on Steve’s hand as we both sucked and bit as his fingers fucked her very wet cunt harder and harder now.

Michelle’s orgasm ripped through her as she came on Steve’s fingers as he kissed her she moaned into his mouth she was coming as I bit and twisted her nipples hard.

As Michelle came Steve kept fucking his fingers into Michelle’s wet cunt and almost his whole hand was now fucking her cunt as her orgasm made her shake uncontrollably and she shot little spurts of cum from her pussy. She grabbed hold of Steve’s hand and stopped him frigging her cunt and I stopped biting and twisting her nipples as her orgasm subsided

Steve put Michelle’s hand inside his pants that he had somehow managed to undo but she wouldn’t play with him yet as she told him she wanted him to fuck her in our bed at home with me watching and wanking over her

Michelle calmed down from her orgasm and stood up dropping to her knees as Steve’s large bell end popped out of his pants and she sucked him into her mouth. She stopped almost as immediate as she had started and told Steve she wanted to feel his young virile spunk shooting up deep inside her cunt, the dirty bitch.

We made ourselves presentable and set off for our house for several hours of dirty spunk filled pussy fucking.


Written by Creampiewife1962

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