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We made my mate a Cuckold

"Part 4 of 4."

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After beckoning my mate over to us she got straight on her knees and grabbed both of our cocks…. She took her his into her mouth first while stroking mine …. She stopped for a second to warn him not to cum. She was alternating between us , spitting on both our hard cocks, she really looked like she was loving it.  She must have been sucking on me for a few minutes when I stopped her.

So far she had taken the lead … partly because it turned me on being told what to do and party because what was happening was so unexpected. But now, I decided that it was my turn to be in charge , if she wanted to act like a slut , which she clearly enjoyed then I’d treat her like a slut.

I pointed at her hubby and told her to suck him once more. Just as she was about to take him in her mouth I said “Wait” … then said , tell me , what do you love , she whispered “sucking cock” I pulled her away from H’s cock by her ponytail and said “cock” ?? No! , what do you love ???? She looked up and said “ sucking COCKS”.   I said if she wanted 2 cocks , then she has to say please … my mate was speechless as she said “please let me suck both of your cocks together.”

Still holding her ponytail I said to my mate , what do you think? Shall we let her ???

He mumbled something which I didn’t catch but it certainly wasn’t anything negative…. I let go of her hair and she immediately took her husband’s cock into her mouth while stroking mine…. Then she took it out , looked up at him and said “ remember, you don’t get to cum yet so do NOT cum”.

I stopped her and told him to go and sit on a stool. With a disappointed look on his face he walked away.  I pulled her up by the hair until she was standing, kissed her then asked “ what do you want” she replied , I want you to fuck me , I asked her where and how…. It was then that she fully submitted to me , she told me I could fuck her anywhere and however I wanted.

I took her hand and walked into the lounge , turned to my mate and told him to stay there.

We walked towards the stairs she took my hand and started climbing them , at the top she stopped, turned around to face me and kissed me , she was almost pleading with me to fuck her 1 more time , i asked “will here do?”

I turned her around and pushed her to her knees , she was kneeling on the top stair and I was below her , the perfect height.

Her pussy was soaking and open. I grabbed my cock, she was already pushing her ass back towards me, desperately wanting me inside her. I rubbed it up and down her soaked pussy and then pushed it into her.

She gave a little squeal then she reached behind her grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling them apart.

I was really fucking her now , she was pushing back as hard as I was pushing forward and we built up a great rhythm. I could feel my orgasm building , much bigger than the previous orgasm I’d already had that night. The cum was building up  ready to explode after only a few minutes. I didn’t want to cum too quick when she cried out that she was gonna cum on my cock again then begging me to fill her pussy 1 more time. She was throwing her ass back on my cock which was so deep inside her. Her pussy felt like it was trying to strangle my cock when she screamed “fuck me !! Fuck my tight pussy harder !!!” She then screamed that she was going to cum just as I was about too. It was amazing , both cumming together like that felt fantastic. Again , I emptied my balls inside of her, just then I felt her pussy clamp around my cock again as she squeezed every drop out of my aching balls. Then we both fell forward.  Both totally spent.

I lay there inside of her for a few minutes before pulling my cock out of her and watching my seed starting to run out of her.

She got up , turned around and sat on the edge of the stair. She kissed me and then she thanked me….  I laughed !!!  She hit me playfully and asked why I was laughing, I told her I’d just had the most amazing sex with the tightest pussy I could remember fucking, so really… there’s no need for thanks. I kissed her again , she said she really really would have loved me to stay the night, just to make love to her , but she had better check her hubby was ok with everything. I said “maybe next time eh” she giggled and said maybe.

Finally she asked me not to hold what we had done against her husband , explaining that releasing her inner slut, on reflection was undoubtedly a fantastic experience. One that she had really really enjoyed. But she wasn’t yet sure how the whole night sat with my mate yet.

I reassured her that it was indeed an unforgettable night and that I’m sure he loved it as much as the two of us.

Well maybe not quite that much !!

Then I kissed, for what could very well be the last ever time and left the house without saying anything to my mate.

What a Night !!!

Written by Gailpyty2

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