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Married lovers - Part 1

"This happened a few years ago, but is still fresh in my mind"

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Author's Notes

"Names changed, but the story is real"

James and Sophie had known each other for many years, they were married but not to each other. They met via the men’s work first becoming friends and then lovers. This is an account of one their adventures where they managed to get away together for 36 hours or so.

James had booked the Hyatt in Birmingham and agreed to pick up Sophie from her home village and drive them down to Birmingham. James pulled up at the agreed location and as usual she was running a few minutes late, he settled down to wait as he did so she appeared around the corner. Dressed for business as her back-story was a work conference taking her away for the night. James watched as she walked towards him, he liked what he saw as her skirt was a few inches above the knee and would ride up beautifully, under her jacket she wore a crisp white shirt, he could see he tits bouncing freely as she walked.

Once settled in the car, he leaned over for a kiss their tongues entwined, he reached across and stoked her bare neck moving his hand down inside her shirt to feel her naked breast, squeezing the nipple. She sighed saying "lets go", James straightened himself up engaged gear and they were off. The drive to Birmingham was uneventful, but James did notice as Sophie moved her legs in the car her skirt road up nicely indeed, he detected the top of stockings.

Once parked in Birmingham they went to their favourite French restaurant for lunch, as Sophie sat her skirt rode up James noticed there were definitely stockings! During lunch that chatted, flirted and teased each other Sophie’s skirt riding up as she crossed and un-crossed her legs giving a clear view of her stocking tops. The male waiter seemed to spend longer than necessary pouring her drinks as he leant over her shoulder, James saw him glancing down her open shirt, clearly enjoying the view of Sophie’s exposed tits. She leant forward to whisper “I am so turned on” the shirt gapped open James had a clear view of her near totally exposed breasts.

Lunch over and Sophie slightly tipsy they made their way to the hotel, as James checked in Sophie got coffees and sat in in the lounge crossing her legs she gave anyone who cared to look a clear view of her stocking tops. James joined her, sitting opposite she casually opened her legs giving him a flash of a bare pussy. She giggled as a guy sat behind James, also had a glimpse, his eyes popped wide open.

Coffee drank they made their way to the room high on the18th floor, once inside they were in each other’s arms passion and sheer lust taking over. Sophie broke away and went into the bathroom, James sat by the window looking back into the room half expecting what was to come his cock was hard and sitting uncomfortably. The bathroom door opened and Sophie walked out naked apart from her hold up stockings and heels. She gave him her trade mark wicked look, did a twirl and walked seductively towards him. James noticed the look of lust in her eyes, her nipples were hard and pronounced, her extended labia already glistening with her juices.

Part 2 to follow

Written by Magic_61

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