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A date in the park

"A filthy insatiable morning meet"

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I had been chatting with an Indian lady for some time on an adult dating site who I will call A. At first the conversation was convivial, testing the water to see what we were both after. I then started making suggestive comments and she replied that she was and had been restrained as she didn't know if I liked filthy conversations and asked if I would I like it?. Would I? I replied. Too right. It grew from there with me telling how A. how hard she made me and what she would do with my cock to give me pleasure. I asked her if me telling A. how I would lick her made her wet. I told her I wanted her to lower herself on to my face, teasing me at first and let me lick her from the hood of her clitioris, rotating my tongue around her clit and exploring the full length and each crevice of her love hole till my tongue clicked over that strong little muscle of the perineum and roll my tongue around her butthole. She sent me a video of how wet our conversation had made her and for the first time I saw her lovely shaved sex forming a beautiful V at the top of her legs. On opening her legs and parting her tremendous thighs I saw how wet she was with a viscous shine on her by now sticky fingers. From there she would regularly send me videos of new dresses she had bought, raising her dress to show me she was commando as she had already told me she never wears knickers. I asked her, if we were to meet up would she show me that wasn't wearing any knickers. She promised that she would. And so the videos kept on coming with her slowly and teasingly lifting a dress to reveal her pantiless sex or her lovely round bum, sometimes bending over and at other times just teasing. Or she would squeeze her boobs together under her top and bra, occasionally revealing a nipple or squeezing the boobs together. At other times she would send a video of her pleasuring herself with her dildo as I watched her pussy dripping with wetness as she used her toy on herself. This was proof, if any were needed of how she was enjoying it as I audibly heard the soft moans as she neared a climax. I knew when she came; her knees were pulled back exposing each fold of her lovely shaved pussy as her butthole puckered and wink as she climaxed. her pussy by now dripping and her juice glistening on her inner thighs. How I would love to feel that wetness and those muscle contractions on my cock and tongue. I so wanted to drink that juice glistening from her sex. Of course I would return the favour and sent her pictures of me showing her how it pleased me and a video of me producing a large amount of semen as my cock was literally bursting with pleasure at the video she had sent me. She then messaged me with a request for me to abstain from wanking so she could savour a storage of my juice. I agreed, though I don't think I had abstained for such a long time. She continued to send me videos of her changing in and out of dresses which made her request all the more difficult. What a tease.

Nevertheless, after a few false starts and efforts to meet, we finally arranged a time and date to meet on neutral ground at a cafe in North London. She met me at the tube station on time and was dressed in a bright red dress and black stiletto heels. In or conversations we had discussed our own personal sexual peccadilloes and we had already discovered that our 'turn ons' were compatible. I told her that I particularly had a thing for leggings and tights which she said was something new for her. Lingerie and suspenders, yes, but not tights or leggings. A. had sent me videos of her in her workout clothes, peeling her leggings down over her rotund bum and back up again, pulling them up tight so I could see the crack of her butt through the material. But when we met she promised she would wear some black tights. She did not disappoint. After we settled in the cafe and I had brought us both a coffee and exchanged initial pleasantries, she told me to look under the table. I went to go into my bag when she hitched her skirt above the knees and opened her legs to show me she had worn the tights as requested and I saw she was not wearing panties. After we finished our coffees we walked back to her place via the local park. We had both already expressed how much we enjoyed the thrill of sexual encounters en plein air. Despite a cold mid-winter's morning, she also wanted to reveal to me that under her coat she was not wearing a bra. The dress was red with her not unimpressive cleavage showing beneath the red lacy material of the dress and pulled it down to show me. What could I do? A hand went over her dress and I could feel the bumps of her nipples beneath the material hardening to my touch. Since being in the cafe I had been twitching in my jeans and could feel the blood engorging my cock as it stiffened. We walked a little further till we came to a clearing in the woods. I said I needed to pee and would go into a discreet part of the wood. A. asked if she could come with me and if she could watch me pee. Sure, why not. As I unzipped myself, my by now semi-hard manhood exposed itself to the cold air. This didn't prevent my ardour from backing down. She stood behind me, reached round and held my penis while I relieved myself. I could feel her hands around the shaft as I watered the nettles and weeds in front of me. After I had finished, she gave it a shake and rotated her index finger over my tip, exciting me even more. My turn now she said. She raised her dress, exposing that lovely round butt through her tights, peeled her pantyhose down and squatted as I heard a hot jet blast out of her pussy onto the ground. On finishing, she turned and cleaned my cock with her hand before taking it in her mouth. By now I was fully erect. She had a lovely suction action, alternating with flicking her tongue over the tip, making every effort to take the full length in her mouth. I had almost forgotten we were in a public place. She bobbed up and down on my shaft that was by now very wet with her saliva. Her movement was less vigorous and more sensual; just how I like to be sucked. After a few minutes I could feel my balls tightening, my cock twitching even more as I exploded into her mouth. She continued to suck and despite the sensitivity I enjoyed making the post climax all the more exciting. She swallowed the lot without hesitation. She had already mentioned in our stream of messages that she loved the taste of spunk and loves to swallow. A. had also noticed that I did as she had requested and had abstained from masturbation, describing my cum as thick and sweet tasting and that she wanted more when we got back to hers. My legs were still shaking with pleasure as we walked back to her place. Anyone seeing me, it must have been obvious what we had been up to.

Her home was only about 5 minutes further from where we had been. On going in through the front door, it was a relief entering a warm house. She immediately led me upstairs, leaving me to enjoy the view of her arse through the red dress as she sashayed up the stairs with her hips moving as she ascended each step. A. immediately put some music on, not my taste, but hey I really didn't care at this point as she went down to the kitchen to make a cup of tea for us both. As A. went to hang some clothes up, I moved behind her and moved her long hair to one side, as I nustled my lips onto her neck, softly kissing it as my hands moved from her waist and around her front as I cupped both breasts as I kisse her. Her soft moans showed pleasure. We then both lay on the bed together, still fully clothed and chatting while her fingers caressed along the bulge of my jeans, taking particular attention to the still sensitive tip. It wasn't long before I was unzipped, my trousers pulled down to my knees and her lips engulfing my now hard cock again, interspersed with her mouth running down my shaft and her tongue and mouth working their way over my shaved balls. I again was feeling her breasts hanging through her dress, running my fingers over the material and pinching her nipples through the soft dress as I once again eventually came in her mouth with A. swallowing my not unsizeable load again. I have always prided myself in being a heavy cummer, not every time, but this time I had. After what felt like a very short period of recovery, her lips still looking glazed with my juice I went to kiss her and I moved her hand over my cock as I did so. Already? she said. I wanted to give her pleasure too as I felt it had so far been one sided. "You have," she said. "I love the taste of spunk". Nevertheless, I was standing up now as we kissed and my once again hard cock pressing against her belly through the dress. She went on her knees to suck me again. After a period of time, and God knows I didn't want her to stop, I lifted her up, lifted the dress over her head with her now standing naked but for the tights. I rubbed her pussy through the nylon. God, I love this feeling, moving my hand over the semi-mystery beneath. It felt very warm and more than a bit damp between her legs as she wanked me as we kissed, by now quite passionately. I rubbed my cock through her the material of her tights and over the gash of her pussy. Now it was turn to get down on my knees, peeling the tight tights down over her bum and down her thighs as she stepped out of them. She thrust her pelvis forward slightly allowing my tongue to probe in between her legs, my saliva now mixed with her juices and my mouth slick with our conjoined juices. I used two fingers of my left hand to part her lips as my tongue explored her wet crevice, flicking over the by now swollen clit. My two fingers eventually made their way inside as I felt the velvety walls of her pussy gripping my fingers as my fingers moved in and out as her tasty, sweet juice dripped over my hand. At this point I leant back as she straddled her legs over me, her pelvis thrust forward as my mouth and hands explored inside her. My other hand and then the other held her buttocks as she writhed her pelvis until I could feel her cumming which she eventually did. Now we both knew how it felt to have shaky legs. But I wasn't stopping there, I stood up and with us both still standing, I guided my cock towards her and glided in and out until I shot my load inside her.

She told me that she rarely hooks up, but we both really enjoyed our time together. I did leave a short while later, but that was just under 3 hours well spent and left me well spent. We agreed to meet up again, but that occasion hasn't arisen yet, unlike my cock at the thought.

Written by naughtymind2022

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