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Pickup Stories


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Dinner and fuck

Anna and I left baby Claire with Fria for the night. It was a company dinner and we were staying a few streets away in a hotel. We were sat at a table Anna was sitting away from me on the far side of the table. The woman on my right was talkative. I vague...


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A Norwegian fling

62 Norway Monday 12th June An early start, I tried not to wake Anna, but she sleeps lightly now. There were five of us. Three men and two women. Our first stop was in Oslo were I was introduced to old clients. There was not much time for adventures. Tuesd...


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My pleasure

Tony has been telling you about our adventures, but he did not tell you everything about last week, he did not tell you what I did. When I met Tony he got me as a fully formed slut, but we have both changed since then. We are now planning a family, but yo...


New Lady

in New York

It must be true that American ladies love English to be spoken properly. I am on a business trip to New York. Anna said she would visit Sue and Paul, she did not want to visit a club while she was off the pill. We trust Paul and she does not want to fend...



And we are having fun

I told Ken that I was staying with Emily for a week. I did not tell him why. I was staying to work out what I wanted to do. "Do you really want me to stay here, even with a baby." I asked. "I do, why don't you believe me?" Emily touched my hair. "I don't...



a holiday romance

I've just turned 50, and I was widowed two years ago. I have been on this site for a year without any luck, which I put down to not making enough effort. I have just been on my first Saga holiday. Yes you are right I went in a predatory mode. At the welco...