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A Hotwife, finally

"Another true story, as always, comments welcomed."

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We have always had an interesting fantasy sex life. However, one thing we have never truly explored was the hotwife scenario.   However that was to change. Initially, I wasn’t overly a fan of the idea, seeing another man with my gorgeous wife however as time went on, I became more comfortable with the idea.

Finally, I agreed, and we started to do some searches online for a suitable candidate. We met two men, however, there was simply no chemistry with Louise However, the third was different.

I was required to work one weekend, and Louise decided to come with me to do some shopping while I attended to my duties. Unbeknownst to me she had contacted Shane online and commenced a dialogue.

When we met up to after work, she asked how I felt about meeting this new guy. Initially I was taken aback , I had already worked all day and was keen to get home.  I also was unaware of what she had been doing, so I had to read all the text messages back-and-forth to catch up.

I agreed, but there was a part of me that was simply hoping for a quick drink and then back to our house.

We went to a nearby hotel, and waited for Shane‘s arrival. When he arrived, I noticed an instant lightening of my wife’s beautiful face. He exuded an air of confidence, and there was an instant connection between he and Louise. There  no tension due realisation that we were all there for the same reason.

I couldn’t help but notice that as the conversation progressed, they moved closer to each other to the point where their legs were touching. However we both had matters to attend to, it’s simply wasn’t possible for anything to occur on that day.

We said our goodbyes, and as we drove away, my wife turned to me and said that she wanted nothing more than to have gone back to Shane‘s.   She was so ready.

There was still some initial and reluctance on my part, I have to admit.

Life does tend to get in the way and for a while it did not look like there was to be any further contact. Shane works away. We did not seem to be able to figure out a suitable date. As time progressed, the contact became less frequent, and it wasn’t until about two years later, once I become more comfortable with the idea that I just decided to reach out to Shane to check if he was still interested.

He said that he was, so I decided to take the charge of meeting without telling Louise.

We had decided to go out for a few drinks, and initially Louise had no idea about my contact with Shane.

While we were getting ready to go out, I told Louise that Shane may be joining us. She said that I was joking and had to ask several times if I was serious. I said that I was, and I noticed that Louise became silent, but I could tell by the small smile on her face that she was very taken with the idea.

I couldn’t help but notice that all of a sudden she started wearing some very sexually and revealing underwear, and saw that her pussy had become freshly shaven.

We went to our favourite bar, and had some great margaritas.

  Several drinks in Shane joined us, and there was an instant electricity between he and my wife.

We chatted and talked for several hours, nothing overly flirtatious, but it was a great conversation, we all got on quite well.

I then had to use the men’s room, and upon my return, they were again sitting quite close to each other, and I could tell from my wife’s flushed face that she was enjoying the attention.

Shane excused himself, and I took the opportunity to ask Louise how things were going.

She asked me what I thought, as Shane had very clearly indicated to her that he was very interested in fucking her that night.

I thought about it for several seconds, and then realised that there was never going to be an opportunity like this.

I turned her, softly kissed her lips, and said “Do it babe.“

Shane then came back and sat down. My beautiful wife moved over and put her hand on his thigh, and whispered huskily “Let’s go to your place.“

We then drove to his house, and when we entered the the lounge, there was some initial hesitation, it was something we had never done before.

We all sat on the couch and listened to some music and made some small talk.

Shane had been with other couples before, for us it was at first.

It was only natural that he took the lead, and said “Why don’t we go to the bedroom?’

He led my beautiful wife into the bedroom, to which she willingly complied.

Shane laid her down on the bed while I sat on the edge and watched.  Shane started tracing his hands over my wife’s body.

She immediately responded by pulling his face into her and kissing him deeply.

Seeing your wife, kissing man can either be daunting, or it can be exhilarating.

For me it was the latter, I’ve always loved watching my wife, being seduced by another person, whether it be male or female.

However, with her previous adventures, she had always been with another woman, or we were sharing with another couple. This was different.

However I was loving, watching him kissing my wife, as he began removing her clothing.

She also began unbuttoning his shirt, running her fingers over his chest, then sliding immediately down to his trousers and  unzipping.

He shrugged his pants off, and my wife hummed in pleasure again, as she stroked another man’s thick cock, which was already quite hard.

It was clear that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and with no further foreplay, he simply spread her legs wide apart to move his cock towards her waiting and already wet pussy.

There was no talk of condoms. He had said previously that he had not had unprotected sex for quite some time.   We had always discussed that any event would require safe sex, however, passion had overtaken both of them.

Without hesitation, my wife put his bare cock at the lips of her waiting pussy.

Louise made a sighing noise as his cock touched her pussy lips, and she reached around to grab his ass.   A moan escaped her lips as another man’s thick cock into her wet cunt.

I then watched another man began fucking my wife with slow, deliberate strokes. I could tell her arched back and blissful expression that she was enjoying her first hot wife experience. She whispered, “You feel so good. “

She began hungrily, kissing him , her fingernails raking across his back, as he , raised her legs into the air to give him better access to her throbbing pussy. She then grabbed her ankles, forcing them higher as he began to fuck her more deeply.

My wife, holding her legs up high was being thoroughly dominated . I watched as Shane began fucking her even harder, her groans became more intense, and he began teasing her nipples, pulling them sharply as she squealed in pleasure and pain.

“God yes “she moaned, her breaths became sharper, “I can almost feel you fucking my brain” she said, she gazed into his eyes, his fingers alternating between her nipples and her clit. “You are so good”she told him.

She said “Fuck me from behind hard”.  My wife then rolled over, her ass in the air, and beautiful face on the pillow towards me.  He positioned himself behind her, and I watched her eyes widening pleasure as his large cock again entered into her waiting entrance .

His groans became louder as he began fucking her deeper, harder, faster. Louise then reached out and took my hand, and I could tell that she was close to orgasm.

He also groaned, “I’m going to cum”.

My wife looked into my eyes, and said huskily. “I want his cum in me.“

I’m nodded and I watched as Shane‘s strokes became more frantic, his breath quickened, and I could tell that he was filling my wife’s pussy with his semen.

The sensation also tipped Louise over the edge, and with a large smile, I watched as Louise arched her back and orgasmed on another man’s cock.

Shane continued to thrust inside my wife, before slowly, withdrawing and collapsing on the bed inside of her, Louise, still on her knees, then moved to her body so that her pussy was clearly visible to me. She then moved her head down to his cock and his cum began to leak out of her pussy and dripped onto the sheets.  She lowered her mouth to his still wet penis, taking as much she could in her mouth, licking, cleaning up all of his juices into her mouth.

I then slowly ran my fingers along her pussy lips, feeling them slide inside with another man’s semen providing lubrication. She then turned to me, and slowly began to kiss me, allowing me to taste, not only another man’s juice, but also the residue of her pussy on her perfect mouth.

She then cuddled into my arms, and whispered into my ear, thanking me for making her a hotwife officially

Written by Mcdau01

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