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Dogging in Hampshire

Main dogging sites and directions for Hampshire, including major towns and cities: Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Newport.

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Dogging action at Lime Pit Carparks. A30 towards Old Basing, first turning left after Basingstoke roundabout (about 100 yds). Go down narrow one way road. Two carparks on right although second car park is better for size and privacy. Lots of wooded and enclosed places to go and do the "business". Best time is at dusk. Look out for flashing interior lights.

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New Forest

Verely and Verely Hill are very popular for doggin. From M27 go towards Ringwood. Turn left at Pickett Post and go towards Burley. First Car Park on left is Verely and a few yards past, on the right is the more screened Verely Hill. Please turn off your headlights so people don't think you're unaware of what is going on.

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The Viewpoint (car-park), Portsdown Hill

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A car-park opposite Fort Nelson which is the West end of the hill. Very interesting with frequent dogging action.

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Avon Heath Country Park. Location at Little Chef roundabout on A31 (Ferndown to Ringwood road). Large car-park which gets very active when not full of Travellers staying there!

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Also see Matchams View located above under Bournemouth.

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Southampton Common. Turn into Cemetary road off the Winchester road. Large cul-de-sac with car park. Lots of action in the surrounding bushes and grass areas, with lots of action in cars also. Very heavy gay scene, but lots of dogging too. Any night (all night!!) but weekends better, even at 3 or 4 in the morning after the clubs kick out.

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The main big lay-by on the A31 from winchester to Alsford, at the far end there's plenty of dogging there.

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A272 north of Winchester

The woods to the side of the road leading to Crawley are now monitored by CCTV cameras. There was a lot of police action last year so not safe anymore. May 2015.

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a31 lay-by nr Winchester

The big layby just outside Alresford has been closed by the council and police access only for the house now

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A31 near Alresford

Layby, the lane near the cattery on the A31 between Winchester going to Alresfard is now closed. There is some action on the opposite carriageway going back to Winchester but it is quite open. May 2015.

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A339 layby

The big laybye just outside Basingstoke as you travel towards Alton. About one mile past the Audley Wood hotel. Trucks and cars seem to be the dominant vehicles and there is usually some bi action going on in the bushes accessed through a gap in the hedge at the side of the laybye. Be careful though as some dog walkers use the adjacent field. I have taken my young slut there so there is some couple action too.

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acres down

Hidden in the middle of the forest down a country lane, the car park is surrounded by trees and bushes and you can normally see couples lying on the hill doing various things. its very secluded and only just enough light to see whats going on but not enough to feel threatened at all. no dog walkers or druggies at night. its good

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Small wooded around the Wellington Statue, day and night.
Just behind this area is Rushmoor Arena, large wooded area worth driving around at night, popular with dogging couples.

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The Council have closed the layby on the A31 close to Alresford due to anti-social behaviour.I thought dogging was a very sociable activity!

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Bar End

There is a car park alongside the Itchen River on the road from St Cross to the M3.Lot of action on Fri/Sat evenings. Easy to slip into the trees or plenty of space in the car park. Watch out for the river.. easy to fall in!!

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Just an update on the Dogging action at Lime Pit Carparks. A30 towards Old Basing, first turning left after Basingstoke roundabout (about 100 yds). Go down narrow one way road. Two carparks on right although second car park is better for size and privacy. You tend to get a few 'lads' in cars pretending to be dogging. If you wait long enough they go. Had a bit of fun there with a couple so worth the wait

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The Lime Pits are now most usually used by gays and bi's. I have never found any couples there.

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Beaulieu old airfield

Beaulieu ,the old airfield on the A 3054,past hatchet pond on the way to Lymington ,turn right onto large old airfield

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small car park at forest centre, car park is not closed at night very easy to find and a good dogging spot.

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bramdean common

weeve been to bramdean common a few time and always been watched having fun lots of grass and bushes plenty of room for cars

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