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Dogging in Lanarkshire

Main dogging sites and directions for Lanarkshire, including major towns and cities: Lanark, Glasgow, East Kilbride, Hamilton, Motherwell, Coatbridge, Carluke.

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Big joe

Hi just to let u no that Richmond park is good place for dogging after 10 go down park to dressing room space for 6 car very good place

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Pollok park

Pollok park
Various car parks full of spot is opposite the burrell collection building & up the back corner tucked down by the high grass verge..also action over by the nether pollok football fields by the dressing room car parks access this spot via turning off Haggs rd small entrance .

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Sunnyside, Lanarkshire

Very quiet back road. Popular with couples in cars. Some single guys too. From Hamilton head on a723 for Strathaven, follow signs for Quarter. As you come into the small village at the crossroads turn left. All the way down the road there's great places to park up. Brake light flash or headlamp should do the trick

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East Kilbride

Head to 2 Riccarton, East Kilbride, quiet little parking area covered with trees. Great hot spot.Lots of action.

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New Lanark car park

Good secluded place. Never any police or general public. Few couples putting on shows during summer and ocaasionaly some interaction

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Dura rd take the last rd on right on leaving allanton heading east ther is a few handy lay byes along this rd and at the end there is a secluded car park that holds 4 cars both guys and couples here

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Cathkin Braes Car par

Cathkin Braes Carpark is now a no go due to the commonwealth games also the woods just down the rd are a no go now that the CCTV is up and running a good spot now gone

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The vip park in crossford is a superb place well out of the way and no cops ever.

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newmains/wishaw nature walk

The walk starts just off the a71 near newmains before the turn off to waterloo, there is a scrap yard at the entrance. It runs all the way to wishaw and is popilar with dog walkers during the day. There are lots of side tracks off the main path for secluded dun in the daytime but is better at night as it can be so dark. Loys of guys go here and some girls usually around mid twenties or early fifties.

Rubbing the bulge briefly is the signal for guys and girls tend to stop and stretch to show when they are interested.

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Hareshaw back roads

Loads of single guys in cars.

Layby's all along it.

Take the A73 south from the M8 signed for Carluke.
Maboutva mile past the petrol station is the left turn to hareshaw village.

Go all the way long the road till T junction.

Turn right and all down that road - your bound to get what your after!!!!

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old a74 beattock summit

Old a74 beattock summit where the big long
Layby is at the bottom of the hill
Best doggin spot ever great fun its a
Must go most nights

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t.v. mass

come off the m8, at newhouse turn left at round about pass through hearthill village when u see the lite up church on right u turn left which takes u across a bridge above the m8 theres a parking place right at the tv mass enough for about 4 cars, very odd car passes by and u dont get disturbed with police

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Blacklaw wind farm

just off the A71 between Shotts and Forth there is a turn in on the right hand side (if heading towards Forth) and a car park. There is 1 CCTV camera but its never pointed at the car park. good place for action at any time of the day although in daytime care should be taken as some walkers visit the windmills. You can also walk into the windmill farm for even better secluded fun.
It's also accessible from Dura Road in Allanton (drive straight up the road onto the narrow country road all the way up to them)

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East Kilbride

east kilbride
•kelvin industrial est ,high hedges and dense trees make the car park the perfect place for regular doggers just in front of colas at glenfield road.many visitors to this site.
This is not a dogging site too many CCTV cameras and security patrols

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strathclyde country park

i have visited this place about 10 times over the last 2 month and on each occassion i have been approached by police. on one night i was approached 3 times in 20 mins by different cops
they are ruining our fun

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bothwell castle carpark

from glasgow up uddingston main street to lights at cross turn right at those lights follow road for half a mile then left turn follow single track leading to discreet carpark usally couples showing after midnight onwards

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The carpark behind the Ranza Bar on Royston Road,one flash for looking to join in,two flashes for couple looking for company,mainly after 9.00PM,very secluded and not overlooked yet right next to a main road.

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Hogganfield Loch

Some action at the weekends. Mainly after 12am. Drive in and go right till the end and wait for lights to be flashed by other cars. Two lights flashed mean the couple want some to join in. One flash means come over for a look.

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royal terrace lane

loads of acton close to kelvingrove park at night time this place comes alive i see coupls gay tv every night they dont mind been watched its a office area

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Happenden services

200 yards past the entrance to happenden services on the old a 74 heading south turn left signposted douglas water there are around 8 parking spots along this road and a fair bit of action goes on here from time to time in cars and also in the woods on both sides

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St Vincent Cresent lane

Glasgow west ends best kept dogging secret,lane behind ben nevis pub,from 10pm onwards. extreme dogging + participation.

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behind mcdonalds in airdrie retail park check it out

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