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Dogging in Northamptonshire

Main dogging sites and directions for Northamptonshire, including major towns and cities: Northampton, Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough.

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What about the racecourse! I had lots and lots of fun through my teens and twenties in the public toliet there! Amazing!

Alas, the toilets closed so all is a bit quiter now, moved away from the area and looking to pay my old haunts a visit! Is this area still live or not worth visiting?

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Radstone near brackley

Long country lane woods places to pull into males females gay straight it's a perfect place for all half 8 - onwards every night

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Isham layby

Some fun to be had in layby between wellingboroigh and isham down the hill on your right (heading to isham) very secluded and lots of trees have been sucked there. Look out for guy on black motorbike.

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Willow place car park in the town center. Go to the top floor of the car park and go to the fire exit/ stair case. There is always a motor bike next to it so it's easy to spot. Cameras don't work and no one goes there. I've been there a few times and always get action.

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geddington chase

few people getting it on up here, especially in the disused farm buildings

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Rad stone

Long single track country lane little wooded areas always quiet great for guys hint hint

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Small gate by exit of lesuire center very good from 7 am

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hills and dales

Country Park, lots of wooded areas including car park. Great for doggin male female bi

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Violet Land between Kettering and Rothwell. It is a bit quiet, but i have had a couple of meets down there

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Grafton Underwood

Just past Grafton Underwood, (on the way to Brigstock) on the right hand side is a layby leading into Grafton Woods. Perfect place to get naked in the woods with no-one around, especially in the afternoon!

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Just out of desborough along the arthingworth road is a spot where doggers have started to go, they part up on the estate in desborough and walk over the bridge, which is the a14, turn left and along the track. Been a number of dogging events down there.

Google earth / maps show you what it is like before all the trees were estabilished, really good long deserted track along the unlit side of the a14, close to kettering, rothwell and market harborough

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there is a secluded grassed area between the council offices and the leisure centre. I have had action during the day but mostly in the morning. Park close to the access from 7 am and see who parks next to you and take a stroll

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Bears Lane , nr Weldon a427

Could be good dogging site , Bears lane leads to Fermine woods loads of places for fun
public footpaths all around there are some dog walkers about but nice and quiet .
Directions go into Weldon turn towards Oundle on A427 leave Weldon at top of hill left hand bend turn right onto Bears lane follow road to end of track fermine woods in front .

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kiln way wellingborough

meet dog walkers after dark down by the brook great new location lots of good times to be had

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on the cycle path behind kiln way every night by the brook great guy on guy action

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Silverstone village

Driving out of silverstone to the a43 nice big layby loads of secluded places around too

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Pitsford reservoir

Long lane with dark car park at the end with woods next to it on the road between Holcut and walgrave driving from Holcut to walgrave get to the top of the hill lane on left single track not for the faint hearted but a great location

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great oakley

Cricket club is very descreet at night, wooded area to go into. Occasional Dog walker, but doesnt mean you cant have fun with them

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kettering klv

round the back in overflow balance carpark plenty of action in and out of cars into the woods mainly night but have had action in the day saturday/sunday good nights but getting busy in the week couples mainly

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Abington Park

Risky, but good after dark. Various secluded bushes. me and the wife fucked like rabbits in them, in view of the ABH pub!!!

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sixfields resevior

Great place need few more people have had a woman here twice. Mainly after 10pm good old retro flashing aswell

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A43 near Northampton

Just a warning that the Police are now active in this area and the council has removed a most of the bushes etc so not very secluded anymore

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