• Anonymous - 28 Jan 2017, 18:50

Wicksteed Park at the bottom of lake go across the wooden bridge and you will see a red metal bridge near bushes go to bushes on left of red bridge for hidden fun ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 2 Sep 2016, 09:14

Head towards Towcester from Brackley along the A43. Exit left at Syresham, At the roundabout take the 1st left and about 100 yrds down take the turning to Syresham on the right. Follow your nose past the village as if heading back towards the A43, then you`ll find a long layby on the left, head down the layby to the pocket park which is located on the left just before the entrance to the Farm. The park itself is never locked, so perfect for wandering around in Bi guys and Couples use this alot.. The layby is dark and secluded too with a few Couples here from 9 pm onwards, busier at weekends. ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 20 Aug 2016, 01:59

Take right if coming from Northampton to Bedford a428 at Denton . Drive 1 mile up on right side discreet layby. Couples always there away from the a428 busy gay layby.

  • Anonymous - 1 Aug 2016, 09:08

2 sides to this place, long dirt track from Chelveston. Few pull over spots where action has been seen. Other side accessible from yelden, long road passing church on the left. Dead end at top, nobody around for miles. Forested area within walking distance ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 11 Jun 2016, 18:04

Wakeley wood just off A43 between Corby and Duddington
the wood used to be locked at night but are now open 24/7
give it a try ... View Comment...

  • Anonymous - 28 May 2016, 23:32

Old biffa tip entrance on top of the bridge it a good road down to the reservoir down the gravel track they is a right turn to the car park not meany people know about it think it's called nasty resivour seen lots of action down there female and males ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 1 May 2016, 13:29

There is a dead end turn in the middle of weekly (opposite the tea shop) first left turn on the bend in between 2 cottages if you were to come from the weekly glebe end. I've had fun up there a few times but not many people seem to know about it. Hoping it can become a regular place, really enclosed at night time as well. ... View Comments...

There is a great place just outside of Burton Latimer, as you had it off Burton towards the a509 to wellingborough there is a lane on your left called furnace lane. Go along furnace lane and you come to a sharp right hand bend, go through the train bridge and post the houses and you come to a gravel road. Lots of pull in bits and plenty of action to. Been there on various nights and always had fun, Tuesday's to Friday's have been best especially if you see a tall ginger guy he is very capable ladies xxxxxxx come have some fun xxxxxxx ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 1 Jan 2016, 12:55

Down the woodland path area in Larbert there is people having sex there every night. Quite a popular place to fuck. ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 9 Nov 2015, 21:13

Tried 2 or 3 weeks and each week every gate is locked also tried Pitsford Reservoir, no luck. Where is all the FUN now ... View Comment...

Some fun to be had in layby between wellingboroigh and isham down the hill on your right (heading to isham) very secluded and lots of trees have been sucked there. Look out for guy on black motorbike. ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 21 Jun 2015, 19:09

Willow place car park in the town center. Go to the top floor of the car park and go to the fire exit/ stair case. There is always a motor bike next to it so it's easy to spot. Cameras don't work and no one goes there. I've been there a few times and always get action.

  • Anonymous - 28 Sep 2014, 16:16

Small gate by exit of lesuire center very good from 7 am

  • Anonymous - 17 Oct 2013, 16:50

Just past Grafton Underwood, (on the way to Brigstock) on the right hand side is a layby leading into Grafton Woods. Perfect place to get naked in the woods with no-one around, especially in the afternoon! ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 24 Sep 2013, 23:21

Just out of desborough along the arthingworth road is a spot where doggers have started to go, they part up on the estate in desborough and walk over the bridge, which is the a14, turn left and along the track. Been a number of dogging events down there.

Google earth / maps show you what it is like before all the trees were estabilished, really good long deserted track along the unlit side of the a14, close to kettering, rothwell and market harborough ... View Comments...

  • Anonymous - 21 Sep 2013, 23:28

there is a secluded grassed area between the council offices and the leisure centre. I have had action during the day but mostly in the morning. Park close to the access from 7 am and see who parks next to you and take a stroll

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