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Dogging in Nottinghamshire

Main dogging sites and directions for Nottinghamshire, including major towns and cities: Nottingham, Mansfield, Worksop, Newark, Retford, Southwell.

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Barlborough golf course near dobbies . Some at car park and other over golf course at the back near the trees

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Kings clipstone

Drive through clipstone towards old clipstone, as you come to the roundabout take your first left turn towards kings clipstone, half way down the hill new track been opened up into the woods two nice secluded pull in's made for a few cars to enjoy ! 9pm onwards !

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A46 nr Cropwell Butler

Car Park on the old a46 near cropwell butler, access to canal and under the underpasses. Evenings always someone looking for some action.

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Shaded lane at top of Narrow Lane on way out of Hucknall,turn right before mini island,decent wanking and sucking in woods

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Trent Lane at Besthorpe

Approach from Collingham as you get near village 1st left to the trent follow lane right down to bottom bearing right to nature reserve new fantastic dogging area no cops here just wanking and couples dogging action is rife here so what are u waiting for get in there ladies n gents it is an ideal naturist spot any time

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Pinxton - Plymouth Avenue

Plymouth Avenue..

All night dogging action down dead end road
Quiet location with street lights

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Long Eaton

Meadow Lane, Long Eaton.
Once on Meadow lane, go over the train lines and about 100 yards up you will see you come to a height barrier, just before the barrier turn right onto the lane, follow the dark, lonely lane up to the top approx half a mile( its a dead end ), parking for several cars, woods to play in etc, quite alot of dogging activity late on friday and saturday evenings, usually until around 3am.

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Draycott Wilne Road

quiet car park. action most weekend nights. Car light off private session. Car light on invite to watch or join

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On Southwell road just b4 the village there is a layby behind trees gay and few couples seen here 4.30 till late

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Bestwood Park

This car park is closed and secured by locked barrier at dusk, and many families use the car park during the day to access the country park. This is not recommended for dogging activities at all.

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Cotgrave Country Park

Great little secluded car park. Very quiet. Don't think anyone knows about it. We've used it twice now and it's great.

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stapleford woods

after a lot of complaints about location it appearred in our local press and now the police patrol in lot more and also a private security there a lot main car park

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haywood oaks

Carpark blocked off and a new roadside one put in. No longer of use

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North Leverton

Quiet country lane down by the windmill. Is frequented by several local couples with very hot wives.

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Worksop A616

Beware the police are heavily involved in this area.

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at the back of selco builders merchants on radford rd,after the store has closed

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Earl of Chesterfield pub car park after 11.00 -very quite - on edge of village - very discreet sleepy village -loads of room -fields surrounding it

Stoke ferry lane picnic area - very quiet and remote good play for group meets - two picnic tables for the ladies to enjoy open air

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leave Collingham down station road, after railway crossing 400yds on right hand side unmade road leading to private areas with plenty of action daytime and nights.

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opposite clumber

HGV's can still park here as the signs are not legal ,if you check them out they are just advisory signs

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