Selston country park

Massive country park open fields and woodland areas, half gate closed at night but not locked easy access to car park.


Briley park

Briley park in huthwaite has loads of areas u can have fun and tracks u can go off ... View Comment

Hill opposite Becket school

Go to Becket school on Becket way in Wilford. Approach the entrance. On the left is a bike path next to some tram lines. Hop over the fence and across the tram tracks, climb up the hill. Perfect spot for notts doggers around 7-8pm on a Friday night.



Old church car park on Carlton Hill. Opposite Nags Head pub.

Rear car park. Right behind the old club. Dark, secluded, away from the public. Plenty of filthy action here. ... View Comment

** Trent lane Besthorpe**

This is not a dogging spot! Access for anglers only. CONTROLLED AN PATROLED BY SCUNTHORPE POLICE A.C. Be warned.



The fields in clumber park at the side of lime tree avenue on the left couples in and out of there cars most nights after 6pm now ... View Comment


Oddicroft Lane Ind Est.
Park on main road, pathway leading down side of factory to field with secluded areas.
7pm onwards. ... View Comment

Normanshill Woods, Ravenshead. Gay cruising

An unpaved car park, just after Thieves Wood, which is an occasional dogging spot for couples. Coming from Ravenshead end Thieves Wood is the first car park on the right, usually has a coffee van parked there, so no action during the day.

Normanshill (often called Normshill locally) Woods car park is 100yd past this on the left. Used by gay men through out the day and night. Cars parked up usually means some action.

You can go into the woods to the right using a well worn path. Action can be had almost anywhere, not usual to find someone waiting just inside the treeline. Or walk in until you come to the main trail which runs parallel to the car park. Keep your eyes peeled as there is a section to the right as you walk along where trees and branches have been gathered to form a hidden area, where some congregate. This is often the best place for a group session.

The path runs all the way down to the bottom area, which is down a steep section. As it is very secluded down there it is often the place where the wider goings on take place, and not unknown to find guys totally naked fucking. However as its a little further out and hard to see if anyone there it can also be deserted!

Alternatively, you can walk straight ahead down the main path from the car park. This will eventually curve to the right and cross the main trail mentioned above, but also gives access to the woods on both sides. About 50yds down the trail there is a well used path on the left which leads to another area where trees have been gathered to form a meeting point. Less cover here but it is better structured for group sessions, and I have found it being used for some bondage. The fallen logs are also handy for people to sit on when sucking cock or to bend over when getting fucked.

These woods stretch quite a way off to the left and during good weather there are often guys wandering here. Its quite popular, once you hook up with someone to walk further into the woods as there are some very secluded areas at the edge of the woods. Also used to be the third area used for sex down there, towards the road. This was hidden in thick foliage and as the most secluded also saw some of the raunchiest action. I've been there when there were a dozen blokes totally or mostly naked doing everything from wanking to full anal. I've not been down that far in quite a while as managed to have plenty of fun in the other more accessible areas, so not sure if it is still there.

Anyway, hope this is helpful, its made me a bit horny writing it, so Im going to go off to the woods and see what I can find... ... View All Comments

Bevercotes Country Park

Seen several cars parked here recently , couples and gay men involved . Very secluded spot , popular times seem to be late afternoon and early evenings .



Few tracks around Blidworth woods.. In the day best to meet your fuck and walk to one of many places in the vast undergrowth... At night as you come on the back narrow road to get to a614 from Mansfield it's the woods sex and walking and benches to bend ... View Comment

Oakfield Lane at Mansfield Woodhouse

Dirt trck on the left off Peafield Lane just before Redbrick House pub. A bit bumpy but very discreet and starting to get a fair few couples and wanking guys.



Barlborough golf course near dobbies . Some at car park and other over golf course at the back near the trees


Kings clipstone

Drive through clipstone towards old clipstone, as you come to the roundabout take your first left turn towards kings clipstone, half way down the hill new track been opened up into the woods two nice secluded pull in's made for a few cars to enjoy ! 9pm onwards ! ... View Comment


Shaded lane at top of Narrow Lane on way out of Hucknall,turn right before mini island,decent wanking and sucking in woods ... View All Comments

Trent Lane at Besthorpe

Approach from Collingham as you get near village 1st left to the trent follow lane right down to bottom bearing right to nature reserve new fantastic dogging area no cops here just wanking and couples dogging action is rife here so what are u waiting for get in there ladies n gents it is an ideal naturist spot any time


Pinxton - Plymouth Avenue

Plymouth Avenue..

All night dogging action down dead end road
Quiet location with street lights


Spinny Hill/ Cemetary

A great place! Drive up the lane next to the cemetery.
A secluded spot


Long Eaton

Meadow Lane, Long Eaton.
Once on Meadow lane, go over the train lines and about 100 yards up you will see you come to a height barrier, just before the barrier turn right onto the lane, follow the dark, lonely lane up to the top approx half a mile( its a dead end ), parking for several cars, woods to play in etc, quite alot of dogging activity late on friday and saturday evenings, usually until around 3am. ... View Comment

Draycott Wilne Road

quiet car park. action most weekend nights. Car light off private session. Car light on invite to watch or join



On Southwell road just b4 the village there is a layby behind trees gay and few couples seen here 4.30 till late ... View Comment

Bestwood Park

This car park is closed and secured by locked barrier at dusk, and many families use the car park during the day to access the country park. This is not recommended for dogging activities at all.


vernon park old basford

dogging action at 7pm onwards around pond area. everyday.


vernon park old basford

dogging action at 7pm onwards around pond area. everyday.


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