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Dogging in Nottinghamshire

Main dogging sites and directions for Nottinghamshire, including major towns and cities: Nottingham, Mansfield, Worksop, Newark, Retford, Southwell.

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Holme Pierrepont

Holme Pierrepont car-park near the Rowing Centre. Dogging action at lunchtimes and in the evening.

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Holme Village outside Newark. Enter the village and at BT box turn rightt and follow the road through to the very end car-park. Afternoon and evenings catered for.

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Blidworth Woods - Take the A60 then onto the A614 Doncaster Road out of Nottingham for about 6 miles you come to a steel railway bridge over the road, just after this there is an island turn left here for about 1 mile this is Longdale Lane. 1 carpark here on the right, there another 2 carparks in the circuit, Rigg Lane, and Blidworth Bottoms. Good couple dogging action at night.

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<a href="">Attenborough Nature Reserve</a> car-park.  Take road from Nottingham towards Long Eaton, turn Left at Chilwell Retail park. Past Village hotel onto nature reserve. Car-park on right about half a mile down lane.

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Nottingham Race Course car-park. After hours dogging.

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Clumber Park (<a href="" target="_blank">see map</a&gt. There is a roundabout to the east of Worksop, where the A57 meets the A1. From this roundabout take the A614 south (signposted Clumber Park). After about half a mile, you'll find the Clumber Park entrance on the right, through a stone arch. As you drive down the lane, it's lined with trees. After about a quarter of a mile, there are some secluded picnic areas on the right, some are set quite well back from the road. This is often a good place, and dogging couples can often be seen in (and out) of their cars. Good times are around lunch time, and early afternoon, as well as 6pm onwards.

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A1 Barnaby moor exit

After leaving A1 at Barnaby take a right under trees park and play also actioncan be had further up in laybys.

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A46 nr Cropwell Butler

Car Park on the old a46 near cropwell butler, access to canal and under the underpasses. Evenings always someone looking for some action.

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Barlborough golf course near dobbies . Some at car park and other over golf course at the back near the trees

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beeston (highfields boating lake)

a very secluded area with severall car parks surrounding a boating lake and woodlands. dogging most evenings espec sunday.

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Tuesday nights,
Beeston fields golf club.

Once the place empties.... around 9pm.

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Bestwood Park

This car park is closed and secured by locked barrier at dusk, and many families use the car park during the day to access the country park. This is not recommended for dogging activities at all.

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bestwood park arnold

its just off a60 on to the b6004 turn on to queens bower road then turn right on to mildenhall crescent then turn left on to ellastone ave follow it to the end and turn left on to bestwood lodge drive follow it down till a fork in the road turn right and about 100 yds up thers a car park on the right buzy on sundays around 11 and a few more spots along this road

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Bilborough College car park

Very accessible. Some nice ladies here. You can easily find the area from the strong smell of AID's in the air. Good at around 2am Friday night/Saturday morning.

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Bramcote Woods

After dark mostly in the woods. Friday and Saturday the best time

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Broxtowe country park

Ideal for late night/early morning meets, always some horny fuck cruising

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Canalside Welham Road Retford

A620 Gainsborough Road leaving Retford, turn left down side of canal bridge few hundred yards. Plenty of action sometimes gay & bi, evenings and weekends.

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Clifton Village

Take the A453 to Clifton,then turn into Clifton Village (locally known as "The Grove",drive to the end of the main road and turn right. There is a small car park (used by anglers but seldom used) on the right hand side. Evening times are best. There is also a wooded area next to the car park should you wish to explore.

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Clumber park HGV on left A614

Hi all bad news, A614 HGV lorry park opp arch for clumber park cafe still there HGV ban now also gate blocking lane back to A1 NOW CLOSED

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Stapleford Woods near Coddington in Nottinghamshire, turn off Coddington Lane at the sign flag 8 and the car park at the top of the lane is busy most days, even through the day.

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leave Collingham down station road, after railway crossing 400yds on right hand side unmade road leading to private areas with plenty of action daytime and nights.

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Cotgrave Country Park

Great little secluded car park. Very quiet. Don't think anyone knows about it. We've used it twice now and it's great.

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