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info about us and not just a one liner either ,,
some info that will be in this will be in the add/profile
so make a brew sit down get comfy and get ready for a long read.
this letter is trying to give you as much info as we can then you can make
your own mind up if you can read between the lines and look further in to the letter.
you will find that we are either a , happy frendly educated couple just up for some fun
or ( were totally fucked up and perverted ,, and thats for you to decide upon........)
we are a genuine couple & we are also 100% discreet...
cleanliness & discretion is assured and expected at all tmes.
we also like to make an effort to look good , well it takes nigel a lot to look good these days , ...ah bless him.....well he tries.......
we are fed up with timewasters ,,,,,,, well what ever flicks your switch i suppose....
firstly the names we have put are just screen names
because on the net we have to be very discreet and careful .
so for the time being we are anne / nigel..
we hope you do understand this........
if you do respond back to us you will know that we are telling it how it is , good , bad or indifferent but allways 100% truthfull..
( god loves a trier but he may not be so happy with what we are trying to do now. lol )(" fancy an evening of rampant sex...well maybe only slightly rampant" )
if you want to be treated with respect and not messed about you have found the right couple.
we hope this has got your attention by now ,,,,,,,,,,
Ok then ???? questions , answers , & details.
A lot about ourselves volumes 1 to 6 ha ha ha.
well we feel that being straight with people from the start is the most important thing because when everybody is straight there are no misunderstandings along the way.........
we live near blackburn ,, lancs .
we are not into endless emails.
we like to make phone contact pretty early
we have found in the past that endless email in the most part do not go anywere.
early phone contact semes to cuts out the timewasters & messers..
and as you are genuine you will know this and understand it..
also anyone can just download a pic and send it off..
but if you speak to someone you know if it's a man pretending to be a lady or a couple.. because you can speak to all parties and get a bit better
feel of the people that you may meet.
we have had a man pretending to be a couple but she
was just in his mind ,,, as she did not exist in the real world...
after all anyone ,can be anyone on the screen / net ...if you catch my drift..''we can all down load pics and send them''...........
well thats out the way now ill get off the box ??,,,back to us 2 then
nigel straight / male 42/6ft medium/to fat lol. build 46'chest /
and he has short dark hair and blue eyes.
loves sex in all ways and he just loves the taste of pussy
( well thats a man for you )

anne female bi 45..and a size 14,,5ft3in .
With blue eyes and brown hair vs are 36~26~36....
shaved and into women especially if they are shaved.
anne has tried bisexual stuff and likes it whit the right lady.

( smokes ,)
and Only one bad habit, nigel SMOKES ,
anne some times with a drink ??
if your not ok with this "don't" e/m us
please, thankyou......

The nitty gritty the sex bit
we are looking for a couple or female to help us have a 3/4 some and fulfill our fantasies and yours also.
safe sex or wearing the wellie as thay say...
some saturday nights we go to a clubs

likes/ dislikes.
Swing clubs ,pubs, clubs, in and around town, music, films, nice clothes,
good food and more ,sometimes being silly, nigel especially as he
has not grown up yet.(but you know what men are like )
ha ha ha .
(sex )
all the regular stuff oral, kissing,feeling ,fingering
tasting, licking, fucking, sucking,
and all the ing's,
if you know any more that would be great.
and also a little bit of blind folding
and being tied gently to the bed.
rude, pushy,or obnoxious people with
no etiquette or manners. ( well thats me out )
( sex dislikes )
anal sex, pain, w.s., and all the
sick stuff...........

our ideal meeting would be
a few drinks / good food, good conversation with plenty of laughs
and then back for some adult fun and especially sensual foreplay with own partner and then blend in to a swap and just go from there .
in the morning coffee/breakfast and have made a new friend / friends.
family life
we have a nice family life i.e.
2.4 children , a dog ,,and have been together for 21 years (well its been a long time i forgot sorry..) dont tell anne ???.
in a strong open and honest relationship.
ups and downs over the years ?? yes .
we are not quite the little house on the prairie family well not yet.
more like ( the simpsons ).
we are not film stars ,,sorry for that ,,but not 2 bad either .
we think that we are just an average looking couple, you may see everyday walking down the street , but we do like good fun and times within a no pressure atmophere..

we are not looking to buy you or pay for it ???sex that is. ( but you can get the beer in) i thankyou"""ha ha ha
nigel likes to make all ladies feel very special and to make the times we meet up extra special for all and have some good memories of exciting and fun times we had together.
( why do we want to spoil you & us ??? and have the best ??? )
because there are too many mundane days that are all the same.
and because we work very hard and dont always take the time out that we should do.
and sometimes we even take ourselves for granted and miss out sometimes.

hope all this helps you get a bit of a sense of our personality and the kind
of people we are .
as they say if you work hard ???? why not play hard ???( now we are).
we would like to have the good things in life now and again.

( the corny bit ?? ) but this is also the truth of what we are looking for.
~ likes ??? .
champagne and strawberries and not just half a lager and a packet of crisps.
going to a nice restaurant and not just the chippy down the road.
fresh flowers instead of the weeds in the garden.
expresso instead of mellow birds.
candlelit dinners in , and not just beans on toast .
new white satin underwear instead of the old grey bra.?? thats just me not him , ha ha ha ?.
because if you are lucky you only have about 75 summers and winters each in your life time to have some fun ..................
and when you look at it like that its not very much time to have fun is it ???.( and we only have 35 left , " o buger "lol. ).
so we would just like to make sometimes that bit more special for us and you if thats ok by you.
girls just wanna have fun well we do ??. do you ??Yes or No
if we ever meet we ( can't ) promise to give you
ten orgasms but we will try our [removed].
however we can promise you a night of intrigue and passion that will make you smile to yourself every time your mind wanders back to that night.
(as they say a night to remember.
we are more for meeting than just sending pic's out
as thay say don't judge a book by it's cover
they may just be the nicest person you could wish to meet.
( well thats me covered..lol )
and at least you get to go out for a few drinks somewhere a bit different .
so if you find any of this appealing.
or you feel the same way please feel free to contact us .
can you send email back with some of your thoughts
and ideas and explaining why you may like this ,,,
and not just one liners please ..as we have put the effort in to this,
not a book " but more than 5 lines .please, thankyou.
some details about yourself ,,,as we have ,,,if you are interested about us or this ??????
On the other hand if you that feel that we or that this is not the right thing for you please tell us as we can move on.
Just a Thanks but no thanks will do if you are not interested
please dont just leave us in the dark ...
we will understand and respect your wishes...
( discretion is assured at all times )
well the ball is now in your court as they say ,,,
xxx Nigel/Anne
if you have all of this we can only say good luck to you and have a nice fun life. and ( bugger i wrote all this for nowt )...lol..