Man Looking for Sex and Un with ladies and Couples (Only Straight Please)

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I am single 36 years old man based in Nottingham . I am keen to have wonderful sex nights with ladies and couples . I appreciate the importance of get in touch in order to have fun and to develop my skills and knowledge in sex . I would be very grateful if you were able to offer me the opportunity to join you in sex meetings in order to gain the fun and experience needed. I believe that I would have much to offer including the following skills:

•The ability to give pleasure to ladies with my 23 cm cock.
•The ability to communicate effectively with couples. This been developed through my previous experience with a couple from Greece.
•The confidence to join ladies and couples independently in order to give pleasure and produce feelings of a consistently high standard. These have been illustrated and developed in many sex meetings and parties I have joined at university.

I would be happy to discuss any aspects of this with you at your convenience on sk/e ([removed])

Yours Sincerely