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Camping 11

"Unexpected and very welcome visitors, who get their ultimate pleasure"

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Author's Notes

"The final chapter ."

So here I am back at the camping site. Operation went smoothly, no more stick on boobs. I have a thought with what to do with them. I’m back to wearing my normal size lacy underwired bras, I have actually ordered some half cup bra’s to show off a little of my aureole. I paid Tricia for Jane and Elaine’s two weeks although she only wanted one week.

When Jane and Elaine arrived,  I had put a few toys in their bedroom to play with. We invited them to one of our skimpy evenings with the four of us. I presented Elaine with my adhesive boobs with all the glue and glue remover. It certainly opened them up to each other, on the first Friday barbecue theme it was a repeat of an earlier event near the start of the season. St. Trannyians. When the new couple who I had booked in were attending. Extremely short gym slips with black stockings and suspenders on show, blouse black bra visible under a very sheer white blouse. Panties optional. Some really heavy petting and fondling on the benches. On our second evening meal the second week they were even more adventurous.

Jane told us they had used the double ended dildo on each other.

Their last Friday before they were back on duty Monday morning, our theme was for those who remember and British comedian who chased scantily glad girls. We had a Bills Angels, everyone and I mean everyone on the campsite that attended had to be dressed in bra, panties, suspender belt, stockings and heels only. Nothing else and everyone complied with various colours and styles. It was our last themed night of this season and once again the donation bucket was full of notes. Jane and Elaine followed us back to Tricia and Linda’s, Lexi and I were living in the cottage.

It wasn’t long before six pairs of panties were discarded and lots of sucking was being performed on who ever was ready.

Elaine was sucking me and Linda was sucking Elaine.

“Move round my sweet so we can form a triangle.” I told Linda. Just before she wriggled round I saw Lexi and Jane joined at the groin. Jane’s cock was in Lexi’s pussy and Lexi’s cock was in Jane’s. Tricia was taking turns moving round and being sucked by them in turn. Which ever mouth was occupied the other was making lots of ooh’s and aah’s. With the occasional deeper, faster, yes. Tricia eventually spurted her cum into Jane and then moved to snowball her. Taking back some of own cum she swapped round to snowball with Lexi.

Elaine, Linda and myself were mostly quiet apart from the occasional Mmmm, as our mouths were full of hot throbbing hard cocks.

Elaine was first to cum and as she spurted into linda, her finger slipped past my sphincter. It had the desired effect on me, I spurted into Linda and inserted my finger into her  who had started by inserting her finger into Elaine, who gave an extra thrust and spurted into Linda.

This left Jane and Lexi to finish by spurting their cum into each other’s pussies. As they lay on their backs, we got over them I had my tongue deep in Jane’s pussy sucking Lexi’s cum out. Tricia was cleaning Jane’s cock. Linda was cleaning Lexi’s cock and Elaine was like me had her tongue deep in Lexi’s pussy.

It must have been two hours before Jane and Elaine left us to return to their van. Lexi and I strolled back to our cottage. I don’t know about the others but Lexi and I fell in the front door. We had just slipped our heels off when there was a knock at the front door.

“Who can that possibly be at this time of night?” I asked Lexi.

“We will never know unless you go and answer it.” She replied.

“Be there in a few seconds.” I called out.

I opened the door and stood there in long coats were M.J and her hubby.

“Hello my loves M.J.” Spoke.

“Come in.” I told them.

“Mmmm it’s nice and warm in here.” M.J uttered.

“Let me take your coats.” Lexi requested.

As they took their coats off, both were only clad in skimpy lingerie. M.J was wearing a black teddy with lacy bikini panties, her hubby was dressed similar only in white.

“We had such a fantastic time we had to return and hopefully repeat the evening.” Hubby spoke taking the lead.

“Then the bedroom is the place to be.” Lexi replied.

Lexi led the way as soon as we were in the bedroom her dress was off, my skirt and blouse soon followed. We were all soon on the bed with M.J between Lexi’s legs her tongue was teasing Lexi’s clitoris making her squirm and wriggle. Hubby was laying by their side sucking on Lexi’s cock that was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum which he was swallowing with obvious joy. I managed to insert myself into this threesome by sucking hubby and Lexi was sucking me.

I paused from sucking hubby and asked Lexi to allow me move round and enter M.J from behind in doggy position.

I moved,  M.J raised her glorious hips to allow me access to enter her and hubby moved to get Lexi to take over sucking him.

M.J was mumbling into Lexi’s pussy as her tongue pushed further into her. Lexi was moaning even though her mouth was full of hubby’s cock.

“I’m going to cum soon, your pussy is wet.” I gasped.

I did the only thing I could think of at the time. I pulled out lay on my back and shuffled between M.J’s legs, when I reached my goal I pushed my tongue into her pussy and found her love button, hard and throbbing as her juices leaked all over my face. As I teased her she gave out a muffled scream into Lexi’s pussy, more of her juices flooded my face. I drank as fast as I could swallow. I was almost drowning in a sea of delicious feminine juices. M.J’s hips were quivering with pleasure as her orgasm hit. Giving out a huge satisfied sigh, it was as if she was trying to inflate Lexi.

Lexi was having her own orgasm as her cum was being fired into hubby’s mouth. Simultaneously her juices were running into M.J’s mouth as her tongue flicked Lexi’s clit. That left only two of us that had not yet cum.

Once again hubby took the initiative and moving him and I away we lay on our sides our heads resting on each other’s inner thigh with a cock in our mouths. It didn’t take much sucking and stroking until our mouths and throats were swallowing the cum being deposited. Collapsing on our backs M.J decided to clean the residue cum from my cock and her own juices that were still evident, while Lexi sucked hubby’s cock clean.

Then laying down next to each other we all cuddled together to sleep.

I don’t remember who was laying next to who. I just remember being woken as Dawn broke my being sucked to full hardness. I glanced down to see M.J’s beautiful eyes framed by her gorgeous hair looking up at me.

“Can we 69?” I whispered.

Without releasing her lips clasped on my cock, she nodded enthusiastically. Laying on our sides my head resting on the inside of her thigh, her head resting on mine, I inserted my tongue between her wonderful pouting lips as she continued sucking me. When my tongue touched her hard love button, she clamped her lips tighter on my cock. I pushed my tongue further in her warm wet pussy before withdrawing it once again over her clitoris. M.J gasped as my tongue continued to tease her. She responded by sucking me even harder. I could feel my sap starting to rise. M.J sensed my impending cum as my cock swelled and I started to thrust into her wonderful mouth. Oh she is a gorgeous sexy woman with wonderful voluptuous breasts, a fantastic smile and an almost insatiable appetite for sex. Lots of sex, not with any Tom or Harry but is  quite partial to Dick. The telltale tingling had started my orgasm.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.” M.J was mumbling as my cream filled mouth, she was swallowing my cum as fast I could produce it. I swallowed her juices as they started to flood my mouth. I licked, drank, and gulped. Eventually we both sighed as our orgasms subsided. Recovering, M.J asked.

“Can we stay for the weekend?”

“Of course you both can.” Lexi answered.

She had been woken by our sexual activity. Hubby was awake and offered to cook breakfast.

“First I must get back to the camper to put my uniform on.” Hubby uttered.

Letting himself out he returned 10 minutes later in his French maids dress with the frilly lacy panties. Using what ingredients he had bought from their camper, we soon sat at the table with a pile of pancakes and grilled bacon. We must go to work, we need to earn our living.

“Let us clean your cottage for you while you work, as payment.” M.J offered.

“Not necessary your love in last night was payment enough.” Lexi answered.

Lexi and I dressed in our work clothes, that still consisted of stockings, suspender belt, bikini panties, lacy bras with sheer blouses, mini skirts and heels. We completed our makeup and left for work.

When we arrived back at the cottage, after confessing to Tricia and Linda that M.J and hubby was staying with us. The place was spotless. All our dirty laundry was washed dried and ironed. The kitchen shone, the carpets vacuumed. Both M.J and hubby were wearing French maids uniforms.

They had prepared a lovely meal for us, fortunately enough for six as Linda and Tricia arrived soon after.

We chatted through the meal, with lots of sexual content in the conversation.

“We will clean up tomorrow, won’t we hubby?” M.J uttered.

“Of course my love. Now can we go to bed I’m a little uncomfortable in my panties.” Hubby replied.

In the master bedroom, it was extremely evident hubby’s predicament.

His panties couldn’t control his hardness and the elastic was digging into his cock.

“Oh sweetie, let me help you with that.” Linda gasped. She knelt and eased his tight panties down and off. Tricia was unzipping his maids dress before turning her attention to M.J’s dress. As she stepped out of it and turned round I saw her lingerie or perhaps I should say lack of it. She was adorned in a cup-less bra her nipples proud and erect, her lacy panties only just covered her pussy lips. Her lace top stockings were taughtly attached to the black teddy style basque I had seen before. It still turned me on as was evident in my bikini panties. Linda, Tricia, Lexi and myself removed our skirts, blouses and panties. Now we all were proud owners of enhanced boobs, well except for Lexi, our bras were removed as well. Hubby kept his bra on to keep his falsies in check.

By know our favourite sexy lady was laid on the bed her arms outstretched waiting for a cock in each hand, her legs apart with the tiny piece of cloth that had given up hiding her pussy pulled to one side. Her mouth open waiting.

“I don’t care which of you gorgeous girls start first, but some one put their cock in me or between my boobs. Hubby started by resting his cock between M.J’s boobs with some lubricant to assist his movement. Linda was between M.J’s legs slipping his cock in her pussy. I offered my cock to one hand and Tricia to the other.

“Ooh wonderfuuuuuuul.” M.J gasped as Linda entered her. “I get suck a hard cock and lick a pussy at the same time.” She added before Lexi sat over her head and filled her mouth.

Linda was first to cum. She thrust and spurted into M.J, it caused to grip Tricia and I tighter as she stroked us. I offered Tricia to take Linda’s place first. She moved and slipped her cock into M.J’s well lubricated pussy. M.J using her incredible pussy muscles M.J squeezed and soon milked Tricia’s cream from her. With Linda knelt behind Tricia caressing her nipples helped her orgasm deep into M.J.

Now it was my turn, or I thought it was. However Hubby decided he wanted to add his cream to Linda’s and Tricia’s. He moved down as replaced Tricia’s cock in M.J’s pussy with his. That left M.J’s breasts open for my mouth.

I leant forward and began licking and sucking her fabulous breasts and nipples, licking from one to the other I could taste hubby’s pre-cum he’d left there. Kissing her breasts had me right on the edge of cumming.

M.J must have sensed this, incredible woman that she is, she released the grip on my cock but retained the touch, she used some of my pre-cum to tease my exposed mushroom head, keeping me simmering until hubby had emptied his cream to mingle with Linda’s and Tricia’s.

Hubby gasped and thrust, then thrust again with each spurt. He slowly wilted and withdrew, leaving me to replace him. I entered M.J and using my finger teased her clit. Linda and Tricia moved to suckle on M.J’s breasts and nipples. M.J was trying to hold back her orgasm but the three of us tipped her over the edge just as Lexi swapped from having her cock in M.J’s mouth to lowering her pussy over M.J’s open mouth and probing tongue. Once again when M.J exhaled into Lexi’s pussy it triggered Lexi to her own orgasm. Her pussy juices ran into M.J’s mouth stifling her moans of pleasure, Lexi’s cock spurted her creamy cum over M.J’s full rounded breasts and also over Tricia’s and Linda’s faces. Eagerly Tricia and Linda licked the cum off M.J’s breasts and nipples.

Lexi climbed off M.J, who sat up and using her fingers wiped as much cum from Tricia’s and Linda’s cheeks and swallowed it. After she licked her lips she told us.

“That was fantastic girls, I have one more ask please.” M.J requested.

“If we can, I’m fairly sure one of us could try.” Lexi answered for us.

“It’s actually you that can do what I would love, as soon as you are rested and feeling recharged. I’ve had my tongue in your pussy and cock in my mouth, what I would adore is your tongue in my pussy and then your cock to replace it, finally your cream inside my pussy joining the other, you gurls and hubby can use my mouth, hands and boobs, in fact cover me with your cum.

At a guess it was about 1 and half to 2 hours later that M.J started stroking Lexi’s breasts, it stimulated her cock to rise.

“Oh goody you are responding.” M.J was enjoying watching Lexi’s cock harden.

I think we all were as our cocks were twitching, watching M.J and Lexi play. Well my cock was certainly rising.

M.J took Lexi’s hand and led her to our bedroom, where they kissed, their breasts pressed against each other. M.J reached down and gently grasped Lexi’s cock stroking it, bringing it to full hardness.

“Please put this gorgeous cock deep into my pussy babe, I need it like yesterday.” As she spoke M.J lay down on the bed. Lexi suckled M.J’s breasts before descending to lap at her pussy, teasing M.J’s clit.

“Ooh that is fantastic, you know exactly how to turn me on, please put your cock in me, I need it now.” M.J almost demanded.

Lexi moved, she took hold of her cock and aimed it at M.J’s glistening pussy lips. She eased into M.J making sure to put pressure on her hard clit. Lexi shuffled forward until she was fully imbedded into M.J.

Now it was our turn. We stood by or knelt on the bed, stroking our cocks hubby was running his exposed mushroom headed cock over one of M.J’s nipples. Tricia was copying him on her other nipple. Linda and I were dripping pre-cum into M.J’s open mouth.  M.J managed to speak between swallowing our pre-cum.

“I’ve always wanted a gang-bang. This is heaven. Gurls please shower me with your cum.”

We did covering her breasts and face with lots of thick creamy cum. Lexi filled M.J’s pussy with her cum adding a fifth load into her womb.

Eventually we all slept. When we woke M.J was sat up trying to get dried cum off her breasts and suck her fingers clean.

I suggested we shower her to help get it clean. She nodded.

We removed our lingerie mine went into the laundry basket. M.J’s was in a heap on the bathroom floor. We started washing each other. It was inevitable that as soon as M.J washed my cock, I started to harden. I soaped up my hands and turned her round and leant her against the wall. With my hands washing and caressing her boobs and nipples, she parted her legs giving me easier access to enter her pussy from behind. Taking one hand from the wall she guided my rampant cock into her juicy pussy.

M.J’s pussy muscles were squeezing my cock as I moved in and out of her pussy. Much too soon I felt the tingling of my orgasm as I pumped another load of my cum into M.J.

“Oh I’ve cum sweetheart.” I gasped.

“Good that means it’s my turn.” Tricia spoke behind us.

We hadn’t heard her enter the bathroom. She had removed her lingerie and stood stroking her cock with one hand, the other tweaking one of her nipples. I left the shower and Tricia entered. I could hear M.J’s moans of pleasure as Tricia gave her another gift of her creamy cum. Lexi was next in line, followed by hubby, Linda was last. She helped M.J stagger from the shower as her legs were weak from the orgasms she had while we had pounded her pussy and tweaked and teased her gorgeous breasts. In the bedroom we helped dry her and licked up the cum that leaked from her pussy.

Unfortunately it was too soon for Hubby and M.J to leave and drive back to their Worcestershire home.

M.J wrote to us after they arrived home safely, thanking us for helping us realise her dream and telling us she was still leaking our cum that Hubby loved lapping up from her pussy and gusset of her panties.

The end.

Probably till next summer season when the campsite reopens.

We are thinking about a Christmas weekend. But Santa only cums once a year.






Written by Tvcarole

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