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First Time Fucked as a Crossdresser Part 2.

"Or how I became a crossdressing cockwhore"

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Author's Notes

"True story"

My friend says "this is 'Jack', a workmate. Told me he fancied trying some MMM fun and it's your birthday soon. 2 birds, 1 stone". Jack looks at me and said "You never told me he was a xdresser". Mate replied "I just found out". Jack undressed, he had a 'Ross Kemp' vibe, his already hard cock was about 5in but quite thick. He gets behind me and starts sliding his cock up and down between my arse cheeks as he pours lube. Then without any warning, pushes straight into my hole. Wraps my hair (waistlength at the time) in his fists and pushes deep as he can, starts riding me like a cowboy. Suddenly I'm being showered with piss, from my mate, my face, mouth, hair, over my shoulders and splashing my back.

He stands up, slappng my face with his dripping cock, before pushing it into my willing mouth. I began sucking, when his cock was fully erect he held my head steady and began fucking my mouth. My saliva coating him to the base of his shaft. Jack announced he was ready to cum. My mate told him to swap. They did, my mate pushing his drool lubed cock into my throbbing arse. Jack pushes his cock into my mouth, cumming, holding in place as I swallowed and then kisses me (another first as my mate didn't kiss), tasting his cum and my mates piss on my tongue. A few more strokes and my mate pulls out, shooting his second load up my back. My own, ignored cock is throbbing, I lean back on my knees so thry can watch me jerk myself off into my hand, then I drank my third shot of cum that night. Jack gets dressed, comes over to me, grabbed my face in one hand, squeezing so my mouth opens, and spits into it (another first), kisses me again, says cheers to my mate and leaves. My friend told me to go home. I did so, on very rubbery legs. Absolutely one of the best fucks I ever had. We played a few more times before going our seperate ways...

And that's how I learned I was a crossdressing cockwhore.

Written by Lilmisskinkyboots

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