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Parked in Services all dressed up


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So I had pulled over in to a well known services after 10pm at night, I had parked at the top lane at the top of services and really enjoyed stripping off all my male clothes and now dressing up in all sexy in stockings suspenders, French Lacy knickers, bra, blouse , skirt boots and wig plus I love doing my make up

I’m sure some person spotted me in a black car, he then came and parked in my row, so in return I went and got out of my vehicle seductively, he’s still there but he was then joined by a blue van


I was now very nervous and didnt know what to do as the first chap has put his interior light and he’s openly sat facing me and looks like he’s playing with himself as orange street lamps are just visible, the blue van is 3 spaces over from him

 I’m very nervous though but excited and wanted to get out and flash again maybe, my iPad was illuminating me so they can see I’m on it and I’m sure they can tell I’m all dressed and my bright red lippy is glowing

 So I got out and now I’m shaking I’ve just got back in my car so I got out as seductively as I could 1 leg at a time so he could hopefully see up my leather skirt and see my white panties and stockings tops, I then locked car and walked to bin which was only 1 space by him, he still had light on and yes he was openly wanking, I stopped and stared he dropped passenger window and said you have caused this, you sexy bitch, I went closer it was proper hard, I said how have I caused that, he said I saw you change and got so bloody hard, I said that man in that van is watching, he said well why don’t you put your head in here and put those bright read lips over the end and do all 3 of us a favour, I said I need to go and sit in my car and calm down for a minute, don’t be long pls

I got in my car and looked over and He’s still there he’s now opened passenger door but turned interior Light off but I can see he’s naked from car park lights, blue van man has now got out and stood by side of his van …… What do I now do …..

So I got back out and walked over as I did blue van man walked towards his car, as I approached he was really wanking it hard, I said someone watching you, he said I don’t care, he wants to watch you not me, with that blue van man walked towards bin, he was about 6ft away and I was about 3ft from car door, oh fucking hell come closer pls so I did, his feet were touching my tops of my leather boots, ooh they’re beautiful don’t you want to suck this, with that blue van man walked behind me and said don’t mind me I only want to watch, there you go the chap in car said but when you bend over and put this hot cock in your mouth he can lift your skirt and play with you from behind, my friend behind had already got his hands all over my bottom and stocking tops, with that car man said shit I’m coming pls lean in , so I leant in as he shot his load, bloody hell some hit me on the cheek, face cheek that is, go on suck it pls I want to put it against your lips, I wanted to but couldn’t quite gain enough courage, my friend behind was proper dry humping me, he’d also got his dick out and was hard, I had to stop him and say sorry guys I can’t I must go, we could easily get caught, the car man said I’ve cum on your face you can’t leave my mate, sorry I said to blue van man as I straightened my skirt and scuttled back to my car

As I got in and locked door, I looked back and blue man was doing himself up, car man was reaching and shutting door, I looked in front and a 4x4 was parked right in front of us and an elderly man and his lady just smiled, the chap put his hand up


I’m sat there in a trance for a few mins, my car friend has left and my van man must have just cum himself and is sat in van, I’m sat here and my elderly couple in front are just talking although they put interior light on and kissed and then looked at me, so I’ve touched up my make up as I had some cum on my cheek, I’ve redone my lippy only actually so as to leave it there, I got out of my car and I’ve climbed into back, I’ve put light on and looked at them then smiled then grabbed my white vibrator and with light in put it to my lips, licked it then put it in my mouth and put light off and I’m led down on back seat

I was playing with myself in the back when I noticed a car pull up next to mine, it was the elderly couple but they just sat and watched although they did park right by me but just watched, when I got out to go back in front, I looked across she was looking at me from passenger side, I smiled then she lowered her head into his lap, so I went across and looked, she was sucking him off (lucky lady) her hubby must have said as she looked up at me and smiled licked her lips and went back down on her man, I so wanted to join them but I felt this was getting too risqué and needed to go x

Written by dodgycd

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