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Cross Dressing Stories

Crossdressing, usually more common for men, is an interest that explores self-expression by wearing clothes from the opposite gender.

Often the clothes chosen will either belong to a spouse or a partner which unlocks a door for new erotic pleasures. Adapting the comfort of clothes that aren't normally worn can be an activity that takes place behind closed doors or be an exhilarating experience outside as well. Wearing a dress, high heeled shoes, feeling pleasure from wearing lace and satin, and choosing the name of the opposite gender, are all traits associated with cross dressing.

Have you become a crossdresser or are sexually attracted to crossdressing? Share your exciting discoveries by writing your own erotic encounter below.

My Sister’s Ex 2 - Becoming His Slut

Submitting to my sister’s bully ex as things escalate to new desires.

It was four days since I deepthroated Rich to a huge orgasm in the living room of my sister’s house. I wasn’t sure if he would keep to his word and keep my true identity intact but I thought that if he was intending to expose me it would have happened by...

Always the bridesmaid

A change to dress up at a wedding goes slightly wrong

My wife, Hannah, and I drove from the North West to Reading for a wedding. My wife was going to be one of three bridesmaids for her best friend Claire. The wedding was on Saturday but we got down to the Motel, a coach house on London Road, mid-Friday. Hav...

Helpful Neighbour

My neighbour helps me so I help him too.

It was Friday morning and the first day of a fortnight's holiday from work. I woke with a very strong feminine urge and decided today was definitely a dress up day. I got up, had a bite to eat, and then ran myself a nice hot bubble bath. I added some rose...

Following on from part 1 which I thought may have been too long ! Heres what happened next . He took me by the hand and led me upstairs. We entered the bedroom . Lovely big bed and very nice bedding. I know people may not be interested but it creates a lo...

Re kindle a friendship

A lovely surprise

Had a strange but enjoyable meeting this weekend. I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by someone local who'd seen photos of me in my stockings. The more.we chatted the more we realised that we knew each other !! Turns out that many years ago we'd neen a...

Abandoned and cold

keeping the driver happy,

Seven oclock and Friday evening, I had just got out of the shower and was getting dressed, I was Trying to keep a steady hand as i applied my lipstick when my laptop pinged, It was a message from Jeff, "The fox Car park at eight, don't be late, Jeff is my...

My Sister’s Ex 1 - My Favourite Blue Dress

My sister’s bully ex notices me dressed and I can't resist

My name is Sophia and I’m a twenty-one-year-old sissy girl who loves to dress femme all the time. Over the past few years, I have got more and more daring with my feminine side, going out in public dressed. It was on one of those adventures I discovered a...

The Gym chapter 5

The last chapter

The Gym. Part 5. Following events from my Gym visit. The next few day went uneventfully. Saturday morning, I took Jackie into work but only for the morning, I returned home to make sure everything everywhere was cleaned and smooth. When I returned to coll...

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Saturday night has always been my favorite Cruising night, There is something i can't explain about being in a dark layby, parked up just waiting for strangers to appear and this Saturday found me in the long layby just off the A11 at Worstead lodge, It w...

Latest massage client

It’s been a while so nerves were high

It has been quite a while since I have had the opportunity to meet up with anybody for a massage session, so I thought I would update my profile on the site and hope to get some response. it wasn’t long before I had a couple of messages, and after a few m...

Ordinary life

Just me getting on with things

I suppose ive dropped down the list of people on here having non stop sex ! Im getting older now so I have to make the most of what i can get . I still love to dress in my stockings and suspenders and heels. I still love to satisfy a man . Luckily now I h...

The first time i cross dressed i was a young lad at the time, i noticed mother's underwear on the clothes horse in our back room, i loved to see all the panties, bras, stockings, slips etc , i would get an erection just by feeling them, a while later she...


How I ended up doing the work I was paying someone else to do

I was sat at the desktop PC, in the dining room, at home, alone, The wife, Alice, was at work and I had paperwork I needed to do as soon as possible, I was supposed to be sorting out my finances before passing them on to my accountant, a deadline of the w...

Chance encounter part 3

Rose has to leave eventually and return to her alter ego.

We sat on my sofa with Melanie sat between us, it didn’t take long before Rose and Melanie were kissing. Mel raised her arms and eased her breasts from her cups, her nipples were protruding, just waiting to be sucked. Her aureole were large around her nip...