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"Did not really know what a cuckold was until he was one"

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CUCKOLD.   Like most young men, I would have never even considered the possibility that such a word existed, let alone the fact that I could grow up and become one. Not too long ago, the mere idea of it would have angered me greatly. I had a typical youth, surrounded by friends, family, sports, and adventure. I was a normal teenager, and leaned in to the young bravado and propped up masculinity that middle and high-school peer pressure promoted. If you had told me that one day I would step aside to allow for another man to seduce and have sex my wife, I probably would have thrown a punch in your direction. I suppose that life often has a way of humbling us, however, and sometimes the manner in which it does can prove to be quite transformative.

I had snuck up to the guestroom door once again, a habit that had grown in frequency in recent weeks. The heat of shame was coursing across my face, distinct and inescapable, as was my arousal. Our guest room bed rocked back and forth, squeaking and creaking amidst a sexual chorus of thwacking, naked skin. With a dry mouth I swallowed, listening through the crack in the door as the love of my life moaned loudly in intense pleasure.

"Ohh-h William! I love your big dick!" My wife called out in passion to our hung lodger. I listened to William's masculine grunt of satisfaction, and then to the sounds of their lips smacking together in desire.

Human sexuality is a complicated thing. I would never be able to fully explain the pained excitement that my cuckolding caused me. As I toiled with strong embarrassment, my penis was rigid in profound excitement. I listened, perpetually awestruck, as my wife submitted herself, and by proxy our marriage, to our supremely endowed guest.

As impossible as it might be to navigate the layers of complexity involved in our new sexual dynamic, less complicated perhaps, was the age old notion that penis size mattered. While that might not ring true for all women, I believe without question that it does for most.

Samantha was moaning louder now, Williams thrusting becoming more urgent as their bodies collided together in sexual need. I heard her gasp, my mind’s eye visualizing the pleasure that another man was giving her, "I'm cum-minggg William! Oh god! It's- so big! I'm cu-mming all over it!!"

I had learned, quite undeniably, that it certainly did for my wife.

Samantha and I were school sweethearts, a romanticized type of relationship that was indeed a growing rarity in today's climate. I like to think that we did justice to the idea of it, both proud of a strong marriage and a deep love for one another, persistent even now into our early thirties. She's the only woman I have ever been with, sexually. Up until William, I had been the only man that she had ever been with, as well. Sammie is gorgeous in her own understated way, her head thick, with light brown hair that often cascades across her delicate and feminine face. She behaves shyly and quietly most of the time, but carries herself with a sexy undercurrent of sultry confidence, visually amplified by her large breasts and ample rear end. Sometimes she will find a way to temporarily shed her introverted demeanour, usually when the corks starting flying off bottles of red wine.

We lived not thirty minutes from the same neighbourhood that we both grew up in, Sammie now working as an administrator at the same school that we attended when we were kids. I attended a regional trade colledge and became a skilled mechanic, working at a local car repair shop. Neither of us was exceedingly ambitious, and mostly preferred lazy weekends and relaxing free time together.

We were far from wealthy, but we lived a comfortable life in a typical suburban middle class home. Even though we hadn't had kids yet, we knew the biological clock was ticking, and intended on starting that journey in the near future. One thing we wanted to do beforehand was take a long distance vacation. Neither of us had ever been overseas, and believed it would be infinitely harder to accommodate a trip like that, with our incomes, after having children.

In order to stash away some additional cash, I came up with the idea of renting out our spare bedroom over the summer. There was an industrial district, and several business complexes, not too far from where we lived. I knew the room would likely be desired by any number of travelling professionals. What I did not plan on, naturally, was for our sex lives to change in the process and for me to be made a cuckolded husband along the way.

"I'm not so sure John." Samantha rather objected to the idea, after I had initially broached it. "I don't know how comfortable I feel with a stranger living in our home." I should have listened.

"I know Sammie, but think about an extra three or four thousand pounds, and how far that'll go towards the dream holiday." I replied, while also understanding her concern. We were trustworthy people, but we knew there was a need for caution when inviting a lodger initially a stranger into our home. I added, "I think it goes without saying that we can, and will, be very thorough in selecting the person. We don't have to accept the first one who shows interest. At the end of the day if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out." Samantha thought on it for a moment, taking a sip of grocery bought wine. I added, noting the average vintage and smiling across the table at her, "Think about a four star hotel, aa authentic local dinner." I looked down at the pasta in my plate, pointing to it with my fork, "Not away out from Antonio's."

She smirked back at me, raising her glass, "Expensive wine." I nodded, "A bottle a meal, even." My wife chuckled, "We might not remember the trip at that rate."

We were in bed later that evening, after agreeing that we'd "safely" put out an ad for a renter. The glasses of red had lubricated my wife's inhibitions, and a more animated version of herself was encouraging my thrusts.

"Do me harder baby?" Sammie whispered, as I pumped back and forth into her.

Our sex life had always been pretty good, though in recent years we seemed to lack a certain spark, a certain excitement, in the bedroom. I suppose that's normal for most long time married couples. Lately, though, we had begun to dip our toes into some unfamiliar and naughty territory.

Admittedly I was never really a sexual dynamo, nor a well endowed stud, but lately I found myself finishing earlier than I was used to. A perverse thought had begun to grow in my mind, fuelled by a recent admission from Samantha.

It was a casual comment from my wife, and certainly not the first of its kind. She was an attractive woman, and was often stared at or hit on when out in public. Where once I was an extremely jealous teenager, I had slowly realized that male attention paid towards Sammie had become flattering if strangely captivating to me. It was hard to articulate why that was, in all honesty. The catalyst to those frightening thoughts had occurred a few months back, when Samantha mentioned one such case.

"A man at the shop asked for my number today." She had admitted, blushing and embarrassed.

I remained stoic, and replied, "That's never surprising, my love. You're gorgeous. Did you give him your mobile or our home number?" I joked.

She chuckled, answering, "Funny John. I actually told him that I was flattered, but showed him my wedding ring." She replied, somewhat anxiously.

"Why do I get the sense that there's more to this story?" I added, sensing her discomfort.

"You'll never believe what he said to that." Samantha covered her face with her hands, seemingly mortified.

"What?" I replied, very much curious. "He said. Good. Married women are my favourite kind!"

I felt a strange stirring from within me when Samantha spoke those words, and I can't explain why. I managed to keep my composure, replying, and “The balls of that guy! What did you say?"

"Nothing! I walked away!" She replied, smiling in red faced embarrassment, adding, "I couldn't believe it!"

It was the following evening when I had a potent, harrowing dream.

Like all dreams, my recollection of it was hazy and amorphous, but also contradictorily vivid. I had arrived home to the sounds of passionate sex, a chill running down my spine, the hairs standing tall on the back of my neck as I realized that it was my wife engaged in the act. The atmosphere in our home was sleepy and seductive, somehow intoxicating.

I slowly strode down the hallway as Samantha's moans grew louder, it taking every ounce of courage to approach our faintly familiar bedroom door, my hand clammy and shaking as I spun the handle.

She was there, her legs spread wide, sexy body covered by a foreign and hulking masculine frame. The man was faceless, but taller and more muscular than me. Their sexual collision was cloudy, as if my own mind was afraid to present the details of what was occurring down between their legs. I trembled, listening as the woman I loved moaned with an unfamiliar ferocity. The strong male's muscles were rippling as he pumped into her, and even though I could not see below, I immediately knew that he was infinitely more sexually equipped than me.

I woke; heart racing and skin sweaty, with a small tent in our bed sheets down near my groin. I scurried into our bathroom, and frantically relieved myself to a frightening orgasm.

It was as if Sammie's admission became a seed that had been planted deep into my psyche, and as the horrifying thought grew, it slowly became inescapable. I had worked up the courage to mention the dream to her, which definitely surprised her, and caused her some blushing embarrassment. She was even more taken aback, wide eyed with an expression of intrigued surprise, when weeks later I also foolishly admitted that it had become something of a shameful fantasy for me.

After her initial shock wore off, she playfully smacked me, giggling and shy. She was seemingly appreciative of my honesty, as she spoke, "You know you're all I'll ever need, for as long as I live." We loved each other, in a manner that most couples would greatly envy, but I think that my strange admission had fuelled an unfamiliar fire in our bed that evening. My wife sensed my excitement, my newfound vigour, and gently found ways to spur me with it.

Even now, back in the moment, she sensed it, looking up at me as I thrust into her. She spoke, her voice a teasing whisper, "Are you thinking about me and my hung lover?" It was like sexual napalm, never failing to consume me as the mental images of Samantha in the throes of pleasure flooded my thoughts. I came early and immediately. "Fuck!" I grumbled, shuddering atop my wife. Samantha kindly and lovingly rubbed my back as I came, smiling.

"Sorry." I offered, breathing heavily, knowing that she had not cum. I smirked, knowing full well that she knew her teasing would make me explode. I added, "It's your own fault, this time"

"I can't help myself. I love knowing how to set you off." She replied giggling, caressing me gently, and then kissing me. "You always have." I chuckled, though I couldn't help but continue to wonder why this horrible fantasy had become so powerful in my mind.

As I had predicted, it was not long until we started seeing some traction on our posting for the spare bedroom. Within the description I was up front about who we were, as a couple, and what our expectations were in terms of the general respect and behaviour we expected from the house guest. It was a surprising amount of interest received in a short amount of time, but one in particular stood out to me.

'Greetings John, My name is William Franklin and I will be in the area on business through August. I am a one man consultancy company and as such prefer renting private rooms over extended hotel visits, as I don't expense my lodging (I am also long since weary of hotels, going back to the early years in my career).

Your home is within ten minutes of my project site, and I vastly prefer a quiet residential surround over a City stay. I'd be very interested in renting the room throughout the summer, assuming you can confirm the following:

1) High speed internet is available in my room

2) Sky television is available in my room

3) The guest room shower is not a low pressure nozzle (a pet peeve of mine!)

If you can confirm the above I'd have interest in locking in the room quickly, and I'd be willing to pay above the asking price and offer an extra £250/month to do so. I need to be down in the area as soon as I can.

In the interest of familiarity and getting to know one another, I am also including a picture of myself attached to this email. I am fifty-five years old, and a career minded man at this stage in my life. I am amicably divorced, and have two sons. I will have little time for leisure while in town, but do appreciate a friendly home to make my stay. I hope you consider my offer, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Look forward to hearing from you.


As I read his reply, I felt a tad daft for not including a note about our internet availability, realizing that any business person would obviously care about the status of the connectivity. His message was somewhat abrupt, but also clear and concise, which I appreciated. I scrolled down, and took note of his picture, something that no one else had thought to include.

He was dressed professionally, and seemed well built for a middle aged man, certainly looked in better shape than myself.

"I thought that was you for a second." I heard my wife's voice from over my shoulder.

"Huh?" I replied, not getting her meaning.

"Whoever that is on the monitor. He looks like an older version of you, maybe a little bigger. He's attractive."

Samantha blushed as she said it, not usually in the habit of admitting attraction to other men. I think she felt like she had a free pass, because she had led with the idea that he looked like me. It was a comparison that I certainly didn't notice, or necessarily even agree with. I did however, notice the wine glass in her hand, and chuckled, despite the strange embarrassment that ran through my body. "You're a lush, dear." I teased.

I could see that she felt guilty about the remark, and tried to massage the comment by adding, "Who is that anyway?"

"Well up until you said that he was hot, he was probably going to be the lodger." I chided, jokingly.

She blushed, covering her mouth with her hand, "I'm sorry."

"I'm just kidding. He's actually willing to pay us additional if we confirm quickly. He needs to get here he’s starting a project." I replied.

"I thought you said we'd take our time with this decision. Just because I said he was cute doesn't mean he's not a serial killer." My wife replied, ever worried.

"I'll send him a response, and ask that we talk on the phone tomorrow." I acknowledged.

Sammie seemed to consider it for a moment, looking up at his picture once again, before replying, "Okay. I'm going to get ready for bed." She rubbed my shoulder as she left the room.


Thanks for your interest, and I appreciate the thorough response. I can confirm all three as correct (I too, loathe a low pressure shower). I'd like to speak on the phone tomorrow, whenever you might be available. Included are my phone number, and a picture of my wife and me (to echo your desire for familiarity). Look forward to speaking soon.


As I closed my eyes for slumber that evening, I couldn't help but feel a strange hope that William's offer would work out. Even stranger, deep down I knew that hope was being fuelled by my wife's admission of his attractiveness. I tossed and turned, bizarrely thinking once again of that unspeakable fantasy.

He called early the following morning, politely apologetic about the time.

"I'm a mechanic, so I'm usually up with the sunrise." I replied, assuaging his concerns. William's voice was deep, and his conversational ability charismatic. We discussed his work, his potential comings and goings, and I spoke a little about Samantha and I. Surprisingly, towards the end of the conversation, he openly complemented her.

"I hope this isn't too forward John, but that tends to be my nature. Your wife, she's very striking."

His comment caught me off guard, but the casual and confident manner in which he spoke it, left my defences down. Stupidly, I replied with an admission of my own, "Sammie happened to think the same of you, seeing your picture last night." I fumbled, awkwardly, "She believes that we look somewhat alike." A strange embarrassment surged through me as I wondered why the hell I had offered such a weird reply.

Luckily, William handled it with grace, chuckling, "Well how about that. I think I can see the resemblance a little bit!" He then joked, "She doesn't happen to have a sister that lives nearby, does she?"

I laughed, admitting that she did not. We then changed the subject to payment, wherein we agreed cash or direct debit was fine. We closed the call finalizing the date of his arrival.

"Well John. I appreciate the professionalism in getting this done, especially knowing that this isn't your actual profession."

"My pleasure, William."

I couldn't help but sense that his last comment was levied with a sort of inherent calm and subtle dominance. He said, "Tell Sammie I look forward to meeting her."

Very few people call my wife by the name 'Sammie'. It was really only I, and her mother, who did. A certain level of intimacy was normally a prerequisite, but William certainly couldn't have known that, as I also had called her that name during my conversation with him. I heard myself reply, casually, "I will. See you soon."

When Samantha arrived home from work that evening, I was able to greet her with a smile and an excited remark, "Looks like we're going to have a nice bit of cash for our trip!"

Her eyes lit up for a moment, but then a look of concern washed across her face, "You spoke with him? What's he like?"

I could already sense her worry, and worked to alleviate it, "Relax. He seems level headed, respectful. I got a good vibe from him. He's not even going to be here all that often."

"What's his name again?" She asked, grabbing a bottle of water from the refrigerator.

"William. He's a few years older than us, divorced, has two kids, and is a self admitted workaholic. I think you'll like him."

Samantha chuckled, "Why's that?"

I replied, "I don't know. Like I said, I got a good feeling." I paused, admitting, "He said that he thinks you're striking. He joked around, asking if you had a sister."

My wife cocked her head at me, "Huh? Why would he say that?"

"I sent him a picture of us, to be polite and to lessen the weirdness of meeting him for the first time."

Samantha bristled a bit, looking slightly uncomfortable, "Still, that's a bit forward from a man who will be living in our home, isn't it? That didn't upset you?" She asked it with a certain hint of curiosity, as if she was surprised that it hadn't.

I replied casually, while internally acknowledging that his compliment was a bit forward, "Again, it was said politely. If I thought he was some creep I would have rejected his offer. The conversation flowed very naturally. I even told him what you said about him and me looking similarly and that you thought he was attractive."

"John!" She exclaimed, now sitting down on the couch near me. "Why would you say that? Now it's going to be awkward when I meet him."

I grabbed her thigh, gently massaging her leg through her jeans. "Will you relax? It's not going to be awkward. We were just joking around, breaking the ice."

She brushed her hair behind her ear, relenting somewhat, "Still, you shouldn't have told him that I thought he was hot."

It was my turn to dart my eyes wider, "Oh so now you think he's hot?"

She playfully slapped my arm, "Handsome, whatever. Now you're the one being ridiculous."

"Oh so you think he's handsome?" I teased, playful despite a small pang of jealousy.

She pushed me with her shoulder, "Jackass. I think he looks like you, so of course I think he's handsome."

I'm not sure why I said it; perhaps it was my subconscious desperate to perpetuate the fantasy that was unrelenting upon my thoughts. A bolt of vigour hit me, and I replied, "I just hope you don't confuse the two of us, and end up in bed with him."

A stunned look appeared on my wife’s reddening face, as she gasped, "John! What's gotten into you?" I also couldn't help but notice a twinkle of liveliness in her eyes.

My own face was suddenly red, and I tried to save the comment, "Oh for crying out loud Sammie, nothing's gotten into me. I'm just kidding around!"

It was the following week, when William arrived. Upon meeting someone, every so often you might get a strange feeling that the individual will have an impact on your life, or play a role larger than a typical acquaintance. It's almost an intrinsic sort of sixth-sense. For reasons that would end up proving obvious, that's the exact feeling I had when opening the door for our new lodger.

He was taller than I had anticipated, and built. He smiled wide as he saw me, his broad shoulders and large frame somehow familiar. He had hair darker than my own, with some very subtle streaks of gray adding to an already distinguished look. He was dressed in casual jeans and a polo shirt, and his muscled torso was obvious beneath his clothes.

"John. It's a pleasure to meet you." He reached out with a large hand and gave me a firm handshake, which I reciprocated.

"Same to you William. Welcome." I offered, smiling back at him. I stepped to the side as he entered our family room, and looked back at my wife. For a split second, her eyes darted wide, flustered, my own mind racing as I noticed that she was clearly impressed by what she saw. It caused my stomach to knot up, and a clamminess to make it apparent on my skin.

I began to second guess the entire endeavour, wondering how on earth I could have invited this handsome, muscular stranger, to stay at the home that I shared with my wife. My heart started to race as a worry ran through my mind. William was much more attractive in person, with an air of confident and easy masculinity about him that I was immediately envious of.

"You must be Samantha." He then smiled at her.

"H-Hello." She offered, sweetly and shyly.

The large man gently engulfed her hand with his own, my eyes not failing to notice the disparity in their sizes, despite my wife's curvaceous body. The strange knot in my stomach continued to tighten.

"You're even prettier than your picture led on." He said, not inappropriately.

It caused Sammie to blush, "Thank you. You're too kind."

I helped William get situated, assisting with his luggage and giving him a tour of the house. He seemed appreciative, and despite the angst that I was now experiencing, I was relieved to see that his demeanour and vibe were in line with what I had hoped for. He seemed like a good guy.

The three of us sat down for a steak dinner that Samantha had prepared for his arrival, wherein we talked about our lives, and our hopes for a family, his sons, and our relative professions. We learned that he was rather well off, which was another source of envy for me. Despite some of those pangs of self consciousness, it was actually a very pleasant meal, and my concerns had quickly been replaced by a strange excitement, especially as I noticed my wife stealing glances in Williams direction. What was going on with me?

William too, couldn't help but allow his eyes to linger on Samantha's pretty face, or perhaps wander down her neck towards her impressive cleavage. I couldn't help but notice an easy and palpable chemistry between the two of them, and my mind was frantic as all kinds of perverse and terrifying thoughts ran through it.

"That's incredible!" William smiled, near in disbelief, upon learning that the two of us were high school sweethearts. "You rarely hear of that these days."

"You definitely don't." I replied, grabbing my wife's hand from across the table. "I'm a lucky man." I offered, causing Sammie to smile in return.

"Well at the risk of sounding melodramatic. I feel like a lucky man having found the two of you, and your lovely home to make my stay this summer." He grabbed his wine glass from the table, raising it, "To your beautiful wife, and lucky men."

Samantha blushed at his compliment, and I noticed William staring into her eyes as he spoke the words. There was boldness to William, and I found myself in strange admiration of it.

"Cheers to that." I added Sammie and me both raising our glasses as well.

The first couple weeks of his stay were rather uneventful, just as Samantha and I had hoped they would be. We barely saw William, as he was usually up before either of us, and home well after we had returned from work. What little we did see of him was pleasant, as he was always polite and considerate of our household habits. Samantha had noticed that he had even begun doing the dishes. His initial behaviour allowed for our comfort level with his presence to establish faster than we might have anticipated. That level of familiarity was somehow enhanced by the casual manner in which William and Samantha would flirt with one another. Inexplicably, I never felt threatened by their flirtations, as they somehow seemed so natural, so easy going. There was this strange but tangibly masculine aura surrounding William, and for whatever reason, perhaps simple charisma, my wife seemed to gravitate towards it.

Things started to slowly change, however, after Samantha had hopped out of bed for some water one late evening. She was in her nightgown, as was typical, and it allowed for her large natural breasts to bounce pendulously beneath the silk fabric. The sight of it had incited my arousal more times than I could count. Neither of us had considered the possibility that William might still be up, and in the kitchen.

My eyes had begun to hang heavily as I thought to take a break from the book I was reading, when I heard her surprised voice echo from down the hallway.

"Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't realize you were up."

My eyes immediately darted open upon realizing the interaction that was occurring in the kitchen, my heart rate quickening as I sat up in bed.

Despite remaining deadly still in heightened curiosity, I couldn't quite make out William's words, but his tone sounded apologetic.

Samantha's too, were now masked by the running water of the sink, my ears only able to catch the end, "Nonsense. Our house is your house for as long as you're here." I then heard a giggle, and her footsteps returning down the hall, "Goodnight William."

My wife's face was flush with excitement when she returned to the master bedroom, gently closing the door behind her. She raised her eyebrows at me, jokingly adding, "Whoops."

"What happened?" I had to ask.

Sammie took a gulp from her glass of water, "I'm not used to other men seeing me in this outfit."

My heart continued to pound in my chest, a jealous excitement surging through me, as I replied, "Neither am I." I forced a chuckle, repeating, "What happened?"

She placed the glass down on her nightstand, sliding in under the covers, next to me. "Nothing. William was out there getting some water too."

I was strangely captivated by the situation, adding, "Well I guess he got an eyeful."

"He wasn't the only one." Samantha replied, causing me to turn my head in her direction, nearly in a panic.

"What do you mean?" I immediately replied.

My wife sort of fidgeted, and made an effort to downplay her response, "Oh nothing. He was just in his underwear. We both caught each other, I suppose."

My heart continued to pound, and I now felt the strange stirrings of arousal despite the growing knot in my stomach.

"Notice anything?" I teased, feigning a casual interest.

"Stop." She chuckled, leaning over to turn off her lamp, an act which I mirrored.

"You can tell me." I pressed, as we both lay in the relative darkness of our bedroom.

"Well, if you must know-" She replied. I could almost hear her lips crack into a teasing smile, as she clearly sensed an interest on my behalf. Samantha continued, "He seemed to fill out his underwear quite well. Quite well indeed."

"You're fucking with me." I replied, unsure of how to behave in the current, bizarre conversation.

"I am not." She replied, simply.

I couldn't control myself, and instinctively reached across and groped her breasts, her nipples already hard to my touch. I leaned into her side, and reached across her waist with my other arm, sensing the heat emanating from her panties as I ran my finger along the wet fabric.

"You're turned on." I gasped, as she arched her head back in pleasure.

"Don't be ridiculous." She replied, breathless, before adding with concern in her voice, "Fantasy teasing is one thing, but isn't this inappropriate? William is a living in our home."

I didn't respond immediately, and it was only several seconds later until I was atop her, thrusting in as best I could from a missionary position. She was trying desperately to be quiet, as sound was notorious for carrying across our home, even through the thin walls.

"Why is it inappropriate? I know you find him handsome." I eventually replied, almost unable to believe my own train of thought, let alone the words that were escaping my mouth.

She gently slapped my chest, through my loose fitting night shirt, whining a whisper, "It's inappropriate because he's not my husband!"

"So what?" I responded, and then inexplicably added, "I want you to fantasize about him."

Samantha's eyes darted wide, a mixture of arousal and worry amidst her gaze. I leaned down and kissed her, both of us spurred to increase our tempo.

It proved to be an unsurprisingly quick session, but I was able to bring her to a small orgasm before unleashing. She clutched into me as I came.

As we lay there in recovery, our sheets tangled in dampness, Samantha breathed, "Maybe I will fantasize about him, if it's going to get you going like that!"

I was delirious in thought, and heard myself mumble, "Fine by me."

She giggled, "Go to sleep, pervert. I love you."

We kissed goodnight, and allowed for slumber to take us.

Towards the end of his third week with us, William came home with an expensive bottle of tequila, hoping we might be interested in sharing it with him. As was perhaps sadly typical of our Friday nights, we didn't have much going on, and were both happy to enjoy his company.

He spoke of his project at the facility he was working on, and how rocky a start they had had in installing some new manufacturing lines, but he was hopeful things would smooth out soon.

"Needless to say, I can use some of this right about now." He offered, taking a healthy sip of the liquor.

"Sure sounds like it." I replied, grimacing as I took a sip alongside him.

Samantha too, hissed upon her swig. "Ooo! Wow! That's strong!"

William and I chuckled. "Not a tequila drinker, I take it?" He offered.

My wife shook her head, "Not me. I'm more of a wine girl. Red, to be specific."

William smiled, "Well I suppose it never hurts to try new things."

She smiled at him, naturally flirtatious, "Can't argue with that."

The tequila continued to flow along with the conversation, all three of us becoming quite loose, especially Samantha who was not a veteran of hard liquor by any means. The television had been on and offering background noise, but none of us were paying it any mind. I had even broken out a deck of cards, for some old fashioned poker, to pass the time.

"We need some more excitement in here!" William suddenly offered, adding, "Let's raise these stakes a bit."

I was feeling good, and comfortable with our lodger, joking back at him, "Oh no. Don't you go thinking I'm dumb enough to allow you to win back some of this money you're spending on rent!"

My wife laughed at that, and William wasn't far behind.

"Well damn. You found me out before I even had a chance to start." He chuckled, leaning back in the kitchen chair casually, clearly feeling no pain.

"How about strip poker?" I suddenly heard a delicate, unfamiliar voice from where my wife was seated.

Samantha turned beat read as soon as she noticed William and I stare back at her, dumbfounded. "I'm kidding!" She nearly shrieked, laughing in embarrassment. Samantha wasn't one to joke in such a manner, and I could tell she immediately regretted the comment. She had clearly been inspired by the tequila, and perhaps something else.

My mind was a million places at once, most prominently back to her half naked encounter with William in the kitchen. Words escaped my mouth, but it was as if I wasn't the one speaking them. "Sounds fun to me."

It was Samantha's turn to look aghast, giving me a shocked, red faced stare and replying, "Oh c'mon John. You know I was only kidding!" I did know that, but for some stupid reason wanted to see how far she'd be willing to go.

"I'm game." Our confident lodger suddenly spoke with an interested smile, adding fuel to the fire. "Expensive tequila and cards. You could argue strip poker is the only way for this night to end."

I felt that knot in my stomach once again, an angst churning as I glanced to Samantha. I fully expected her to throw her hands up, to balk. Instead, she looked at our lodger with a hazy glaze in her eyes, stunning me.

"Okay, I'll play, but I'm not taking off my underwear." It was somehow the sexiest thing I had ever heard her say. My mind began to race as I struggled to register her words.

We all instinctively sat up a bit in our chairs, the atmosphere in the room immediately changing. I was almost in a state of disbelief as I started dealing the cards, not wanting to give her an opportunity to escape.

"God. We've had too much to drink. My middle scholars wouldn't behave this childish." Samantha offered, burying her face in her hands in exaggerated regret.

"Remember, this was your idea." I teased her. She then gave me a look as if to say, 'Are you sure about this?'

"It'll be fun." I added, replying to her unasked question.

"Bra and panties stay on." She reiterated, looking at me, and then towards William.

"Mine too." He joked, lifting his hands up in innocence, which caused a welcome and tension cutting laugh from both my wife and I.

It went quiet with anxious anticipation, however, as we played out the first hand. To say that I was ignorant to the dynamic at hand would have been dishonest. Clearly I had seen my own wife in a state of undress countless times, and clearly neither William nor I had an interest in seeing one another in a similar state. It was evident that this game's true stakes were between our guest, and my wife, and yet I agreed to it nonetheless. Truthfully, we all sensed that same undercurrent lurking beneath our willingness to play. Looking back on that evening of strip poker, it was clear that all three of us, subconsciously or not, very much bought into what would prove to be the first large stride towards my inevitable cuckolding.

"Bullshit!" Sammie exclaimed, folding. She unceremoniously discarded of a single sock, tossing it into the living room.

William laughed with a jovial smile, clearly enjoying the situation.

I was quieter, my stomach toiling with a strange and perverse arousal. Samantha and I had never engaged in anything even close to this risqué before. Our friends were all rather conservative, and something about Williams’s presence had pushed us into unfamiliar territory. I knew the alcohol had plenty to do with my wife's sudden willingness, but deep down, I also knew Samantha was being subconsciously spurred both by my fantasy, and her own attraction to William. For reasons I could not explain, it consumed me with excitement.

Another few hands had finished, and the three of us were all barefoot. The tension continued to build as the stakes grew higher.

"Big hand." I offered, chuckling.

Samantha's face was flush, her breathing clearly heavier than normal. I couldn't help but ask, "Are you okay?" My wife smiled nervously, and threw back one more swig of tequila.

William joked, "John. The renter's agreement never mentioned anything about a wild woman living on premises."

I laughed, and Samantha chuckled, replying, "Only when I've had too much to drink."

The handsome lodger smiled at her, "I'll have to keep that in mind."

The next hand played out, all three of us holding our breaths as we revealed our cards.

"Fuck!" William exclaimed, his deep voice booming, in mostly a joking fashion.

He stood up, his tall frame towering over Samantha and me. I attempted not to stare as he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing a muscled chest, and large shoulders. His arms were impressive, with an elegant tattoo of what looked like a fighter jet along one of his forearms. He wasn't the most chiselled guy I had ever seen, but William was undeniably in excellent shape for a man of his age. I realized that my wife had already seen his body in this manner, the other night when stumbling upon him in the kitchen.

I noticed my heart thumping in my chest as I glanced at her. Samantha's cheeks were still rosy, my wife doing a poor job of concealing her interested eyes. She stared at his body, almost fidgeting with a nervousness that was unfamiliar to me. She seemed desperate to alleviate the thick atmosphere permeating the room, asking William, "Does your tattoo have a special significance?"

He sort of turned his arm, presenting the ink, "I was an aeronautics head when I was younger, totally obsessed with planes." He paused, adding, "Especially the military sort."

Samantha nodded, "It's nice."

"Yeah, it's well done." I felt the need to add.

"Well thank you both, but I can't shake the feeling that you're trying to lull me into a false sense of security to break my focus." He chuckled, adding, "Let's deal that next hand John."

I smirked, tossing cards while masking an anxiousness that was bubbling within me.

Another hand and another groan from our lodger, "You got to be kidding me!" He leaned back, frustrated.

It was almost an out of body experience, looking over at the woman I loved and noticing how intently she was watching him. I heard the clanking of his belt buckle, and the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled. Samantha couldn't look away, nor conceal her reaction. My stomach toiled as I saw her eyes widen and her jaw drop slightly, her cheeks turning a blazing shade of crimson.

I slowly turned my head back over to William, and felt a powerful surge of embarrassment as I was stunned by the behemoth bulge of his manhood. Samantha had most certainly not been exaggerating. His dark blue boxer-briefs were nearly bursting at the seams as they restrained what was surely a largely impressive package. 'What the fuck?' I remember thinking to myself, as he stepped out of his pants, his immense bulge jostling beneath the cotton as he did so. I quickly averted my eyes, and noticed that Samantha did not.

"I'm usually a better card player." William offered, sitting back down at the table, which resulted in its concealment from our line of sight.

"Can't win them all I suppose." I replied, attempting to keep conversation flowing, avoiding the elephant in the room.

Samantha seemed to temporarily snap out of her trance, looking at me, smiling with flushness on her face, "I guess it's just you and me dear."

"Well at least I know where my rooting interest is." William smirked, seemingly causing Samantha to realize that she could still end up in her bra and panties. Her eyes lit up in nervous alert. I realized, strangely, that my rooting interest was very much aligned with Williams, but not due to a simple desire for victory.

I guess I was on a heater, or perhaps fate was at play, because I couldn't lose. The next hand was over before it even started.

I sat in silence, watching as my shy wife began peeling off her shirt. I was beside myself as I saw her beautiful breasts spill out, bouncing beneath a black laced bra. It was mind melting, to see her exposing herself with another man in the room. I couldn't even begin to process the complexity of my thoughts and emotions. Her embarrassed blush continued to persist, or perhaps it was an arousal on her face.

"Wow." William spoke, looking at me with a calm confidence. "You lucky bastard."

I chuckled, absurdly, nodding my head in agreement.

"This is insane!" Samantha squealed her nervousness and embarrassment besting her usually calm demeanour. I sensed her arousal, and her confusion, her eyes seemingly toiling with her own cocktail of emotions as she sat with her bra on display.

"She is stunning." I replied, in a confused, aroused trance of my own.

"Let's get this over with! We've all had way too much to drink!" Sammie pleaded, fidgeting in her seat.

She lost the final hand, and stood, almost trembling in what appeared to be an embarrassed excitement. I noticed her bra, and her hard nipples pushing the fabric out in what was now no doubt her arousal. She quickly unbuttoned her jeans, and peeled the denim down her legs, keeping her plump ass facing away from William or myself. I felt as if I was in a dream.

"Damn, Samantha." William offered, taking a final sip of his drink, savouring the sight of my wife's near naked body. Perhaps it was the alcohol, but he seemed rather unconcerned with how I might react to his outward appreciation of her figure.

Samantha finally escaped from her jeans, and frantically turned and scurried into our bedroom. "Game over!" She shouted as she strode. William and I both watched as her incredible ass jiggled in the black lace of her panties, until she disappeared around the corner. "That was so embarrassing!" We heard her exclaim from the other room, voice alive with energy.

William and I sat there for a moment, both trying to navigate our thoughts, feeling one another out. I finally managed, "Well, that was fun."

He looked at me and spoke with his patented confident ease, "I can see why you like showing her off. She has an incredible body." He stood, causing me to catch another glimpse at his hefty, intimidating bulge. I quickly averted my eyes, feeling a strong pang of envy. William then grabbed the tequila bottle and poured the last bit into my glass, and a few drops into his own.

"I hope she doesn't regret that in the morning. I'm not sure if she's even played strip poker before." I wondered aloud, mind still a mess, adding, "That tequila shed her inhibitions much faster than I'm used to."

William chuckled, swigging back the remnants of his drink, joking, "You don't have to thank me."

I smiled, feeling strangely comfortable with the conversation. Before I had a chance to reply, I noticed his attention turn down the hall. I was stunned to see my wife's beautiful body, striding back into the room, and then into the kitchen. I stared awe struck as her beautiful breasts bounced along with her ass, the black lace of her bra and panties the only thing concealing her nudity.

"I need some water." She offered eyes cloudy and voice clearly hinting at heavy intoxication. It was so obvious that Samantha savoured the act of showing herself to him, and it was a realization that drove me to the brink of madness. My innocent wife, my childhood crush, drunk on tequila and hormones, was parading around for the eyes of another man. My heart pounded as my jealousy surged, but I felt an undeniable stirring in my loins.

William joked, "I'm starting to really enjoy it when you come out here for a glass of water."

Samantha smiled with a hazy look in her stare. I wondered if she would even remember this moment when waking up in the morning.

My heart raced as the two of them now stood near each other, my wife's eyes wandering down our lodger’s muscular body, arriving at the healthy outline at his groin.

I almost couldn't believe my ears as I heard her ask, "My goodness William. What are you hiding in there anyway?"

He replied with instant wit, almost as if he knew the question was coming, "Well if you hadn't insisted on stopping our game at underwear, maybe you could have found out."

It was insane to witness another man and my wife engaged in teasing over the size of his manhood. It was yet more evidence of Williams’s natural confidence, and proof that he was proud of his endowment. More so, it clearly communicated to him, and to me, that my wife was very much curious about it.

My stomach knotted once more, as I felt that strange and embarrassing excitement.

Samantha laughed, flirting back at him, "There's always next time. Goodnight William."

"Goodnight Sammie." He replied, calmly, still savouring her body as she walked away.

My wife stopped at my chair, asking with a glimmer in her eye, "Are you coming?"

It was a blur, my wife's panties sliding down her legs the second our bedroom door closed. I couldn't help but notice how wet she was, how accessible, as I slid into her with ease.

"I can't believe we did that." She breathed, arching her head back as she felt me enter her.

"You had fun." I teased, still not quite believing it either.

"I'm drunk." She replied, dodging the comment.

I was past the point of coherence, echoing the words that William correctly deciphered.

"I had fun showing you off." I admitted, somehow.

Samantha moaned, surprise on her voice, "Are you serious?"

I slowly pumped into her, savouring the pleasure of her body, confirming, "Yeah. You looked insanely hot, and William couldn't keep his eyes off you."

My wife wrapped her legs around me, pulling me as deep as I was able to reach. I could already feel an orgasm brewing, the situation was too loaded.

She looked up at me, somehow curious within her haze of intoxicated arousal, "I was worried that you were going to be mad, or jealous. I don't know why I keep flirting with him." Sammie groaned softly as I continued to pump her with delicate strokes, adding, "I'm not usually like that. I'm being a bad girl."

I couldn't believe my ears, her flippant comments certainly fuelled by intoxication, but striking at the recesses of my brain. I admitted, "I was jealous, but I like it when you're a bad girl." My tempo increased, as I felt consumed by perversion, adding, "You keep flirting with him because you think he's attractive, and you know he has a big dick."

Samantha gasped, "What? No-" She added, meekly, somewhat delirious, not quite understanding my response. Ultimately she did not deny that she enjoyed savouring his massive bulge, admitting, "Oh I'm sorry John. I couldn't stop staring at it. It just looks so big and, I don't know what's come over me."

I grunted, "Don't apologize. You were so sexy tonight."

She smiled wide; her hazy eyes relieved and wondrous "Did you like him looking at my body?"

I was near ready to explode, my mind spinning as I answered in truth, "God yes. I want him to see more of you."

"Okay." She whispered, impossibly.

I came, groaning and shuddering with involuntary release.

"Fuck!" I quietly cursed, realizing once again that she did not reach her peak.

"It's okay baby. That was fun." Though her words were kind, I could sense that she was still running hot, sexually restless.

We laid there for a time, both smiling strangely. "We were naughty tonight." She spoke.

"Yeah. I guess we were." I agreed, my mind wandering down dangerous alleyways, the knot in my stomach making it apparent once again. I wondered if she was thinking the same.

Soon, we were both asleep.

The hangover was unavoidable and punishing on a couple different levels.

"Never again." Samantha groaned, rolling out of bed late in the morning. Honestly, given how much we had consumed, I had expected far worse. I was groggy, with a headache, but not decimated.

My wife seemed to be struggling with a guilty conscience, apologetic as she dried her body following a morning shower. "I can't believe how I behaved last night. How embarrassing."

My mind raced as I too, began to review the happenings with a sober conscious. I assuaged her worry, however, "Relax. It was harmless fun." We both knew that it wasn't, but I think we also both knew that deep down, we had deeply enjoyed the excitement of the evening. It was like the cover of a new book had been opened, one that should have been forbidden to read, and yet I was anxious and excited to see what the story told.

Samantha and I eventually ventured into the kitchen to see that William had run out and grabbed breakfast from our favourite local diner. We were both appreciative, and it went a long way at diffusing much of the lingering awkwardness that might have remained. Food soothes all.

"Your tequila nearly killed us." My wife teased him, their flirtation seemingly picking up right where it left off. They seemed deeply attracted to one another, a fact that continued to slap me across my face. It caused that perverted knot in my stomach to return once more, as I considered a strange sense of something profound looming on the horizon.

William chuckled, taking a sip of his coffee, "I'm terribly sorry about that. I'll make sure to get wine for our rematch."

I joked, "Solid tactic. She can't control herself around a nice Pinot."

William smiled, looking at me with a confident glimmer in his eyes, "Thanks for the Intel John. We'll make sure we get your wife out of her bra and panties next time."

My face ran flush as a horrible stirring made it apparent in my loins. I was stunned by how forward a comment it was, and I immediately sensed his growing desire for my wife. Absurdly, I went along with his comment, showing no pause, and I heard myself agreeing, "Sounds like a plan."

Samantha could only look in my direction. There was clearly a masked arousal in her eyes, but also confusion. It was an expression that appeared to be a mixture of 'I can't believe William said that' and 'I'm not used to another man behaving so assertively with me'. I sometimes lacked assertiveness as a personality trait, and I could sense that William's confident demeanour was naturally appealing to some the more feminine and submissive tendencies that my wife sometimes had.

I gave her my own smirk in response, one that attempted to acknowledge that I wanted to see her out of her bra and panties too. It was a look that tried to communicate that I was enjoying witnessing her lusted after. In hindsight, that comment from William was clearly the moment when he had loudly asserted himself as the dominant male in the house. My unspeakable fantasy was somehow driving me to acquiesce to his role, and to the easy going manner in which he made his attraction to my wife apparent.

Samantha blushed slightly, and took another sip of her orange juice. Her mind was clearly processing her own interpretation of William's masculine behaviour, and judging by her body language, she welcomed it.

Looking back on that moment, and coupling it with the revelation of his supreme endowment, I think it was the first time that my wife had allowed herself to accept William as the dominant male in the house, as well.

It was the following Friday, when the three of us found ourselves seated in nearly the identical, dangerous, alcohol-infused situation. We had arrived there easily, as if all three of us were all secretly hoping for escalation. It was almost as if William and my wife had developed an obvious attraction to one another, both of them subliminally sensing my willingness to accept it. It felt both natural and yet, dangerously exciting, all at once.

"Déjà vu." I offered, as my heart raced in horrible excitement. Samantha was once again sitting half naked in the presence of William. Nervousness and a sober mind had permitted her to worm her way out of shedding her bra and panties, conceding that she'd get in the hot tub if she lost, using her underwear as a swimsuit.

It was surprisingly cool for a summer’s night, and William accepted the concession with a smile, "Only if John and I can join you."

My wife had blushed, "It's big enough for four."

That was earlier, before the wine fuelled game had commenced, the atmosphere in the house became soaked in naughty excitement from the second the first cork popped. William had kept his promise, and returned home with a multitude of expensive bottles.

My mind was racing as I considered where the night might end up. I was playing well once again, and in the lead, nearly fully clothed as my wife sat in her underwear, and our lodger in his jeans. Samantha was more comfortable in her bra and panties than she was the week previous, perhaps because of the familiar warmth that the wine provided, or perhaps for other reasons.

They stared at one another, nearly unabashedly. My heart pounded as I saw William gaze upon Samantha's skin with a clear look of hunger in his eyes. He was becoming bolder, and looking back, his comments were surely an attempt to further explore our limits. He wanted to assess just how far he'd be able to go with the woman I loved. Perhaps he sensed cuckold desires from me, or perhaps his incredible endowment and natural confidence allowed him to believe he could seduce my wife, should he desire. Whatever the case might have been, William would end up making me a cuckold on this evening.

"Your wife has an incredible body, John." He spoke to me, while smiling in her direction.

"Thank you William. If you think its impressive now, you should see her completely in the nude." I couldn't quite believe how easily I was going along with the situation, despite the aroused torment that boiled just beneath my surface.

"John!" Samantha gasped, playfully. She crumbled up a napkin on the table and tossed it in my direction.

William could only smile a look of confident expectation on his face.

If Samantha lost another hand, she would have to get up and head into the hot tub, which we had already started to heat, before commencing with the game.

Fortunately for her, it was William who folded early. "For fucks sake!" He exclaimed. I was certain he was infinitely more interested in Samantha's body, than he was the game, but there was also a competitive frustration apparent in his voice.

My face ran flush as I heard my wife's voice, laughing, "Loser's lose their jeans." She was clearly feeling the wine, and who knows what else.

"Unbelievable, this luck." William grumbled, unclasping his button and unzipping. I felt that distinct toiling in my gut as I noticed Samantha's eyes savouring the act of his disrobing. I glanced at him, his underwear once again a mountain, black fabric concealing what was no doubt a massive endowment. It sent me reeling, to see the attraction in the eyes of the woman I loved. They desired each other, and my thoughts were frantic as I considered the gravity of the upcoming hand.

It was another loss for William.

Or was it?

He boomed, laughing, "John, I'm going to need to look at that deck that you've clearly rigged."

I couldn't reply, my mouth running dry as I braced for an impossible reveal.

He smiled at my wife as he noticed her deadlocked stare, and proceeded to show her what she so desperately wanted to see. Samantha gasped audibly, as William pulled the boxer waistband down his thighs. It was an out of body experience, watching as his fat shaft came into view. My wife was in awe as his hulking cock sprang out of its imprisonment. His penis bobbed, hanging heavily, impossibly long, and equally fat. My stomach knotted with a raw, inescapable inadequacy, and my heart raced as I saw my wife's enraptured eyes locked right on another man's massive cock. It was unbelievable, in every sense of the word, as I considered how William might have been two or three times my size, before he was even erect and aroused. His testicles, as well, swung full and intimidating behind his giant member.

"Well Samantha. Is this what you were curious about?" His voice was confident, as he savoured her gaze on his naked manhood. He glanced at me with an expression that told me that he knew that my wife was impressed. It wasn't cruel; it was simply a look that expressed his own satisfaction, his own ego swelling enjoyment. It was almost as if this was all in good fun, to William.

My wife continued to gawk, her eyes wide, and her mouth open. She was stunned, and her chest heaved with deep, aroused breaths.

I felt the need to insert myself, as a referee of sorts, in this heavyweight battle of sexuality. "Cat got your tongue?" I teased my wife, adding, "You asked for it."

"She did ask for it." William agreed, seemingly pleased by my complicit reaction.

Samantha slowly stood up, her face red, her lust filled eyes not breaking contact with William's large penis as she rose. She pointed at it casually, "That thing is ridiculous, William."

He continued to smile back at her, clearly in tune with her attraction towards it. The entire scene felt as if it was a dream.

"Well." She grabbed her wine glass from the table, her eyes cloudy as she offered to him, "I'm going to get in that hot tub for a little while, if you'd like to come with me."

William and I watched as she turned, her plump rear end bouncing once again, as she walked out onto the deck.

My heart was pounding in my chest, the knot in my stomach tightening as I perversely saw William's massive penis beginning to rise. He walked slowly after her, turning to me before leaving the room. "Are you going to join us?"

I nodded, clearing a lump in my throat, "Yeah. I'll be out in one second."

As I watched the hung man follow my half naked wife out onto our deck, I knew that my marriage would never be the same. I sat there, mind racing, embarrassment surging, as I struggled with the current reality. "What the fuck is going on?" I breathed to myself, never more confused, never more aroused. Was a European vacation really

worth paying this unspeakable price? I soon realized that the vacation had nothing to do with the current situation, and as I watched William step through the patio door, I knew that my fate was inescapable.

It took me a minute, or perhaps it was a lifetime, to find my footing. My heart was beating with fury as I finally made my way outside. They were both in the tub together, William sitting at the edge with most of his body exposed to the night air. My stomach churned as I noticed that he was now fully erect, his humongous cock towering above his huge testicles which rested absurdly against the composite plastic of the perimeter seat. He wanted Samantha to see it; he wanted Samantha to want it.

Samantha sat below him in the bubbling water, everything beneath her torso concealed, save for one free arm. It was only another step until I noticed her small hand moving along his erection, my mind unable to comprehend the sight of my wife's delicate fingers exploring another man's naked intimacy.

It was hard for me to process, to accept, her raw lust for another man's penis. It was at once deeply embarrassing, and somehow the most compelling sight I had ever laid eyes upon. I consider it now, and recognize that my inexperienced and sexually sheltered wife had never been exposed to such a specimen, and coupled with the alcohol, and her arousal, succumbed to her latent and newfound female curiosity. We had obviously always been faithful to one another, but this was a once in a lifetime situation. Williams’s penis was like a pillar of peak masculinity, something that nearly every man on the planet would be envious of. It was impressive in a way that was impossible to deny, and that truth coupled with my fantasy, allowed for Samantha to submit to him.

In a trance, I wandered over to the steps of the tub, slowly entering the steaming water. John looked at me, satisfied; unworried of any reaction I might have to seeing my wife stroking his big cock, perhaps knowing a part of me wanted this to happen. Samantha slowly removed her hand from his manhood for a brief moment, upon noticing my presence. Her face was red, flush, her eyes distant, hazy. Part of her stare, however, seemed to hint at some recognition that I might want her to continue. I was horrified to realize that she was right.

The truth of the matter was that William had naturally seduced Samantha, using his easy masculinity, dominant personality, and massive cock, to put her under his spell. I don't even think it was a deliberate attempt on Williams part, any more than it was a fateful inevitability. It seemed strangely natural, even, as I sat dumbstruck in the heated water watching her.

"I can't believe how big it is." My wife's voice whispered up at him, lost to her fascination. She reached out and took his incredible penis in her hand, Samantha's fingers not even able to encircle the incredible girth of his member. I sat there, in stunned deference, heart pounding in some bizarre combination of embarrassment and arousal. I noticed my own penis, painfully erect, beneath the water's surface. How could this be happening?

I watched as her small hands cascaded up and down his towering flesh, her feminine fingers savouring the sensation of his masculinity. "What do you feed it?" She smiled up at him, slowly stroking his incredible length. I watched with a lump in my throat, as his huge balls gently flopped up and down, slapping against the plastic seat of the tub.

"Married women, mostly." He chuckled, which caused a shy smile to appear on my wife's lips. I would later learn that he wasn't necessarily joking.

We all sat there in a hazy, seductive atmosphere. The only sounds were the subtle jets of the tub, water bubbling, and the sexual noise of William's massive balls smacking up and down. The woman I loved continued to stroke this other man's cock, as if it was the only thing that existed in the world. Minutes went by, all of us entranced by the taboo act of sexuality playing out in the tub.

I looked on at Samantha, who licked her lips in desire. The red shade of her lipstick seemed tantalizing as they shimmered from the reflections of the water and our patio lights.

I realized, in horror that she wished to take him in her mouth, to place her lips onto his naked flesh. It was a sexual act that she hadn't performed on me in many years.

I watched in slow motion, as her head slowly moved downward, her feminine lips parting as she planted her tongue across the head of his cock. It was only a few seconds until her jaw was stretching around his girth, my wife only able to take a few inches.

William arched his head back, savouring what had to be the mind blowing sensation of oral sex from another man’s wife. He grunted, "Fuck, Sammie. I knew you were a naughty girl. Suck that big dick."

My heart pounded, my humiliation surged, but I was simply spellbound. Samantha continued to suck him for several minutes, kissing up and down his tower, her free hand massaging at the heavy shaft beneath her mouth, moving her fingers downward to caress and fondle his large testicles.

William looked over at me, with a thankful expression, and a smile.

I could only nod, unsure of how to respond, my mind in tatters as I watched the love of my life give him oral sex.

"Help me get her out of that bra." He suddenly demanded, not unkindly.

In a dream state, I found myself leaning forward, caressing my wife's back and eventually finding the soaking clip between her shoulder blades. I delicately unclasped the fabric, allowing it to begin to float atop the water’s surface. My wife deftly snaked her arms through the straps, exposing her incredible breasts to our lodger, her pale nipples as erect as I had ever seen them.

Instinctively, my wife reached her free hand up and began pumping him with two, his incredible penis still having room to spare despite her dual stroke. Her paced quickened, her arms propping her own breasts up above the water's surface, droplets cascading down their feminine curvature as William's heavy testicles slapped perversely against the tub.

"Fuck yes." He suddenly grunted.

I watched in disbelief as a rope of semen exploded out of his large, flaring head. An eruption of cum began launching outward and across the top of Samantha's tits, coating her jiggling breasts and hard nipples with thick splatters of ejaculate. It was impossible to describe the moment. My wife flinched as one strand caught her on her cheek, though she continued to massage his length, pumping Williams cock with her bottom lip bitten, as every last bit of him splashed across her naked body.

Finally, eventually, the large man stopped his orgasmic convulsion, grunting. My wife slowly relinquished her grasp on his tool, which bobbed powerfully in the night’s air as if it was hungry for more. Samantha's eyes were still in a daze. "My- goodness. That's a lot of cum." She spoke, voice raspy, while cupping her breasts from beneath.

"Damn. I needed that." William chuckled, leaning back and bracing himself with his large arms, adding, "Thank you both." Again, to him, it seemed as if this scenario was the most normal thing in the world, like it should have been expected.

Samantha turned away from him, slowly striding up the stairs and onto the deck, "I need to clean up." She offered, dazed, her senses still not fully returned. I watched in a stupor as she escaped into the house, water falling from her half naked body.

I slowly stood, wanting to follow, wanting to speak with her. I realized that my dick was still rock solid, my own soaked boxers jutting outwards in less than impressive fashion. It was such a confusing moment in time.

William was matter of fact upon noticing, "First time letting her do something like that?" He asked.

I nodded, "Absolutely." It was bizarre how something could seem like both the strangest and most normal thing in the world, all at once.

He was strangely kind, though his undercurrent of authority was not lost either, "Don't beat yourself up about it John. It's common."

"You've done this sort of thing before?" I managed.

He nodded, casually.

I was unsure of how to respond. I took another step out of the tub and onto our deck. I finally managed, "I should go see how she's doing. This is new to us."

"Understandable. I'm sure she's fine." William replied, shuffling his large frame into the hot tub. He looked up at me, adding, with absurd ease, "I'd like to take her to bed John. I think I could show her a great time, and her eyes are telling me that she wants it, bad." He sort of nodded towards his penis, making it clear as to what it was exactly that my wife wanted.

There it was, the nuclear bomb detonated at my feet. Despite that, I felt somehow comfortable with his impossible remark, as if I sensed it was coming. Against all our years together, and my deep love for her, I knew that deep down, I wanted it to happen. I heard my own voice; somehow, "I think she'd like that, William."

He nodded again, and gave another quick glance at my crotch, once again seeing all the evidence he needed to know that I was clearly not in opposition. William spoke, his words soaked in an undeniable sense of fate, "Send her to my room, when you're ready. I'll leave the door open if you want to watch."

It was an impossible comment; no way had he said it. In a fog of confused eroticism, I found myself nodding. His words echoed in my mind as I walked down the hallway and into our bedroom. My recurring dream seemed as if it had forced its way into reality, my wife's faceless lover was William, and I knew at my very core the two of them would find themselves locked in the throes of passion on this evening.

As I walked up to our bed I saw her. Samantha was laying there in the visage of a goddess, fully nude, her chest heaving up and down from excitement, worry, and who knows what else.

I ran my hand delicately along her beautiful legs, realizing that she had rinsed her body of Williams mark. Her eyes were wild, and she looked up at me with an apologetic stare, "I'm sorry. I don't know what's come over me."

"Don't apologize." I replied, squeezing at her nipples and causing her to arch backwards atop the bed, moaning, "Ohh! John!" She hissed, adding, "I really need to cum."

Samantha squirmed, her body alive with lust, enraptured by sexuality.

My mind raced, my dick as hard as I could ever remember it being, as I teetered on the edge of no return. She reached out and caressed my member through my wet boxers, and I heard myself say, "William is waiting for you in the guest room."

Her eyes darted open, her face contorting in a mix of pleasure and horror as I continued to tease her breasts. "W-What do you mean?"

I leaned down and kissed her, not caring that mere minutes ago her lips ran along the naked flesh of another man. I added, "William told me to send you to his room."

Two weeks ago those words would have sounded impossible, but William had naturally asserted himself as a man who desired to cuckold me. Absurdly, I quietly acknowledged that he was worthy of such an unspeakable act. With his easy masculinity and incredible specimen of manhood, along with my dangerous prodding, he had made my wife desire him, sexually. The flimsy walls of social conditioning and societal norms had no real power in the situation, despite our deeply rooted and loving marriage. My wife had instinctively and biologically acknowledged Williams status as the Alpha male in our home, and she was going to let him have her.

"Why?" My wife pleaded, attempting in vain to tip-toe around destiny.

My hand roamed down her torso and across her stomach, my fingers slipping between the soaked folds of her intimacy. I nearly gasped, when I realized how wet she was.

I was lost to arousal, replying, "You know why." I caused her to shudder with a delicate massage of her clit, adding, "We both know why."

Samantha looked up at me, her body toiling, her eyes set aflame. "Do you really want William to take me to bed?" She suddenly asked, her voice tinged with a sultry confidence that nearly made me cum on the spot.

"God Samantha, I love you more than the world, but yes. I want that to happen." I finally admitted. The shame boiled upwards, but I felt strangely at peace despite it.

My wife slowly shimmied to the edge of the bed, arising to her feet. She leaned in and kissed me passionately. "This is insane."

She looked into my eyes, the alcohol, their lust, our love, all driving an impossible conversation. Her words were honest, scathing, and the hottest thing I had ever heard. "I want it to happen too."

I had heard more than my mind could process. I found myself in a delirious state, and grabbed her by the hand to lead her out of our room. It was surreal, walking my naked wife across my own home, over to our lodger who awaited her. The atmosphere in our house was familiar, seductive, and hazy, as if the very walls of our home were able to sense what was about to occur, as if our home wanted it to happen.

My heart was pounding when we approached the guest room doorway. Samantha squeezed my hand when we saw him on the bed, lying naked, his towering erection once again stirring my sense of inadequacy. It was hard to process the cocktail of powerful emotions swirling within me, as I reconciled the idea that I had delivered my wife to this other man. It was deeply humiliating, but somehow even more powerful in arousing me.

"Hi Samantha." He spoke, his voice deep, his tone confident and unsurprised by our arrival.

"Hi." Her sweet voice replied.

William patted the bed cushion next to his body, "Come here."

I delicately let go of my wife's hand, gently nudging her lower back towards his direction.

William looked up at me, and pointed to our chair in the corner. "John why don't you have a seat over there? Your wife and I are going to get to know each other a little better."

I was in a trance, penis erect, embarrassment coursing through me, as I acquiesced to this hung man. I sat slowly, watching with bulging eyes as my wife slipped into bed next to him, her hand immediately reaching out and grasping at his incredible penis, the object of her sexual fascination, and her desire. My heart nearly exploded when they kissed.

"I can't wait to fuck you Samantha." William stared into her eyes as their lips smacked together. My mind began to melt, unable to process the harrowing visual that lay before me.

He added, "Is that why you're here? Do you want me to fuck you?"

The woman I loved replied, her voice a whisper, "Yes."

William clutched at her plump ass, pulling her naked body close to his as they continued to explore one another. My mouth ran dry. I couldn't believe what I was sitting in witness of. My jealousy surged, but was somehow stifled by an incomprehensible level of eroticism.

Sammie pumped his huge cock with urgency, her modest wedding ring taunting me as her delicate hands once again failed to encircle his fat shaft. I watched as Williams huge balls bounced and jostled in response to the motion of her sexual caress, brushing against her naked skin.

I heard her whisper, faintly, delirious, "Your cock is so incredible."

William suddenly grabbed at her waist, pulling her body atop his and into a straddle position. I stared on in awe as I noticed his behemoth cock nestling between the crack of her plump ass, his large hands clutching strongly into her cheeks, exploring up her back as he pulled her down to kiss him.

He slapped her rear, causing her right cheek to jiggle perversely. "Are you ready for it?" He asked.

Samantha moaned, "I think so."

She scooted up as William grabbed into the base of her thighs, aligning his powerful cock with her wanting pussy. I cleared the lump in my throat, unable to blink, as I considered the gravity of the moment. To watch another man plunge himself into the woman I loved, would be an image that would be burned into my mind for the rest of my life.

I held my breath as his engorged head penetrated her beautiful body, my wife's head arching back in wonder. "Ohhh!" Her gasp was silent, a whisper of disbelief.

I was stunned to see how easily she was accommodating his hulking member, given her unfamiliarity with such size. Inch by inch, William breached a place that only I had been before, his manly length driving deeper into my wife than I ever had, to places that I would never be able to reach. Her pussy stretched, her ass squirming as she experienced a new world of sensations.

"Ohhh! M-My! Wil-" Samantha gasped as she shuddered, in disbelief of the feelings she was experiencing. She clutched downward into his muscled chest, bracing herself.

My dick bobbed beneath my wet boxers, my heart pounding so hard I could feel the beats echoing out of my rib cage. William was only half way inside her.

He slapped her large ass yet again, slowly yielding and thrusting back, his massive cock coated in sheen of her wetness.

"Take it baby." He grunted, clutching into her rear, stuffing more of his member into my wife. This couldn't be happening, could it?

"It's s-so- It's so big!" Samantha moaned, gasping loudly, her toes curling as her feet twitched, her legs spread outwards of his own. The hung lodger soon began to find his stroke.

He plunged upward, his heavy testicles slapping into my wife's ass. I couldn't believe my eyes as I realized that she had taken all of him with an ease and welcoming that stunned me.

They started to fuck with passion, both of them lost to their desire. I could only imagine the ego stoking sensations that William was experiencing, as he took my wife right in front of me. My wife was squealing, her vocal pleasure hitting octaves that I didn't know existed within her, all while she rode and bucked atop the conquering male. My mouth was dry, my palms sweaty, and my dick ready to burst.

"Myyy- Oh-h. F-Fuckkk! Oh m-y goddd!!" Samantha moaned, as her naked ass smacked loudly down onto Williams crotch.

"You like that big cock, don't you Sammie." William grunted, his muscles rippling as he wrapped his large arms around her lower back, increasing the tempo of his thrusting.

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Oh-hh! Ohh-h! Fuc-kkk!! William!!" Samantha was consumed, my mind scrambled as I witnessed her reaching heights of satisfaction I had never come close to giving her. She was moaning, squealing, screaming, gasping, as she savoured this new experience.

His big testicles thwacked into the clammy skin of her ass, creating a chorus of slapping that joined along with the creaking of our guest room bed. My wife was getting the fucking of her life, and my dick was diamond hard in aroused horror as I realized I was not the man giving it to her.

Samantha continued to moan, her sexy rump bouncing up and down with vigour, as she gave herself to our endowed house guest. "I'm gon- I'm- Oh!!-"

"Do it Samantha!" William grunted, still thrusting with an expertise and capability that made me both respect and envy the man, "Cum on my big cock baby."

"Mmm- Fuuu- John!" My wife squealed in primal release, her thoughts considering me as the profound orgasm exploded across her body, perhaps out of guilt, perhaps out of love, or perhaps for reasons I'd never be able to comprehend. "I'm c-Cumming!! Ohhh- god- John! I'm Cumming for him!!" She raised her hand up to cover her own mouth, her arm shaking as she struggled to comprehend the intensity of the waves of pleasure that ran through her. It was almost as if she couldn't believe that her body had produced such a feeling.

My own penis nearly burst from the sensory overload, my eyes frozen on my wife as she convulsed, shuddering hard atop Williams massive member. She collapsed forward, smashing her heavy breasts into his muscled chest as she continued to squeal and squirm, "I'm c-c-Cumming so hard!!"

I gazed upon the perverse sexual collision, my wife's labia taut and clinging to the base of Williams’s thick shaft as I watched the micro-spasms of her pussy clench and release along his cock. It was a miracle that he didn't cum in response to it, though his huge balls hung there, imposing and fearsome, waiting for the opportunity.

Eventually, the room quieted for a moment. Her voice was delicate as she navigated the immensity of what had just occurred. I heard Samantha smack her lips together in recovery, brushing her hair out of her eyes, "I've never cum like that before."

It was deeply erotic to hear my wife offer those words to another man, all while his massive penis was still embedded deep inside her. They kissed again, a passionate, appreciative kiss that nearly caused me to faint.

"Ready for more?" William asked, slowly releasing his manhood from Samantha's pussy, my eyes bulging as I noticed her cream coated along his massive shaft.

She nodded, rolling off of him.

"Get on your knees and face your husband." He demanded voice deep, his authority completely earned in my wife's mind. How could it not have been?

Samantha turned to me, her eyes wild with sex, her gaze thankful, shy, embarrassed, and deeply feminine.

William gently pushed her forward so that she rested on her forearms, her heavy tits swinging above the cushion of the mattress. He moved behind her, laying his heavy cock along the curvature of her ass. He smacked it against her cheeks, the thwack hitting her skin heavy from his weight. "Tell me what you want Samantha." He requested, now slapping her rump with his large hand.

My wife looked back at him, and I saw her bite her bottom lip in a way that sent my mind into overdrive. "I want you to fuck me with your big dick."

"Good girl." He replied, and within moments, was back inside her.

Samantha arched her head back in pleasure as she felt him once again stretch her insides. "Ohh! Fuck yes." She hissed.

William slowly pumped into her, his large arms grasping onto her waist as he fucked my wife from behind.

Samantha lowered her head, brown ponytail cascading across her face, both her hair and her breasts swaying from Williams’s thrusts. I looked at her incredible bust as it bounced her pale nipples erect and responsive of her lovers command.

She eventually raised her eyes in my direction, her lust ever present in her gaze. She smiled lovingly, naughtily in my direction, looking down at the small but perpetual tent in my boxers.

"You're the sexiest woman alive." I replied, somehow, my voice caught in my throat.

William slapped her rear once more, causing her to flinch in pleasure, giggling. "She is." He began to increase his tempo, the sounds of their naked skin slapping together becoming louder along with the creaking of the bed frame.

The lodger looked at me, his voice confident, "Do you like watching me fuck your wife, John?"

My embarrassment surged, but I couldn't help admit, "Yes."

Sammie moaned in response, her own mind unable to reconcile the incredible truth that William taunted us with.

I watched him reign in Samantha's ponytail, pulling it back and her head upwards along with it. He slapped her ass forcefully, as he savoured her pleasure.

"Do you like my big cock, Samantha?" His voice was deep, and to the point.

My wife moaned as she felt his tremendous manhood stuffing her full, her head arching backwards "Ohh-h! Yes-" She hissed.

"Tell me Sammie." He grunted, fucking her powerfully. Their naked skin continued to slap sexually into one another, Williams massive testicles swinging heavy and thwacking against my wife's clit in repetition.

I watched as Williams muscles ripped, his thrust becoming urgent, his dominance at the forefront of the taboo act.

My wife leaned down into the mattress, her beautiful breasts pressing into the cushion as she squealed muffled cries of pleasure into the bedding.

My own lesser penis twitched as I heard her, "God- William! I love your big cock!!"

He grunted, continuing to pump her skilfully, "I'm fucking you with it right in front of your husband."

Samantha could only moan, as her lover spoke the truth. The entire scene was utterly surreal, and nuclear in its eroticism.

William continued to thrust, their sounds of pleasure building. My wife continued to squeal, her cries muffled by the bed. He suddenly looked up at me for an instant, "Is she on the pill?"

It was an impossible question, yet I could only nod as I listened to my wife approach her pinnacle. She threw her ass back into his groin, milking the hung man with her pussy. Her voice began to break, "I- I'm- going- I'm c-c-"

Her moans were interrupted by a roar, as William called out, his veins bulging across his muscles as he grunted, "John. I'm Cumming in your wife!"

Samantha's eyes rolled to the back of her head as I saw her fingers claw into the bed spread, her tits slapping together as she bucked back into her lover. My wife exploded, "I'm- c-umminggg!! Oh g-god!! I can feel-" Samantha collapsed into the mattress all while she smacked her large ass back into her lover, her beautiful body shuddering in profound pleasure as the alpha male continued to pump ropes of his cum deep into her womb.

William's muscles continued to strain, all while he bucked powerfully, grunting as he finished inside of her.

Samantha shrieked in one last gasp of divine satisfaction, before they both fell forward, sweaty and profoundly satisfied.


Written by Jack Tar

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