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Ex boyfriend and his mates get inside my wife

"Lily pulled him closer and kissed him as he spunked inside her"

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We arranged to meet the guys Sunday afternoon 3pm ish at our house. Kev and his friends Ryan and Tim were travelling from Coventry together, no doubt Ryan and Tim had spun a line to wfs or gfs in order to come fuck Lily. Luckily we have never had this dilemma, if Lily want to fuck, suck or wank off anyone she can as she knows I love it. She knows the deal, I get to watch and smell her being smashed, sometimes I get to suck her tits whilst some guy is pounding the fuck out of her, or I get to kiss her whilst someone is spunking her ovaries, even better if I get to finger fuck her spunky hole afterwards. The best is sloppy seconds or thirds and the feel of adulteration dampening my balls and thighs as I fuck her already used pussy. No need to ask or sneak behind backs, lie or deception. We are of the same mindset. We love it. Lily is a slut and I love her.

Lily wakes me up Sunday morning with her early morning wank. I can tell she is extremely excited and I can smell the unmistakable aroma of her wet puss being fingered. She apologises for waking me up so early and in the same breath asks me to suck her nipples whilst she finger’s herself. I do as I’m told and she is rocking and her legs are wide open. On request she lets me smell the two fingers she is tugging with and I get a taste as she lets me have a lick. As much as I would love to empty my balls in her I know that will not happen. She is saving herself for later. If I asked she would let me Wank over her tits, belly or however, I’m also saving myself for later. Those who do this know what I mean, the added intensity will blow my fucking mind later.

We are both excited the nearer it gets to three. Kevin has texted for our address and he is picking up the others and a couple of nice bottles of wine. Lily likes a couple of glasses before she opens her legs, and alcohol, but not too much, always helps set a nice mood and of course eradicate inhibition. Lily is looking stunning in her Viv Westwood tartan skirt, white blouse and black bra that holds up her lovely tits and allows a lot of cleavage to show. Lily is looking forward to being tagged by three guys. She has a pair of red panties on that she loves as you can see the dampness of her pussy when she is sexed up. I’m as hard as hell and I’m almost afraid I will spunk prematurely when I see my wife being fondled and passed around used like a whore. Luckily the red wine will help me hold back until the guys have spent. Lily tells me her pussy is already feeling puffed and moist in anticipation. I tell her that my bollocks are also twitching. We kiss as she sits on my knee waiting for the knock at the door. Stomach churning as I hear a car pull up outside. The sound of doors closing, they are here. It’s to watch my slutty wife get fucked.

Written by Horatiowellbred

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