Written by Jen the Slutty Uber Driver

21 Apr 2017

I live in the USA and work as an Uber driver. I my name is Jenifer but I like to be called Jen. By my own definition, I am a slut and love it. My darling husband in a cuck. We both have been married before and have kids and he also had a son from a previous marriage who is now 20. I can tell you about him but maybe another time.

I arrived home this evening, a few minutes before five, nearly an hour later than usual. A fellow Uber driver’s cum was leaking from my pussy, soaking through my panties. As I waited for the roller door to rise so I could pull my car into the garage, I shook my head in disbelief. My poor little pussy had been fucked raw, the lips of my labia were red and swollen from the punishing pounding they took from being fucked all afternoon by a guy with a big dick I’d just met today. I should have been out earning money for the family but instead now I am arriving home from a long day on my back and knees with my pussy brimming with another driver’s cum.

I would soon find out how my husband will feel about his wife getting royally fucked when he is not even there to watch and enjoy the show or have me bring home some money we badly need. Erick, my husband was standing at the stove, browning sausage and mushrooms for the spaghetti sauce. I could smell the garlic toast. “You’re a little late,” he said.

I hugged him from behind as he continued to stir the sausage and mushrooms to keep them from burning. “Yes, I was talking to a guy named Tom who is a Uber driver I met at the Subway and, Well, the time seemed to get away from us,” I confessed.

“Yeah, what were Tom and you doing that caused you to lose track of time?” I could not tell if Erick was being coy, or simply asking an honest question.

“Well, I was feeling a little naughty, plus I wanted to make sure I had a special story to tell you tonight,” I teased.

I was still standing behind Erick, I lowered my hands to his crotch and gave his cock a playful squeeze. I felt it pulse to life as we talked. He was already getting erect at the mere mention of me talking to another guy.

“I’m pretty sure your new friend is going to be thinking about you every night from now on. So precisely, what did my slutty little wife do?”

I felt Erick’s cock throb under my touch as he said the words, slutty wife’. I still did not understand it, but clearly, the thought of his wife acting like a slut excites him terribly. I stepped back and raised my pleated skirt and leaned backwards slightly to show off the large dark spot on my light green panties where Tom’s sperm was continuing to leak out of me.

“Your naughty wife brought you a present. Do you see that dark spot? Can you guess what that is?”

“Oh fuck, Jen. Did you fuck him? Where in his car?”

“I did at his apartment. He was so hard, and I found it really tough to leave him. But I wanted to race home and show you the mess he made in my panties.”

“Fuck, Jen, you’re killing me here. Okay, tell me all about it. How did it happen? What did he do to you? Where did he fuck you?” There was a noticeable quiver to Erick’s voice, revealing a level of excitement I had not seen in awhile.

I’ve told him stories before when he hasn’t been there to witness it but they were usually long after the fact. Here I was with a pussy full of cum and a body that had been fucked and sucked all afternoon. I decided dinner could wait and made sure the kids were downstairs.

“Why don’t you turn off that skillet and take me in the bedroom to examine what a mess he made in your wife’s pussy while I tell you all about it. Dinner can be a little bit late tonight,” I teased. Erick quickly turned the gas off to the burner under the skillet as well as the gas to the burner under the pot of boiling water for the pasta. Taking me by the hand, Erick led me to our bedroom while pleading, “Okay, tell me what happened. I want to hear every detail.”

“Okay, but first I want to get out of these clothes before they get ruined.”

“Jen, leave your panties on. I want to be the one to take them off,” Erick pleaded.

“As you wish. I may have you take them off with your teeth,” I teased.

I took off my sweater and hung it up. I unzipped my dark brown skirt and set it on my dresser, and started pulling off my t-shirt.

“Jen, where is your bra?”

“It’s in my purse. I took it off at his apartment, and I decided I didn’t need to put it back on since I was coming straight home after he fucked me.”

Wearing my pale green bikini panties, I glanced in the mirror. It was a sexy sight I thought. My large nipples were still so erect, my hair was a mess and my lips were swollen from sucking cock. The dark wet spot had grown to a couple of inches in diameter as Tom’s cum continued to drain out of me. I had the satisfied look of a woman who had recently been fucked, and fucked well. Erick stripped naked. His cock was rigidly erect and standing straight up.

“So my cummy panties arouse you, huh?” I asked rhetorically.

“Fuck, Jen. You’re driving me crazy, seeing his cum soaking through your panties.”

“So why do you like seeing another man’s sperm leak out of me? Why do you want your wife to be such a slut?”

Erick led me to the bed and guided me to lie on my back. He climbed between my thighs and studied the semen stained panties.

“Kiss it,” I instructed. “Kiss my pussy and tell me you love your slutty wife’s pussy.”

Erick glanced up at me with the most lust I have ever seen. I sensed he was trying to decide if I was serious. He was trying to determine ‘did I really want him to kiss the sperm-soaked panties?’

I simply nodded and said, “Go ahead, kiss me down there and tell me you love me.” Timidly at first, he placed his lips on the dark, wet spot and kissed my panty covered vulva. Between kisses he said. “God, I love you Jen. Thank you for doing this. Now tell me what happened.”

I caressed the sides of Erick’s head while he planted occasional kisses on my mound. I even clenched my vagina, attempting to squeeze more of Tom’s semen from my pussy. I considered having Erick remove my panties and kiss my clit directly, but I decided that I needed to bring my husband along slowly into his new world of being my little cum eating cuckold. I did not want to spook him.

“Well, Tom and I were flirting when we met and got talking to each other at the Subway. I admitted I was and from there it happened pretty quickly.

I motioned for Erick to roll over on his back, which he did, and I turned around and climbed on top of him, straddling his face, placing us in the sixty-nine position, with me on top, only I was still wearing my panties. I kissed Erick’s cock a few times before stopping and instructing, “Tell me what the crotch of my panties looks like.”

“Jen, you have a huge cum stain leaking out of you. Fuck how much did he pump into you?”

“A lot, baby, a lot. All he had and multiple times in the afternoon. I took ever drop. Kiss me down there Erick, kiss my nasty little cum soaked cunt,” I commanded.

Dutiful, Erick did as he was instructed. Only this time, he opened his mouth and flicked his tongue along my panty covered slit.

“That’s it, baby, suck your wife’s cunt” I hissed before taking his cock into my mouth as I humped my pussy against Erick’s open mouth. Erick seemed to think the semen soaked cotton material of my panties provided him a barrier of sorts to the sperm seeping from my swollen pussy as he repeatedly kissed and even licked along the camel-toe wedge of my crotch. I do not know why, but the thought of my husband placing his open mouth on my well-fucked cunt made me feel strangely powerful and sexy. It aroused me greatly.

“So what happened next?” Erick asked with obvious anticipation, his cock was really hard now. “Okay, I’ll tell you what happened, but you need to keep kissing my pussy while I do. Deal?”

I wanted Erick to be constantly thinking about the physical proof that was oozing from me reminding him that Tom had taken his wife bareback within the past couple of hours.

“Damn, you are so fucking sexy,” Erick said as he planted yet another open mouthed kiss on the semen soaked crotch of my panties.

I thought to myself, ‘It won’t be long before I’ll have you sucking Tom’s sperm from my pussy’, but I said nothing.

“Erick, I was such a bad girl. When we got to Tom’s apartment I immediately stripped naked. I sat down on his couch with my legs splayed apart, my pussy on display. I was so turned on.

Erick stopped kissing on my pussy long enough to ask, “What did he do?”

“Well, first he walked over, wrapped his hands under my thighs and pulled me forward, so that I was laying back and my bottom was hanging off the edge of his sofa a little bit. He then leaned forward and started sucking on my clit.”

“It was as if someone had sent a bolt of electricity through my clit. My entire body began to quiver as he took my erect button into his mouth and sucked it. It felt electric, I tried to push him away, but I couldn’t, he was too strong. I knew I was going to cum right there. The building in my body was fantastic, he kept me on the verge of a massive orgasm, and honey, I knew would not have been able to cum silently.”

“Tom was fingering me, keeping me right on the edge. My vagina was leaking all over his couch and I came and came, it went on forever. Honey, I have never felt so dominated, so controlled, so I don’t know. Submissive maybe? Shit honey, that man owned me today.”

Erick responded, “You are the sexiest fucking creature on the planet,” and without my prompting gave my semen soaked crotch a long, open-mouthed kiss.

“Tom positioned me so that I was leaning over the couch, bracing myself with my hands and he fucked me from behind with such force I thought he was going to rip something open inside me.”

“Jen, that might be the sexiest story I have ever heard. Did you cum more?”

“Oh my god, did I cum? I’ll say I did. And it went on and on, I couldn’t stop cumming,” I answered honestly. I then paused before continuing,

“Erick, there’s something else.” “What? Go on?”

“Promise you won’t get mad?” “I promise. What happened?”

I described to Erick that after Tom dumped a huge first load into my pussy he took me back into his room and we talked a little as we kissed and stroked each other’s bodies. Before I knew it he was ready for more and his cock was at full attention.

I told Erick to remove my panties. I could feel cum not only seeping out of my cunt but it was leaking out of my ass too.

“Jen, I can see his sperm oozing out of you.” I clenched my cunt, forcing more out.

“Fuck Jen it’s coming out of your ass too, OMG”

“I know baby. I can feel it seeping out. Your wife is a very naughty girl. Now lick that pussy and asshole clean baby. You know you love this.”

I proceeded to tell Erick that Tom rolled me over on my belly, spread my legs exposing my bum hole. He first stuck his finger into my cum soaked pussy but then immediately pushed it into the crinkled hole of my ass.

I was a bit tense and tight at first but loosened up gradually as his index finger slid into the first knuckle. He added even more cum to his finger probing and pretty soon his finger slid in and out easily.

As he gently fucked my ass with now two fingers, he brought my knees under me until I was on my hands and knees. He worked more cum in my ass and wiggled his fingers around. I again moaned and started to push back on his fingers it was feeling so good. He increased the pace and force of his finger strokes, bringing me even more pleasure.

He then got on his knees behind me and added plenty of cum to his dick by fucking my pussy a little. Then he slowly eased his dick into my tight asshole. It took a bit of pressure but the head finally slid in! OMG it felt sooo good. The whole time he was leaning over me taking turns pulling on my nipples and rubbing my clit. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Soon I was able to relax my muscles fully and as I did he started to saw his dick in and out of my ass. His pace increased as I moaned again in pleasure. I told him I was ready to really be fucked. Fuck my ass hard! Fuck it like my pussy, I cried.

He found something I really liked and that was being spanked. As he was fucking my ass hard he started smacking my ass and telling me what a good slut I was who loved it up the ass. This made me go crazy and I started cumming so hard I was practically bucking him off me while he pushed in deeper with his rock hard pole.

I reached between my legs and played with my clit for additional pleasure. I became a wild woman as a second orgasm approached!

I screamed as I came hard! I almost sounded like wounded animal.

He finally could take no more and grabbed my hips and fucked my ass as hard as I imagine he could! His hips were almost a blur as his cock pistoned in and out. “I’m cuuummiinng,” He bellowed! I felt his cock expand and start to pump stream after stream deep into my ass.

We finally just collapsed into a heaving, sweaty, heap together on his bed. It took several minutes for our breathing to slow enough to talk. We both agreed that was incredible.

Erick didn’t say a word through my entire story of being ass fucked. He had proceeded to lick me and suck Tom’s cum out of me. It was nasty but hot all at the same time. I decided to give Erick a treat and finish him off by sucking his cock until it was soon shooting cum to the back of my throat. I lifted my head and gave him a cummy kiss. I swallowed what was left in my mouth. It was the least I could do for my daring cucky man.

Just then we heard one of the kids asking through the door if it was dinner time. I called to them “be out soon honey, you set the table”. I then whispered to Erick that Tom had fucked me once more before I left and that I’d tell him about that later.

After dinner and the kids were in bed, I did tell Erick about Tom’s third fuck. I didn’t admit it to Erick but it was tame compared to the first two. But he is certainly a bull to take me 3 times in the afternoon. When I told Erick he got hard again and he begged to fuck me. I still hadn’t cleaned or showered properly since arriving home so I let him have his wish. After all he is my husband and I am his good but slutty wife.