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Her dads friend part 2

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Part 2 -

After the whirlwind night where I watched my 21 year old girlfriend fuck her dads friend, I was full of regret. The horny situation had turned real and not only had she fucked someone else, she had fucked an older guy with a MASSIVE cock. To top it off, I had licked her used pussy and tasted his cum. at 18, I didn't know what this meant, I was hard thinking of it but a little ashamed and feeling all sorts of different emotions.

As we were hungover, I went to the local Maccies for some grease. I saw one of Sam's dads other mates in the queue and we got chatting. He said that he had saw us with Donk (nickname for the guy that fucked my girlfriend) and told me he will be sniffing round Sam if I wasn't careful. I laughed it off, little did he know Donk had fucked her last night and again this morning.

Feeling a little embarrassed, I got my order and went home. Sam was walking around the house in just a thong and I got an instant hard on. We ate our food and started to make out and have a lazy afternoon shag. as I was fucking her, she asked me what I thought to last night. I was horny as fuck and told her it was incredible seeing her take his massive cock, I couldn't believe she managed it. She asked if I would do it again, to which I said yes. It felt like she literally jumped up off my cock in excitement. She pulls out her mobile and calls Donk. Shit, it was going to happen again, but this time we were all sober.

Donk arrived within 10 mins, obviously when a younger sexy girl wants to have sex with you, you come straight away. I was lying on the bed whilst Sam answered the door in her thong. My heart was beating fast enough I could hear it with the anticipation of seeing a sober re-run of last night. In through the bedroom door they come, kissing, pulling Donk's (or uncle Tony to Sam) shirt off. For a guy his age, he was still in okish shape but Sam wasn't interested in that and the proof was when she immediately dropped to her knees to suck his cock. I was amazed again that she was able to suck it all down. I lay there like a spare part, horny with my cock in hand. Tony looks over with a sniggering laugh, knowing he is about to fuck my girlfriend again.

They move onto the bed and Sam is sucking Tony still. hes lying on his back and I decide I need to be more involved. So I start feeling Sam's boobs, kissing her back as shes leaning over Tony and I work my way up to her shoulder and kiss her head and cheek. Just as I get to kiss her cheek again, she pulls Tony's massive cock out her mouth and offers it to me. WHAT! At 18, "straight" never considered any other sexual orientation other than hetrosexual is now facing a big cock right in front of me. I instinctively took him in my mouth and sucked him. Salty taste at first but I was in heaven. Sam took her thong off and went up to Uncle Tony's head and sat on his face, I looked up briefly to see her riding his tongue. I daren't touch my own cock in fear of cumming. After 5 mins, Sam jumped off needing the toilet. With Sam gone, you'd think I would stop, but I was enjoying myself alot. Tony sat up holding my head saying how much he was enjoying it.

Sam came back and laughed to herself. She ushered my off his cock and begged uncle Tony to fuck her. At 52, he didn't need asking twice. He fucked her slow to begin with but then increased his pace. They changed positions a few times until he asked me to lay on my back. Sam sat on my face and went into a 69 position. Uncle Tony started to fuck her Doggystyle and I had a front row seat to watch his massive cock slide in and out her pussy. I started to lick her clit, whilst his balls dragged across my head. At one point I stopped licking Sam so I could lick his balls. I managed to get both hands free to feel round to Tony's ass to squeeze which was enough to send him over the edge. He was cumming like a fire hydrant!! He pulled out and his cum leaked from Sam's used pussy into my mouth and onto my face. I was so horny, I just licked it up.

We again lay there breathless, I got up to wipe my face and when I got back in the bedroom, Sam and Uncle Tony were kissing passionately. I stood in the doorway hornily enjoying it but with a sense of jealousy. Uncle Tony looked at my limp cock and laughed. He got up and stood next to me to compare cock size. As he did this, Sam was kneeling on the bed rubbing her clit slowly."I love your cock uncle Tony, I wish I had done this sooner". Tony replied "Same here, I will be back tomorrow"

"But Sam's parents will be back tomorrow" I said.

"I don't think they will mind" was his response.

What did he mean?

Written by Samstone45

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