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Lily left satisfied, sodden and seeping

"“Cheers for letting us use your wife mate”"

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Kevin, Tim and Ryan had spent a couple of hours fucking and sucking my wife Lily. They had all spunked in her and Lily had let them all have a go or two fucking her face and Ryan had spent some time fucking her tits before getting inside her to spunk her ovaries. Lily was now looking well and truly fucked. Her lipstick had all but disappeared, the result of kissing and sucking these guys. Her hair ruffled, again the result of being deep throated and pulled into lap. There was spunk had seeped out of her pussy on to her thighs. Lily was now standing in our living room letting these three adulterous men see her in full splendid post fucked condition. Lily is shameless and is parading her puffed swollen gash for all to see. She takes particular pleasure showing me her used gash and sticks her hips out for me to finger her for a while. The three guys are sitting on our sofa drinking the beer my wine and recovering from their hard core fuck session.

This is the pinnacle of erotic pleasure for me. Three guys have enjoyed every part of my wife they shouldn’t be allowed to even see They have left their sperm inside her, no affairs, no sneaky meetings, no deception (well only to their partners), unrushed and bareback fuckery. My wife standing there unashamed after being used like a cheap (well free actually) fucking whore. Lily takes another glass of wine and asks the guys if they were spent. “Shall I put my knickers back on? or are you dirty bastards wanting more?.

Lily would and had fucked guys all night. When she is in the mood and has been fucked hard she always wants more. Of course I’m the last to have a go on her, but only after she has finished with whoever is having fun with us. She is one dirty fucking slut and she is beautiful. Lily approached Kevin and stated for all to hear “you have another one in you Kev, I remember you as a three load lover”. Kevin was semi hard but after playing with Lily’s tits for a few minutes and Lily rubbing the back of his bollocks he was good to go. Again another twenty minutes watching my wife being used and having Kevin deep inside her belly , tits rocking with each smash of his cock, and then the familiar sound of a guy about ready to spunk up. Kevin pulled out of my wife’s pussy and finished by wanking over Lily’s face and tits. Thick spunk, his third load of the now evening was chucked over my slutty wife’s face and tits. The other guys were laughing and commenting on how Lily resembled a piece of modern art. Lily loved this and encouraged them to both wank over her. She helped Ryan and Tim spunk up by finger rimming their ass ass and squeezing their bollocks. They made a right fucking beautiful mess of her face and tits. Lily asked me to clean her eyes as the guys laughed as I removed their share load from my wife’s eyes. “Fucking hell fellow you are something else cleaning up after us”. I kissed Lily and she tasted as she looked a spunked up slut, salty, spicy and delicious.

Four hours after arriving the guys were preparing to leave us. They were going to their hotel to shower and then out for some beers. Ryan commented that his balls had never been so empty and was hoping his wife didn’t expect to get fucked any time soon. They left swiftly and I was left with what they had done to my wife. We hug, kiss and I’m licking and sniffing my slutty wife all night. Absolutely the best experience any man can possibly have. I love my wife, she is a slut and I love that she is. Not everyone’s bag but definitely ours.

Written by Horatiowellbred

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