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Master Colin Part Four

"Time for the next step"

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It ended up being three weeks before arrangements where made to finally meet up. I continued to work for Master Colin very Friday the only difference being that i now had to work naked except for my cock cage, i think this was part of the plan to condition me as property and ready me for their use. Rules were made so we all knew the boundaries, my Queen Mistress Jane would continue to have total control over me, although she informed me that Master would be allowed to discipline me when necessary in her absence, when she felt it fit or for her amusement. It was arranged for a weekend, Master was hosting a party and i was to act as a waiter for the evening, Master wanted to show off his new toy, in this case my Mistress. It was adult themed so i was to wear a pinny, my cock caged and to wear nothing else. I was mortified but told in no uncertain terms it was not a request. Mistress was to wear the outfit shown in our profile, and she was to be bare under the dress. On the Friday I picked up my Mistress and we travelled together to his house, we barely spoke, both alone with our thoughts of what this all meant. We arrived and had an hour before the quests arrived, three couples in total so very intimate, all the quests were very well known to Master and he had covered all three women over the years. Although the men where in no way cuckold and all had indulged in the swapping their women over the years in this little exclusive club. Master welcomed us and was very impressed with Jane, he looked her up and down not hiding his lust in any way, they sat on a long sofa and I was ordered to prepare G&Ts for them both, I left and went to the kitchen to do as i bid. When I returned i was shocked to see my Mistress kneeling between Master Colin's legs and obviously worshipping his massive cock, licking the shaft and taking his bulbous head in her beautiful mouth, she gently moaned as she went about her work. Master pointed at the side table and indicated where he wanted the drinks left. This continued for at least 15 minutes before he held her head and started to move his cock, face fucking her, his breathing quickened and his face indicated he was nearing climax, several more thrusts and he pumped his seed into her very willing mouth, I saw Mistresses throat bulge and swallow as he slumped back spent. Thank you Jane, go up stairs your dressing room is first on the right, you need to dress as instructed, repair your makeup its smeared and you have Masters cum on your lips. Slave you have the box room, I assume your wearing your cage, your uniform is hanging on the door, you will find a camp bed I have generously supplied, you will need to put it up. It was to be the start of a very exciting evening.........................
Written by Jane_and_slave

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