14 Apr 2019

I woke on Saturday morning all excited and relaxed knowing I was going to see my lover again.

We had planned to meet in Manchester. The hotel had been booked 24hours previously, I had chosen one i had stayed at most recently so I was familiar with my surroundings and more importantly, it was a stones throw away from the train station.

Always thinking I have more time than I anticipate, I hadn’t acknowledged the train times or my ‘getting ready’ preparations.

My sweet little cuc brought me breakfast in bed along with a cup of tea. I messaged my lover noting how excited I was that we would be seeing one another within the following couple of hours.

He pointed out his estimated time of arrival due to his train which then triggered me to take a peep and begin making plans myself.

Panic soon set in, I had to leave the house within 40minutes, I hadn’t packed an over night bag, I didn’t know what I was wearing, more importantly; which underwear! Panic over, cuc boy had been shopping and treated me to a lovely bra and knicker set with hold ups. I nervously put these on and stepped into some heals. Took a sneaky photo and sent it to cuc’s phone while he was down stairs. He soon appeared at the dressing room door, hands shaking- he took hold of my waist and began kissing my neck telling me “you look fucking amazing” “oh my god, I can’t believe how lucky he is to have you like that!”

I slipped on my new black dress which reviled parts of my bra. Snug fitting, the dress hugged my waist line and fell off my hips showing my curves.

I quickly threw some bits into the suitcase. Why didn’t I think earlier? I could have packed the chocolate I had bought, a bottle of wine? Maybe some oil... lover enjoys a nice seductive massage as I explore every inch of his tanned body. Dam.... I needed to be at the train station within 10minutes. It can take 15!

Cuckie darling.... drop me off at the station and I’ll message you some bits to put in your suitcase when you come to join us later! “Put your foot down!”

We arrived at the station with seconds to spare, the train was already on the track, breathless with running in heals, the nerves finally starting to hit me and the adrenaline of wearing sexy hold ups at 11am on a Saturday morning, my head was filling with ‘these passengers know why you have hold ups on!’ ‘Why would I be dressed so sexy for a Saturday morning shopping trip’ more to the point ‘filthy bitch, I bet she’s meeting someone!’ Ooh gosh they are right.

I began to deflect, messaging my cuc-“I’m on the train, I made it!” “I’m nervous”

I then messaged lover- “I’m on the train, how far are you?” “I’m nervous and excited!”

Both messaged me back- my nerves were calming but my legs were like jelly. Trying to walk off the platform in heals which I very rarely wear now whilst maintaining a calm persona was quite a challenge.

I telephoned cuc, again; to further distract my mind from racing. “Chat to me while I walk to the hotel”

I soon arrived and was a little disappointed that the room wasn’t ready. This shouldn’t have been a surprise as I was two hours early but very hopeful that my arrival may have gained me extra time with lover.

I made my way to the bar area. I ordered a coffee and sat discretely in a corner of the bar where we could be easily hidden away from anyone who may have caught our attention.

Lover soon arrived, he looked at me and simply stated “wow; you look amazing” he placed a little peck; hello kiss on my lips as we briefly hugged. We ordered alcohol, strange as we both pretty much needed a drink to calm the excitement of nerves and giddiness! We spoke of how lovely it was to eventually see one another again and how different it was to be able to actually sit and have a beer together. Little miss naughty lifted her leg, crossing them so the top of the hold up briefly became on view. I just love to tease.... and why not! The gift under this dress was all his.

Two hours had passed, I checked at reception to see if the room was ready, it was!

I arrived back to lover, questioned his smiles as he sat mesmerised at the woman stood before him. He responded with “you look gorgeous, you always do!”

I led him to the lift and we made our way upstairs to the room.

We kissed intimately and longingly as I began to take his clothes off, he was soon naked; I slipped the black dress off and began kissing his stomach as I pushed him down onto the bed. Slowly kissing his groin and thigh. He was hard and his cock seeped his sticky cum- the excitement of his two hour tease. I gently dipped my tongue tasting his frustration and excitement. Pulling back his shaft I licked and swallowed all I could before sucking his cock.

His groans flourish my excitement and make my time pleasing him take longer. I begin licking and teasing his balls. Cupping them into my hand as I take them into my mouth as I slowly wank him. His legs spread wider and I can’t resist, my fingers begin to tease his arse, still... wanking his cock I begin to lick his arse. His moans become louder as he moves around the bed loosing control of his desires he allows me to take total control of exploring his body. I taste every inch of him, feeling him, kissing him before climbing on and putting his cock deep inside me. I begin to ride him slowly, my pussy is so wet but grasps his cock.

He pushes me onto my back and begins to taste our mix of lust as he puts his tongue deep inside me, kissing and licking me deep. He puts his cock back inside my wanting pussy before he fucks me hard.

I ask him what he wants and he replied “I want you to tie me up and fuck me” he holds my arms apart as he rides me- I tell him to fuck me harder.

His arm crosses over my neck gaining full control of me as his cock forces inside me, I feel the pressure around my neck as I allow him to explode inside me.

We lye together talking about what we want within this lust relationship, where the boundaries are set and how we have become far more intimate than he imagined.

I questioned this further and he responded with-“you’ve seen the whole of me, you explore every bit of me... you taste my arse hole- you know more about that area than I do!” We laugh in our total comfort zone knowing we have a truly unique sexual relationship. Where boundaries are being further explored because the comfort zone has reached a maximum effect.

I aim to tie him up, allow him to discover adventures he has not envisaged with his vanilla home sex life.

Do I feel guilt? No, I feel power having a fuck buddy. I feel sexy having my cuc come and join us for clean up, seeing his excitement and knowing this brings us closer together- rekindling our own sexual fantasies as I have the freedom to play such games.

Cuc text to see where I was.

“Ooh I’m here, in the hotel, he’s just cum, you’ll have to wait” I know his stomach was churning and needed to hold me, kiss me... taste my lovers cum from my used pussy had been a heart wrenching desire since dropping me off at the train station some four hours earlier.

“I said you could join us in 5 hours! Your early!!”

He replied with “I’m in the bar, shall I come up? What room are you in?”

Lover said he would go down with a key, I had greater ideas, I slipped on my bra, dress and shoes. Lover put his clothes on and we made our way down to the bar.

Cuc sat there like a lost soul waiting in anticipation, he had been sat alone for half an hour, awaiting a message back as to which room we were in. I lent over and pecked his cheek, smiling and again becoming giddy. How lucky was I to be sat with my cuc and my lover again. Never knowing when these moments will arise I take all I can when I can. Often feeling so selfish but relishing every moment. Reaching my foot across to lover I stroked up and down his leg with my black stiletto smiling as I observed the conversations between them both.

We each chatted for a brief moment before I sent cuc to the bar for beer.

Lover stated “it doesn’t feel weird. I’m ok”

I was glad, I moved seats and sat next to lover, stroking his leg and passing the brief peck on his cheek as cuc observed from the chair facing.

We each giggled and shared stories before I suggested we all go back upstairs..... and that.... we did!

I guess the alcohol had hit each of us more and with that I became more instructive. We entered the room, I undressed quicker than you could sneeze- whilst taking lovers clothes off, cuc undressed and sat in his desired observation chair. Totally naked, cock in hand and videoing every opportunity he could, I ordered lover to remove his socks! However these moments of madness were judged; I certainly wasn’t being fucked by anyone wearing socks.

My legs clung around my lovers waist as he tried willingly to become hard, his cock softening as he whispered “I can’t” I know being observed is off putting for him, but equally he had additional plans, an event he needed to at least show his face at to prove his Manchester attendance.

I cannot recall much of him leaving, alcohol had certainly clouded most of the following moments.

Cuc soon came over reclaiming his woman, gently licking and kissing my pussy clean. Lapping up lovers cum before needing to regain his bull persona. Fuck his woman and gain her love back, all in the simple action of his touch. “Tell me what happened.... “ I re-sighted the days events painting a clear picture of the lustful events. His smiles, laughing reactions to my stories, ourcommun reaching out to hold one another’s hand, the smelling of my neck, our shared and more frequent kisses, the simplicity of “I love you” yet the deepness of those three words and these actions go beyond what we can only imagine what we have in our relationship. A crazy sexual drive for passion and lust, a fear of loosing that one person who fills your whole world but an unselfish desire to allow me to explore someone else so intimately just recoils our affection.

I know he worries I will fall for my lover- but I have no desire or intention to do that, what’s the point? My grass is green and lush- I enjoy maintaining it, I have never had a relationship this special ever.... who’s to say life should be how we foresee the next couple to be? It is what we desire, what we have the balls to reach out for. But all wrapped in honesty! That’s paramount.

Placing my underwear back on, cuc took me out for food. The smiles shared and our giddiness are a brief indication of the inner ‘just knowing’ that we are lucky enough to have together.

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