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My Decent into depravity

"A man’s journey to a cocksucker, then to cuckold"

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This all began in the mid 2010’s. I had been married for a few years by this time to a brunette called Kathy. Kathy and I were mid thirties and had two young children. Kathy had always been a bit of a prude and sex with her, although enjoyable, she always made a fuss if i suggested an early night. Like some women she saw herself as fat and ugly when in fact she was busty and sexy! Even after having the kids she was still attractive. Kathy was 5ft 8, long brunette hair and blue eyes. She has curvy hips and a nice pair of DD’s.

She was always a bit shy with sex. She was a virgin when we met and it took her years to get comfortable with dirty talking during sex. She rarely gave me a blowjob but did eventually open up somewhat by putting on sexy lingerie for me and indulging my cuckold fantasies. Quite often I would use toys on her, pretending a well hung stud was giving her a good fucking whilst I told her to enjoy his cock. I would always wait for her to cum before saying they had cum in her, then I would remove the dildo and eat Kathy’s gorgeous cunt. Once done I would thrust my decent size and thick cock into her whilst she would say dirty things to me “your cock is so small, I need to be fucked by other men”. This would drive me crazy and I would always cum Hard into her whilst she thrashed her orgasm under me.

This I thought, would never become a reality. Kathy was self conscious, despite my encouragement she had never shown much interest in sex or sexy play. I was always the initiator.

Years later she developed a close female friend with very loose morals. This friend was married but regularly fucked around. Kathy always regaled me stories of her friends conquests, and told me she and her friend had compared their husbands cocks. Being a bigger man I was proud when she said I was twice the size of her friends husband. Needles to say, it wasn’t long before her friend popped over one evening when Kathy was out and we had amazing sex whilst I stuffed my wife’s knickers into her friend mouth. This part I will tell in a later instalment.

During these times my sex drive was really high and i found myself thinking more about cuckolding and cock. I decided to try dogging and went to see what all the fuss was about. This proved to be a turning point in my life. One evening I drove to a know local spot, it was a lay-by in some woods with a few cars parked up. I started watching some porn on my phone and got my cock out for a rub. I hadn’t been going more than a minute when I saw a guy get out of his car and walk past mine and into the woods. He stopped on the path and looked at me for a few minutes before touching his crotch and walking into some bushes. My heart was beating hard but I thought fuck it, let’s see what’s going on and I got out of my car and followed him. To my amazement when I caught up to him he wasn’t far from the lay-by and was shielded by a big holly bush. He had his cock out and was wanking. I walked over to him and stared at his 6” and quite thick cock. He was wanking it slowly and then shook it a few times (I learned later this meant suck it). I got mine out as I was so horny and started to wank my rock hard cock. As I inched close to him, staring at his cock the whole time he put his hand on my head and pushed me down. As my knees hit the dirt he was already in front of me and without even thinking i opened my mouth. I was trembling with excitement as he slid in, it tasted a bit salty but wasn’t unpleasant, definitely better then I expected. He moans and stared talking dirty to me quietly. “Suck it slut” was the first thing he said and I started moving my mouth up and down on it. I must have stayed like that for a few minutes learning how to suck cock whilst furiously wanking myself. I was trying to look around to make sure we were undisturbed but he said don’t worry just finish me off. I carried on, surrendering to my fate now as I felt him tense and start to moan “fuck yes, take it”. Then his hot seed folded my mouth and as I realised he was cumming my own cock went wild with lust and sprayed all over the floor. Incredibly, the guy pulled his cock from my still quivering mouth, causing some cum to flow down my lips and chin. He then zipped up and walked away, leaving me on my knees with cum in my mouth and a softening cock in the middle of the woods, I couldn’t believe it, did that just happen? I felt so ashamed of myself. I spat the cum out and brushed the dirt off my knees before hurrying back to my car and driving away. It only took 15 minute to get home but by then I was convinced I would be rumbled by the wife. Fortunately she wasn’t in so I went to shower and clean up before she got home, as I undressed, that familiar feeling in my cock stirred and I ended up putting on a pair of my wife’s panties and having another massive wank before I got to the shower. I knew then I had opened Pandora’s box and would become addicted to sucking cock and fantasise about being a cuckold. Little did I know that all of it would come true, and spell the end of my marriage. End of part 1.

Written by JustAGuy2024

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