Written by Anon

10 Apr 2019

I’m Ken a 65 year old bisexual, married to Helen, who is 64. We have been happily married for nearly 20 years (second marriages for both) with 3 children between us from previous marriages. Our sex life from first meeting until about 6 years ago was fantastic. We made love 2/3 times a week, indoors and outdoors and very adventurous. The sex then began to fade until it’s probably once a month now, if I’m lucky! I started to dabble with my fem side about 5 years ago, going to saunas, porn cinemas, etc. To cut a long story short, I met a guy from this site about 18 months ago and we hit it off at our 1st meet!

John started fucking me about once a month at his place (the only time it was clear) we met up once a week for a pint and mutual suck and wank in the car. Both Helen and I are retired so it was difficult bringing John back to mine. However the opportunity arose a couple of months ago for John and I to fuck at my house when Helen was going to be helping out at a craft fair for the afternoon. As soon as Helen left, I got showered and dressed just in a black lacy thong and black gloss holdups. John arrived about 10 minutes later. I opened the door to him and he kissed and caressed me straight away, almost going down on me on the drive! I let him in and we went straight to the spare bedroom where he immediately undressed and we 69’d on the bed. He put on a condom and lubed my waiting lovehole and slowly started to push his 7”, quite thick, cock into my ass. He made me gasp as he pushed his cock in until his balls were banging against my ass cheeks. By now I was shouting for him t o fuck me harder and loving every thrust and minute he was in my ass.

We were making so much noise between us that neither heard the bedroom door open until a quite loud, “very interesting!” was heard. Immediately we looked around in total shock, and John’s hard on disappeared when we saw my wife standing there having left the fair early. After a few moments, John decided to make a strategic exit leaving my wife and me alone. Helen folded her arms and after a couple of seconds said “I’ve been wanting to do that to you for ages” and immediately left the room, only to return with one of her vibrators, about 8” long with a bulbous head and told me to bend over! She then relubed me and started to fuck me with the vibrator whilst I was still wearing the thong and holdups!

Since then Helen has become far more dominant and me the subbie, she bought a strapon to use on me, and I now must wear just lingerie, thongs, stockings or hold ups around the house. She told me to invite John back to the house one evening and told us that John could continue to fuck me, but she had to watch, after which Helen fucked me too. This continued for a few weeks until Helen let John fuck her bareback and I cleaned them both afterwards, Helen has also fucked me whilst John fucked her!

This Easter, John moves in permanently with us, he loves fucking both my wife and me, i love being fucked by both of them and being “the cuck”, and my wife loves being the dom one! Long may it continue!