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Sharing my U.K. Indian wife: part one

"An British Indian couple start to explore"

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Chapter 1: How it started

“How do I look?” Jaspreet asked as she gave me a twirl. She looked stunning dressed in a short black dress which hugged her body perfectly. She was rather lucky that she had the body to wear a dress like that. Jaspreet was five foot six, long slim legs and a petite size 8. I was always very proud of her, when I walked around with her, if we were out shopping or going for dinner, she would turn heads and I always felt lucky, that she married me. Blessed with beautiful Indian looks, Longhair with blonde highlights, a lovely Julia Roberts smile, and luscious lips that some people used to liken to Angelina Jolie she was objectively beautiful. We had been married a year, I was 29 and she was 7 years younger at 22 when we married.  We married in the modern traditional Punjabi way, which is not technically arranged, but we were introduced through families and then began dating. To begin with the attention,she received always made me uncomfortable and jealous, but with time I began to feel proud to have on my arm a wife most men would do anything to be with, knowing she was completely faithful to me.

“Wow!” I said excitedly. I walked over to her and put my hand on her hips, I could not help myself and I tried to cup her breasts while I stood behind her.

“No Manvir, not now, you’ll ruin my makeup” she said as she pushed me away. She didn’t really wear much make up, it was always very subtle eye liner and maybe some lipstick, she didn’t really need much make up, she was naturally beautiful.I stood there admiring her in her dress as she checked herself one last time in the mirror. “So what time are you going?” I enquired as I sat on the bed.

“Ria is picking me up anytime now” she said. Ria was a friend of Jaspreet’s and worked at the same place. “And then we are meeting the rest of them at the restaurant” she explained.

“Ok do you still want picking up later?” I asked.

“Yes, if you don’t mind” Jaspreet answered as she straightened her short black dress.  

I got up from the bed and stood behind Jaspreet and rested my hands on her hips, slowly stroking her hips and asked, “what time do you want picking up?”

“Oh I’m not sure, we’re going to eat at 7.30pm and then a few of them want to go for a drink after” she said.

“Well don’t let any of the guys take advantage of you” I playfully said as I moved my hands on her backside, it felt wonderful the tight short dress wrapped around her body perfectly, Jaspreet giggled in response, we had previously discussed the fact a lot of the men at her workplace would flirt and try and chat her up. To begin with Jaspreet like a lot of women would completely miss this and felt they were just being nice, until it became more obvious, but she knew how to handle it and by this time my insecurity was gone as I knew she was totally dedicated and faithful to me. “Oh, and don’t forget your ID” I said. Jaspreet smiled, this was a running joke between us, she at times found it hard to get served at bars as she looked younger than her 23 years. “Maybe I won’t have to buy a drink, I’m sure the guys will buy me a drink”. I looked at the mirror as I stood behind her and saw a mischievous smile on her face. A year ago, a comment like this would have made me feel extremely jealous and paranoid, but as our relationship developed, I felt secure and had total confidence in her. In fact, the thought of another man trying to flirt with her made me proud and dare I say it, a little turned on. Standing behind Jaspreet, seeing her dressed like that and smelling her perfume made me move my hands onto her slim toned legs and I tried moving my hand up her short dress. “No Manvir! Not now” she said as she slapped my hands away. Just then we heard a car beep the horn. “That’s her” Jaspreet said. “Ok I will give you call later Hun” Jaspreet said as she kissed me on the cheek trying not to smudge her lipstick. I looked out the window and saw Jaspreet hurriedly walk out the driveway and into the car.


I received a message from a couple of friends who invited me to join them for a drink in an hour which I accepted. I spent the next hour doing what I usually do when I had time to myself, watching porn. I would browse websites looking for porn that excited me depending on the mood I was in, which was anything from rough aggressive sex to more sensual porn. Recently I had stumbled across porn which involved wife sharing and cuckolding. I am not sure why, but this had started to turn me on, I even looked for porn videos where the wife had some resemblance to Jaspreet. Watching the porn and imagining it was Jaspreet really turned me on, I am not sure if it had something to do with the fact that she was a virgin when we married and had never had anything apart from my 6 inches or the fact that other men would check her out when we were out and about but thinking about her being with another man turned me on. I had never discussed this with Jaspreet when we were intimate, I wasn’t even sure how I felt about it. We had a healthy sex life; Jaspreet was a complete amateur and a virgin, but we explored together. In the past she had a couple of boyfriends but had never lost her virginity. I got an understanding of what turned her on and what she liked, and she too with me. She had become more open sexually over time and was willing to push boundaries, from giving oral to receiving anal, this was a big thing for Jaspreet as she was brought up in a traditional Punjabi family despite the fact she was born and grew up in England, this is also the reason I felt she was completely faithful to me, her morals and traditional background would never betray me or her. Although our sex life was healthy and fairly regular I wished she was more open, more daring and if I am being honest more slutty. She had become more open since we married, and had come along way considering she was a virgin when I married her but I still wanted more.

I continued to watch the porn and carefully selected videos that would involve a wife with the same body type as Jaspreet, slim, small pert 32 B breasts and tanned. I thought about what she was doing that evening, which one of the men at her workplace was chatting her up, who she was flirting with, and these strange feelings started to come back to me that I tried to comprehend. Was I jealous? Was I angry? Was I aroused? I think other husbands who are into the cuckold lifestyle would understand what I felt during that time but the more I thought about it the more turned on I became. I wasn’t going to even mention a hint of this to Jaspreet, as I say I still didn’t know how I felt about it, until something that happened during that very evening. Although nothing actually happened in this evening in terms of sharing Jaspreet, it was the first time we actually spoke about it in a playful way, and that’s the reason I have decided to share my true experiences from the very beginning.  

I spent a couple of hours with my friends in a bar having a drink and chatting about the usual things when friends get together. Jaspreet was around a 2-minute walk away in a bar.It was around 10.30pm and I decided to text Jaspreet “are you ready? I’m in town around the corner with my mates”.

“Yes Hun, I’m at Terrace bar, let me know when your outside” Jaspreet replied.

I said goodbye to my friends and decided to walk to the bar. It was a nice mild night for March in Leicester and this being a Friday night the town centre was bustling with the usual crowds, groups of girls wearing they’re party gear going from bar to bar, groups of men ogling at them as they walked past. I arrived at the bar and decided to text Jaspreet and tell her I’m outside rather than try and look for her in a packed bar, “I’m outside” I wrote in a message. As I waited outside people entered the bar and left the bar, I noticed a couple on the street who were becoming very intimate, tucked away in a doorway, they were really going at it, the man had his hand under her skirt and was really groping her arse while he snogged her face off. I couldn’t help but look and felt my dick twitching, now I really wanted Jaspreet to come out so I could take her home and ravish her. I knew by now she probably had a few drinks; Jaspreet was a lightweight and couldn’t really handle her drink. She also became much more flirtatious and dirtier when she was tipsy which made the sex even better.

Five minutes had passed and there was no sign of Jaspreet, not even a reply, I could see she had not even read my message. I sent another message “I’m waiting outside!”. I waited a few minutes but again no reply. I decided to give her a call and after a few rings I got her answerphone. After receiving no replies, I decided to go into the bar and brave the crowd.

Walking towards the door the music became louder, I wasn’t looking forward to going into a noisy crowded bar. I walked up to the door and found two doormen give me a nod as I politely smiled at them to show them, I was no threat, and I was not going to cause trouble. I walked into the bar and the music got louder, the place was packed full of people, I tried my best to edge past the groups of people politely, but I wasn’t making much progress. I had been in the bar a few minutes and I still couldn’t spot Jaspreet. I walked around the bar area and decided to be more aggressive in my walk, this meant as I walked past groups of girls, I was brushing past them, in a packed bar it didn’t seem to matter. I wondered how many men had brushed up against Jaspreet in her short black dress I thought. From across the room, I managed to spot Jaspreet, she was kind of dancing and moving to the music with a group of friends, some I recognised and some I didn’t, she looked stunning, she had always been a very good dancer, and even performed in groups when she was younger but her mum put a stop to that when Jaspreet wanted to pursue it further, “nice Indian girls don’t do that” her mum told her. There she was, smiling, dancing, and having a great time, from across the room I admired her for a moment, she looked very sexy in her short black dress dancing away, and I was thinking I am so lucky to be the man who is going to take her home tonight.

Before I could edge past the groups to greet her, I noticed a man approach Jaspreet and her friends, Jaspreet peeled away from her group of friends and the man handed her a drink which Jaspreet took. The man looked to be in his early 30’s, white, dressed smartly in a blazer, fairly tall at six foot plusand fairly handsome. I decided to stay put and observe them from a distance. As Jaspreet and the stranger were talking, I noticed that she was smiling and chatting away with him. Who was he? Was he a work colleague? The stranger would lean in very close to Jaspreet to talk to her and Jaspreet would lean in to listen, which wasn’t very surprising as the music was so loud. Jaspreet looked as though she was enjoying his company from the smile on her face, she was a natural flirt, she didn’t know she was doing it and felt she was just being nice, but in the past, I am sure she had given so much false hope to a lot of men who thought she may be interested. I continued to observe, their bodies were close, and they were leaning in to talk, I saw the stranger’s hand on Jaspreet’s back, as he was talking to her and making her laugh. I felt so many emotions, pride, jealously, aroused but I just continued to observe. They continued to talk, and every so often they would innocently touch each other on the arm, or he would lean in and have his hand on her back. I noticed the stranger take Jaspreet’s hand as though he was talking about her rings on her fingers and more importantly her wedding ring, at the time I wished I could hear what they were talking about. Jaspreet’s friends were still in a group chatting away, and she was away from her group talking to this stranger, I saw the stranger take out his mobile phone, it seemed Jaspreet was giving her number to him. I couldn’t believe it, why I thought to myself? I knew she was completely faithful to me and reasoned that this stranger must be a work colleague, should I walk over and interrupt? I decided not to and just continued to watch them. Although I felt jealous, I was especially aroused thinking about the two of them together, I started imagining this white stranger fucking my beautiful Indian wife, it made me extremely hard. Jaspreet walked backed to her group of friends and took her handbag from the table the group were standing next to, and she walked back to the stranger, looking at her phone and nodding to the stranger. After a few minutes the stranger seemed to point to another place in the bar or even outside and it seemed like he wanted her to come along with him somewhere. Jaspreet nodded her head to suggest she was saying no, and she pointed to her friends. I saw them say goodbye and the stranger seemed to walk back to a group in the opposite area of the room and Jaspreet walked back to her friends. I edged past a group of people and walked towards Jaspreet, her friend Ria tapped her on the shoulder, and she turned around and saw me walking towards her, her face lit up and her smile was beautiful. “Manvir!” she excitedly screamed as she ran up to me with her arms wide open. She hugged me and kissed me like she had not seen me in 10 years, she was obviously slightly tipsy, she was always more flirtatious when she had been drinking. “Where have you been?” she asked.

“What do you mean? I was outside waiting for you, and I messaged you twice” I replied.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, I never saw the messages” Jaspreet shouted trying to be heard over the loud music. She kissed me again to show how sorry she was and then whispered in my ear “I will need to make it up to you in some way” and then she gave me that mischievous smile, the one she always gave when she was insinuating something sexual. At this moment her friend Ria came and greeted me. Ria then explained that the group were going to another bar and asked Jaspreet and myself if we would like to join them. We declined and the group left the bar leaving myself and Jaspreet at the bar. “Do you want to leave now Hun?” Jaspreet asked me.

“No, its ok you finish that drink, in fact I will get myself a drink and we can sit down for a quick one” I said to Jaspreet. As I stood at the busy bar trying to get served, I asked Jaspreet “so have you had fun tonight?”

“Yes, it was a good night, but I missed you” Jaspreet said, and then she hugged me again and kissed me on the lips. I ordered a whisky, and we found a comfy seat in the corner of the room which was nicely tucked away. “So, tell me what you got up to today” I enquired as I stroked her leg.

“Well, we went to 1571 for a bite to eat and then went to Bar Brussels and then came here” Jaspreet explained excitedly. “I can see someone’s had a few drinks” I said as I laughed teasing Jaspreet. Jaspreet giggled, “only a couple” she replied, knowing what I said was clearly true. I leaned into her as my hand went further up her leg and whispered in her ear “I like it when you drink, you look sexy, and it makes you horny”.

She produced an embarrassed laugh and said “shut up Manvir!”

“It’s true though, isn’t it?” I continued to tease her.

She gave me that look with her eyes, they twinkled, and she gave me that mischievous smile and said “Maybe”. I kissed her passionately as I stroked her perfectly toned legs, moving my hand higher on the inside of her leg. Jaspreet broke free and said “Ok I think we need to calm down a moment” she giggled as she took a sip from her drink. I picked up my glass and just smiled at her and looked at her in lust, she knew what I was thinking she just smiled and stared at me. She liked the fact I would lust over her and when she had to calm me down,she enjoyed that too, she enjoyed the power that came with that, she liked to tease and then stop until I couldn’t help myself and absolutely ravish her. She liked being chased, and would not always give in straight away, I suppose I liked that too, I liked to chase, but in the bedroom when the chasing, flirtatious banter had ended she liked to submit and be taken, she enjoyed myself taking the lead in the bedroom. She was too prim and proper to really take the lead, and this was where I wished she was more honest, open minded and more slutty. I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed to get her home and I said to Jaspreet “come on, lets drink up” as I knocked my drink back in one, just as I said that I saw Jaspreet wave and smile at the stranger again. The stranger waved back. “Who’s that?” I asked. “Oh, that’s Mark, we met earlier” Jaspreet said.

“Oh, did you now?” I jokingly replied.

Jaspreet laughed and said, “No it’s not like that, he’s a recruitment consultant, he said he specialises in the legal sector”. Jaspreet was not entirely happy in her current role,and she was looking at other jobs. That explained the exchanging of numbers, I was strangely left disappointed, there was a part of me that wanted it to be something else. These were new feelings for me that I was coming to terms with, but a part of me felt really turned on with the thought of Jaspreet flirting with another man and exchanging numbers, I felt proud that she had the looks and personality to have other men lusting after her. “He’s a good-looking guy, are you sure it’s just professional” I jokingly said.

Jaspreet smiled and said, “Yes silly, he knows I’m marriedand he’s engaged apparently”. I laughed and said, “God you are so naïve”.

“What do you mean?” Jaspreet asked.

“Did he buy you a drink?” I asked knowing what the answer was.

“Yes, why do you ask?” Jaspreet innocently confessed.

“He wants to fuck you!” I said.

“No he doesn’t! Anyway are you jealous?” Jaspreet asked. I think deep down Jaspreet liked making me jealous, as I mentioned before she liked me to chase her, and she used to come home from work and tell me what some of the men would say to her. I didn’t answer I just kissed her again, how could I explain that it turned me on, as I kissed her, I just had these images in my head of Jaspreet being fucked by this stranger, and it aroused me. Although I had wanted to leave and get Jaspreet home, we were both having fun, it was like we were dating again, “I have an idea, let’s have a few more drinks and get a taxi back home” I suggested to Jaspreet.

“What about your car Hun?” Jaspreet said.

“It’s ok I can leave it where it is overnight and pick it up in the morning, do you want another white wine?” I asked.

“Yes Hun” Jaspreet replied.

I walked to the bar and stood there waiting to be served. I looked back at Jaspreet who was sitting there waiting, she looked stunning, she had long beautiful legs that were on show. I caught her eye and she winked and smiled at me, I smiled back. The bar was busy, and I eventually got served, as I paid the bartender I looked back and saw Mark approach Jaspreet, Jaspreet stood up and they were again talking, he looked around six foot three, and looked as though he was in good condition, he towered over Jaspreet who was around five foot six and petite. Again, I started to think about Mark fucking her, imagining how she would look under his big frame of a body, I started to imagine his big cock penetrating Jaspreet, she was so petite and had never experienced anything bigger then my 6 inches.  Jaspreet would from time to time touch his arm, she was quite a touchy feely person, I believe that is why a lot of men from her workplace would always try and flirt with her, she gave off a vibe that she was flirting back, but according to her she was just being polite. I saw Mark head back to his friends as I approached Jaspreet with the drinks. As I sat down next to Jaspreet I said, “what did he want?”

Jaspreet laughed knowing what I was thinking “Oh he just said he was leaving and told me to call him Monday”.

I smiled and put my hand on her leg and said, “maybe he wants you to call him tonight”.

Jaspreet smiled and said, “maybe he does”. She seemed to be playing along with the thoughts in my head, either to please me or maybe the same thoughts were in her head too and was making her feel aroused.

I leaned in and again kissed her passionately while my hand went further up her leg. I couldn’t wait any longer and whispered in her ear “drink up, we’re leaving, I’m taking you home and sorting you out, the way Mark really want’s you”. Jaspreet gave me a look, and bit her lip, it was the kind of look I had seen before when she was really turned on. “Let’sgo! I really don’t need that drink now” Jaspreet said as she smiled at me.

She stood up as I knocked my drink back, as she stood, I admired her slim petite body in her tight black dress, I gently stroked her back and moved down to her backside. We held hands as we tried to get past the busy crowd, as we walked past the crowds, I could feel our bodies rubbing against the random strangers, I then moved my hand around her waist tightly to ensure we did not get separated and to show everyone present she was coming home with me. As we left the bar, we both smiled at the doormen to say thanks and then we were out on the street. The streets were still fairly busy at 11.30pm with the usual crowds, we decided to walk to a street where there would be taxis. Whilst we walked, I couldn’t help myself and pulled Jaspreet into a doorway of a building, and pushed her against the door, we started to kiss passionately, I held my hand on her arse and groped her quite aggressively, “god I’m so horny for you Jas” I said as I moved my hand under her dress and squeezed her butt cheeks. I could feel her silk thong, I wanted to rip it off there and then. Jaspreet smiled, she knew how turned on I was, and she had me where she wanted me, she loved it. “So, are you going to call Mark?” I asked. Again, Jaspreet smiled and said “maybe”.  

“I bet Mark wishes he was here now” I said as I kissed her neck. Jaspreet Loved her neck being kissed. She Closed her eyes as I kissed her neck and said “Manvir, not here”. She pushed me out the doorway and said, “come on let’s get a taxi”. We walked a minute up the road and there were three taxis waiting. I went to the first taxi and gave him my address and he nodded. I opened the door for Jaspreet, and she got in, as she entered the taxi, I playfully slapped her on her backside, which made her giggle and she sat in the corner and crossed her legs as she smiled at me. I jumped into the taxi and put my arm around Jaspreet.

“You had a good night” the taxi driver asked trying to make small talk. He was an Asian man in his late 40’s. “Yeah mate, it was good” I politely replied. I started to kiss Jaspreet, I couldn’t control myself, we were kissing passionately in the back of the taxi. I whispered in her ear “This is what Mark wanted from you” as I moved my hand up the inside of her leg. I started to kiss her neck as my hand moved up to her pussy, I gently started to stroke her pussy lips on the outside of her thong. I could she feel she was wet; I wasn’t sure if it was the thought of fucking Mark, but I carried on expecting her to stop me, but she didn’t, which meant she was very tipsy from the drinks. “When he was talking to you earlier, he was really imagining doing this” I whispered in her ear. She closed her eyes and whispered back “No Manvir not here”. I slipped my finger under her thong and started to stroke her pussy lips, she was extremely wet, aroused and enjoying every moment of it.  As I gently stroked the lips of her pussy, I was kissing her neck, her eyes were closed, she was lost in the moment, she was stroking my crotch, she could feel my hardness through my trousers. I looked back at the driver; he was clearing watching from the mirror. This aroused me even more, I moved my hand from Jaspreet’s pussy and held her, I then moved her towards me and more importantly directly in line of the driver’s rear mirror, I wanted him to see everything, Jaspreet’s eyes were still closed. I then moved Jaspreet’s legs apart, so the driver could see everything and again moved my hand up her leg under her dress, I carefully moved her thong to one side and gently stroked her pussy I knew the driver could see her perfectly waxed pussy. I looked back at the driver as I stroked her pussy, and he was indeed still watching the show. “I bet Mark wished he was here doing this to you” I whispered in her ear. Jaspreet still had her eyes closed but she was breathing heavily. “I bet Mark wants to fuck you” I whispered again, as I said that I slowly inserted my finger inside her, she let out a muffled “oh god!” trying not to scream too loud. I moved my finger in and out of her while stroking her clitoris with my thumb, she tensed up and held me tightly. As I fingered her, I kissed her neck, her breathing became heavier. I turned back towards the driver,and he could see everything. The thought of this stranger being able to see my wife’s pussy as I fingered her aroused me. “Please Manvir, not here” Jaspreet pleaded while still being lost in the moment, I am not even sure she knew the driver could see everything. I stopped thrusting my fingers inside her and just stroked her Clitoris gently while I whispered in her ear “does that feel good baby?”. She didn’t answer, and her eyes were closed, was she thinking of Mark fucking her? I wasn’t sure, but she was soaking wet. The taxi drove up the road where we lived and we both realised we were home, which made Jaspreet adjust her dress and underwear, she saw me smiling at her, and she smiled backlooking slightly embarrassed. As I handed the cash to the tax driver and thanked him I noticed him smirking, he was probably hard himself after seeing me finger Jaspreet, the thought of him getting hard watching my wife excited me. I got out the car first and helped Jaspreet out, I couldn’t help but grab her and kiss her passionately as soon as she got out, and she in retuned held me tightly, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. As I kissed her I moved my hands down to her arse, and started to caress and grope her perfectly tonedtight arse, as I did this Jaspreet started to cup my crotch rubbing it slowly. Noticing the taxi driver had not left, and Jaspreet’s back to him I decided to give him one last show, I moved my hands underneath Jaspreet’s dressed and fondled her arse, as I did this, I moved her dress up, now if the taxi driver was watching he would be able to see her arse exposed with the exception of her black silky thong. I momentarily stopped kissing Jaspreet and started to kiss her neck. I looked up for a moment and saw the taxi driver staring at us, he was watching me grope her arse, we made eye contact for a moment, I saw him rubbing his crotch, the thought of him admiring and lusting after my wife drove me crazy with excitement. Jaspreet stopped me going any further, andpushed her dress down again “in the house babe” she said as she pushed me back towards our front door. I took out the keys and opened the door, as soon as we entered we were all over each other, I pushed her against the wall and kissed her neck while lifting up her dress, I started to finger her while I took out her breasts, moving my mouth towards her breasts, licking and sucking her nipples, she wrapped her arms around me tightly. “Is this what Mark wanted you from? I bet he would love to fuck an Indian princess like you” I said. She didn’t respond. We engaged our tongues and as we kissed passionately Jaspreet was stroking my crotch, feeling the hardness through my jeans. She knelt down on her knees and slowly took off my belt as she looked up at me, I couldn’t stop thinking of my hot trophy wife fucking Mark. “Let’s see how hard you are” she said teasingly. These are the kind of things she would only say when she was drunk. She unzipped my jeans and pulled them down and began to swallow my cock. “oh that’s it!” I began to moan. “I bet Mark wants you to suck his white cock” I said. Saying these things to Jaspreet were quite a step for me, but I decided to carry on and thought to myself we were both quite tipsy from the drinks and if she really objected I could always blame it on alcohol. She continued to suck me. “close your eyes and imagine sucking his cock” I said to Jaspreet. Jaspreet closed her eyes and played along. I wondered if the thought of her being with another guy was exciting her just as much as me.  She moved back up off her knees, I turned her around and pushed her against the wall again, rather aggressively I pulled her thong to the side and entered her, she was extremely wet and I entered very easily. I started to fuck her standing behind her. She moaned with every thrust of my cock inside her, as I fucked her I whispered in her ear “Imagine Mark fucking you now”. I continued to fuck her while I groped her breasts. I grabbed her hair to pull her head near me and again whispered in her ear “who’s fucking you?” I asked. she continued to moan with pleasure but didn’t say anything. “who’s fucking you?” I asked again. ​

To my surprise she let out a moan and replied “Mark is”. I couldn’t believe it! When she said that my thrusts became harder. “Mark is what?” I asked again.

“Mark is fucking me” she replied, this coming from Jaspreet’s mouth drove me wild. She must have noticed that every time she mentioned his name, I would pound her harder knowing it was turning me on. “say it, say fuck me Mark” I demanded.

“Oh! Fuck me Mark!” she cried out. I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I continued to talk about him while I was fucking her. “That’s it! Tell him you want his white cock” I said as I spanked her arse. As I fucked her more vigorously, I momentarily slipped out of her, I didn’t want this moment to end or cum too early so I picked Jaspreet up and carried her upstairs to the bedroom, and we approached the marital bedand I threw her on it. She took off her dress as I took off my clothes, she was on heat, she climbed on top of me and started riding me. As she rode me I asked her “tell me who your riding babe?”.

“Im riding Marks white cock” she answered. With perfect motion I was thrusting my cock insider her as she was riding me. “Yes! Imagine riding his big white cock” I said as I spanked her arse again. She loved being spanked as she rode me. She was close, she rode me hard and fast, until she let out a scream, as she was coming, “Oh fuck!” she said as she came, I thrusted my cock inside her and came, letting out a big grunt. Talking about Mark made us both climax at the same time. She collapsed over me and we lay motionless whilst I was still inside her. After a couple of minutes I said “Wow! that was great, You’re a little slut when you want to be, aren’t you” I remarked.

Jaspreet laughed and in exhausted and embarrassed tone said“shut up!”

“No, I like it” I reassured her.

Jaspreet giggled and replied, “don’t tell anyone”.

I laughed and said “no its just between us, oh and Mark”.

Again, she laughed and shoved me in the chest and said “shut up”.

“Don’t worry I won’t ruin your innocent reputation” I said as I stroked her back.

“Yes that’s just for you” she replied. We lay there, in each others arms feeling exhausted. I wasn’t sure whether to bring the subject up again regarding Mark. But thinking we were both still a bit tipsy, I decided to approach it again. “Talking about Mark really got you horny didn’t it” I asked Jaspreet. “Shut up!” she said feeling embarrassed, her conventional Asian background could not bring herself to admit it. She climbed off me and lay down next to me with her back to me, so she would not have to face me when we spoke about it, I turned my body around as I spooned her and whispered in her ear “Come on tell me the truth, did it turn you on” I asked her. She stayed silent. “Jaspreet?” I said encouraging her to talk.

“I think it turned you on more” she answered back.

“To be honest it did” I admitted.

“What?” she said sounding puzzled.

“I like it when other guys check you out, it makes me proud that I have such a hot wife” I explained to her. She sounded surprised “I always thought you were the jealous typeManvir?” she asked.

“Maybe in the beginning I was a little jealous with the attention you got but now I feel comfortable with where we are in our relationship, I know you love me”. I explained. She didn’t respond and we stayed silent for a couple of minutes, she had her back turned to me and I was in a spooning position with my arms wrapped around her, so I couldn’t see the reaction on her face. Did I go too far? Was she disgusted with me? What was she thinking? A couple of minutes later the silence was broken. Jaspreet’s phone which was placed on the cabinet on the side of the bed beeped. She leant over and picked up the phone. “Oh my god!” she cried out.

“What? What is it?” I enquired at which point she showed me her phone and laughed. Mark had requested to connect to her on her linked in profile. We both laughed, the person we were speaking about had just asked to connect to her. “See I told you” I said to Jaspreet.

“It doesn’t mean anything Manvir” she tried to reason.

“Come on! Don’t be so naïve. You must know when men are flirting with you? Its not just him but remember the guys at work?” I said.

Jaspreet responded by teasingly saying “Well maybe I need to flirt with them a little more if it turns you on?”

“Maybe you should, especially if you enjoy the attention” I replied. She giggled and didn’t say any more about it. “So tell me the truth, do you find Mark attractive” I asked while I kissed her neck from behind. Jaspreet didn’t have any problem with telling me which film stars she finds attractive, but this was different. “Yeah, he looked fine, tall, smart and he seemed a nice guy” she admitted. I cupped her breasts as I continued to kiss her neck. Thinking about Mark fucking Jaspreet made me erect again, and she could feel it. As I kissed her neck and cupped her breasts, I started to rub my cock against Jaspreet’s arse. “I think Mark found you attractive too, I think Mark wants to be in my position right now”. She could feel I was ready again; I aggressively groped her breasts while I was laying behind her, I saw she closed her eyes and I mauled her body. I moved my hands down to her arse and grabbed her butt cheeks hard. “Imagine Mark doing this right now” I said to her. With one arm wrapped around her body I leant over with my other arm to the bedside cabinet and took out a bottle of lube. I squirted a small amount and prepared my cock. I moved my hands down to her arse and grabbed her butt cheeks to allow my cock to enter in between them. I continued to rub against her hole and she moved her arse back, with a little thrust I entered her arse. As I began to fuck her anally, I placed my hand on her hip while my other arm was wrapped around her shoulder. I whispered in her ear “Imagine Mark fucking you in the arse”. She let out a moan as I continued to fuck her anally. “Does that feel good?” I asked knowing the answer.

“yes” she moaned.

“Who is fucking your arse?” I asked her. She didn’t say anything. “When you were flirting with Mark this is really what he wanted from you” I whispered in her ear. As I fuckedher anally, I moved my hand down to her clitoris and slowly stroked it. “Oh god!” Jaspreet’s screamed. I started to finger her. I had mental images of Mark fucking my Indian wife, I knew I was close as I picked up the pace and my strokes became faster and faster as I fucked her arse. All you could hear in the room were the sounds of me fingering her wet pussy and the sound of my balls clashing against Jaspreet as I fucked her harder. “Oh Manvir!” Jaspreet screamed. I continued to penetrate her with my cock and my fingers. “Imagine Mark fucking you like this” I continued. “Who’s fucking you Jaspreet?” I whispered again in her ear. She knew what I wanted to hear. “Mark is” she said. I kissed and bit her neck and continued to fuck her as she said that. “What’s Mark doing?” I asked again.

“Mark’s fucking my arse” she continued. Hearing that again drove me wild and I came inside her. I had my arms wrapped around her and we sat there for 10 minutes not saying a word. I wondered what she was thinking now that the moment was over. Was she upset? Confused? Or maybe she was thinking how I felt about her after what she said. Before saying anything, I slipped out of the bed and went to the bathroom. When I came back, she was laying there staring at the ceiling. “Wow Jaspreet, that was a hot session”. She didn’t say anything but just stared at the ceiling. I lay down next to her and tried to get a response. “Wasn’t it hot?” I asked her.

“Yeah it was but…” Jaspreet said before stopping.

“But what?” I asked. She laid her head on my chest and wrapped her arm around me.

“I always thought you were the jealous type?” Jaspreet asked, slightly confused. This is where I decided to be honest with her, I reasoned that if she didn’t like the answer I could put it down to a night of passion and alcohol. “Well to begin with when we first met I was, but I trust you so much now and love you so much” I explained.

“So it doesn’t bother you if guys flirt with me or I flirt with them?” Jaspreet enquired.

“No, to be honest it kind of turns me on” I admitted.

“What! Really?” Jaspreet replied acting very surprised.

“Don’t get me wrong, there is a little jealousy there, but its mixture of jealousy and being turned on, I’m kind of proud that I have a wife that a lot of men want, and to be honest a wife a lot of men want to fuck” I explained.

Jaspreet laughed and said teasingly “Well I’m glad you realise how lucky you are”. I kissed her on her forehead and said “I do, believe me. Especially when I see other men look at you and check you out, or flirt with you, it really turns me on, I just want to get you home and fuck your brains out”. Jaspreet giggled ,“Well maybe I need to flirt a little more than”  she said with her mischievous look in her eyes. The conversation was turning me on, I felt liberated that I could finally discuss these kinds of things with Jaspreet. “Maybe you should, maybe you should start now?” I said while I moved down and started kissing her breasts. “What do you mean?” Jaspreet asked.

“Send Mark a flirty Whatsapp message” I said.

“No! Manvir I wouldn’t know what to say” she said. I started to lick and caress her breasts.

“Yes you do, just do what you usually do when you flirt with other men, remember I told you it turns me on” I explained. I took her phone from the side and passed it to her. She giggled and decided to play along. “Hey Mark, thanks for connecting with me on Linkedin, it was nice meeting you this evening” the message read. We were both laying in bed giggling like school children. She sent the message and Jaspreet said “He will probably not respond”.

I replied “I think he will, just give it a few minutes” a minute later Mark replied. We both laughed and she gave me a very surprised look. The message innocently read “Hey Jas, no problem at all, it was good meeting you too”. Although it was a rather innocent message, I began to get turned on again. I think Jaspreet was enjoying this too, and she replied back to Mark “Oh and by the way, thanks for the drink too, that was nice of you Hun”. We both laughed as Jaspreet called him Hun. We waited a few minutes for Mark to reply, and we stayed in bed cuddling and kissing, she turned around and faced the other way as I spooned her and then suddenly Jaspreet’s phone beeped again which made her giggle. “What’s he say now? I asked excitedly. “No problem at all babe” Mark replied. I laughed out loud and said “See, I told you he was into you, he’s just called you babe, that’s not exactly very professional, is it?” Jaspreet giggled and explained he probably only replied like that as she called him Hun. “I think that’s enough Manvir, we don’t want to lead him on now” Jaspreet said. “Tell me the truth? You like the attention don’t you?” I asked Jaspreet. Jaspreet giggled and I nudged her again to give me an answer. “Manvir I think you like it too” Jaspreet replied trying not to admit the truth. “I told you I do” I said. She continued to press the buttons on her phone and she had a mischievous look in her eyes. The phone beeped again. “Show me! what’s he say” I asked. Jaspreet showed me the phone smiling with that twinkle in her eye. The message read

Jaspreet: “It’s a pity my husband showed up, we could have had a few more drinks and let loose”.

Mark: “yeah? Well Maybe another time we can, and spend more time having drinks”.

“Oh my god! He wants you bad!” I said. Jaspreet laughed and I again mauled her body and we fucked again that night before going asleep.


The next morning Jaspreet had 3 messages from Mark. He was clearly very interested; all this did was arouse us both. We fucked again that morning reading his messages. The next week we fucked like rabbits, every time we looked back on the Friday night it aroused us both. It was a liberating experience, whether at that time Jaspreet wanted to act on it, was doubtful but she went along with the role playing and seemed to enjoy it too, although when we had sex, I always instigated it, that is until the following Saturday night.

The following Saturday Jaspreet had agreed to go out for dinner with three of her friends. I sat alone watching the football as I was shattered from a night out the night before with friends. Around 9pm Jaspreet messaged me. “Hun, I’m going to be a bit later than expected, the girls have roped me in to having a couple of drinks”. She sent me a selfie of her friends and her in a bar. She looked very sexy, I wondered if anyone approached her and hit on her that evening. I replied back. “That’s fine, I’ll probably be asleep in bed when you come back, I’m shattered”. A few minutes later Jaspreet replied. “I was hoping you’d be up, I’ve had a few drinks, you know what that means” Jaspreet messaged with a winking emoji. I laughed to myself and messaged her back “we’ll see what time it is; I am so tired!”.

After a few minutes Jaspreet replied. “Well if your too tired, I’m sure I can ask the men who have tried to hit on me” which she finished off with an emoji. I don’t know whether she was joking, but she knew exactly how to tease me, make me jealous and turn me on all at the same time. I messaged back and asked. “Tell me more, or are you just joking”. A few minutes passed, and my cock was now twitching, even in my exhausted state. I then got another message from Jaspreet. She had sent me a selfie of herself, her friend and two random men with them. All those feelings came back, I was excited, jealous, and it made me horny. I examined the picture,Jaspreet’s friend was making a peace sign with her hand, Jaspreet was pucking up her lips and blowing a kiss. She looked amazing, very sexy and she knew how to find the balance between looking very sexy and very slutty. The two men were smiling and seemed to be having a good time. Both men were in their 20’s, one was white one was Asian. Now my mind was racing. I wondered if any of them had flirted with Jaspreet, had any of them tried to touch her. I messaged her back and said “Looks like your having a good time? Who are those guys?”. She didn’t reply. I think she liked the idea of me thinking about her talking to other men, she loved to tease me. I messaged again with a question mark. Again, nothing from her. Finally she sent a message back and said “When I get home, I’ll tell you all about it" and finished the message with a winking emoji. She had me where she wanted me, she knew I would stay up and wait for her which is what her objective was. This event made me alive again, and I recovered from my sleepy state. I waited till 11pm, my mind was racing, but I decided that when she came home I would play it down and not show my excitement, I wanted her to instigate it. At 11pm I heard a car pull up, I heard Jaspreet speak to her friend and say goodbye. I sat on the sofa watching TV. She came in through the door, looking slightly tipsy and wearing a mischievous smile. She looked stunning as always dressed in tight jeans, heels, and a shiny glittery top. “Hey your still up?” she commented.

“Yeah, I was just watching a bit of TV, did you have a good night?” I replied.

“Yes, it was fun” she said as she sat down next to me and kissed me. I kissed her back and continued to watch TV. I couldn’t help but ask her. “So, who were those guys?” I asked. Jaspreet smiled at me, a twinkle in her eye. She got off from the sofa and knelt down in front of me while she stroked my crotch through my joggers. “Just two guys who started talking to us” she said.

“Tell me everything they said and did” I demanded.

Jaspreet giggled knowing how this was all making me feel. “Well they’re names were Harvey and Paul” she said as she continued to stroke my crotch feeling it getting hard.

“And?” I said encouraging her to tell me more.

“I was having a little dance with Priya, and then Harvey tried to wave us over” she said. “We just laughed and ignored him. But then they came over to us and started talking to Priya.Priya then introduced me to both of them” she said.

“And did you flirt with them?” I enquired. Jaspreet continued to rub and stroke my crotch. She loved seeing me like this, she felt in control and desired.  She smiled at me and said “No, what makes you think that? I was just being friendly when I spoke to them”.

“Tell me more?” I demanded again. She looked up at me and continued to smile. She had me where she wanted me, and now she went into more detail. “Harvey politely shook my hand, when he was introduced, he had big hands. He then tried to talk to me but I couldn’t hear him. So he leaned into me and talked directly into my ear” she said. Jaspreet now took my cock out, and started to stroke it up and down. “What was he saying?” I asked.

Jaspreet giggled and said “Something about my dancing, he said I was a sexy dancer”. I was rock hard and Jaspreet knew how much this story was turning me on so she continued. “When he leaned in to talk into my ear, I could smell his aftershave”.

“Did it smell nice?” I asked.

“Yes, he did, he smelt nice” she replied as she continued to stroke my cock.

“And then?” I asked.

“As he was talking to me, he got close and had his hand on my back.” As she continued to play with my cock she looked up at me and with mischievous smile said “Are you jealous?”.

“Yes. But also turned on” I replied. Jaspreet giggled and without having to be asked put my cock in her mouth. The story, they way it turned me on ,she seemed to enjoy and it aroused her too. “What else happened?” I asked.

Jaspreet took my cock out of her mouth and said “Nothing else, don’t worry. He asked if I wanted to come with him to another bar but I said no.”

“Just Imagine Jaspreet? He probably wanted to take you home and fuck you” I said. Jaspreet giggled and continued to suck my cock. As she was going down on me, I fantasied about Harvey fucking her, and I think she did too. “That’s it, suck that cock, the way Harvey wanted you to do it too”. Jaspreet went down on me faster and deeper, the fact I mentioned his name seemed to turn her on, so I continued. “Imagine if you did go with him? You would be sucking his cock now. That’s it suck his cock” I told her.

Jaspreet took the cock out of her mouth and started to lick my balls as I continued to talk about Harvey. And then to my surprise she blurted out “Do you like that Harvey? Do you like me sucking your cock?” I couldn’t help myself, hearing Jaspreet say that took me over the edge and I stood up and exploded all over her face. She giggled and looked up at me smiling, she looked amazing, with cum over her face and on her beautiful lips. “I think you liked that didn’t you?” Jaspreet said in a teasing way. “Yes! That was amazing! But I think you did too, didn’t you? A random stranger trying to chat you up? That kind of turned you on too, didn’t it?” I asked. Jaspreet got up from her knees and said “Maybe I did? She said smiling. As she walked away she teased me again as she went up the stairs and said “Come on lets go to bed if you want to know what else Harvey wants to do to me”. She knew saying that would turn me on, I rushed upstairs and we continued to discuss the evening Jaspreet experienced whilst we fucked for hours during the night.

The next couple of weeks we continued to fuck, whichincluded talking about other men while we did it. It definitely aroused me, and I think Jaspreet was not just doing it for me, I think it turned her on too. I didn’t think any more would come from this, and it would just be a little dirty talk to get us both in the mood, that was until a month later where it actually went to the next stage.











Written by Mj3666

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