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"You're never too old"

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"This work can not be used in any form without the owners express permission Copyright © 9th November 2022 Resnonpel"


“What’s Dogging” She asked

Well I nearly spluttered the wine out of my mouth

“What on earth made you ask that?”

“I just wondered, that’s all”

“Where did you hear about it?”

“Two women were talking in the hairdressers this morning”

“What did they say?”

“One was saying that her husband wanted her to go dogging”

“What did the other one say?”

“I don’t know. They put me under the drier”

I said nothing hoping that the moment would pass but a minute later

“Well what is it?”

We’ve been together for sixteen years but the magic vanished after the way she treated me, gradually driving us apart. Anyway that’s bye the bye. I’m eighty-one and my partner is seventy-nine. We haven’t had sex for nearly ten years and really only stay together for company and I guess laziness.

“Well Dogging is when a couple decide that they want to have sex in public where other people can watch or maybe even join in”

“That’s disgusting! I don’t believe you. You’re making it up”

It was this kind of dogmatic attitude that drove us apart

“Oh ok. Don’t believe me. I’m going upstairs”

Upstairs on the top floor of our house is where my den is. Going up there helped to calm things down.

A couple of days later just after tea she suddenly said

“Alright then prove it. Tell me where it happens”

“Where what happens?”

“This Dogging”

“Dogging? I’d forgotten that conversation”

“You forget everything. So where does it happen”

“Well almost any outdoor seclude spot”

“Is there one round here?”

“There’s probably a few round here but I’ve heard there’s one at ……..Viewpoint”

“……….Viewpoint? But that’s a beautiful place. Nothing like that could happen there. I don’t believe you”

“I’m not surprised; you never believe anything I tell you”

“Alright. Take me there!”


“Take me there”

“Jean you just wouldn’t like it”

“I knew it! You’re lying”

I’d had enough if this. Jean is very contrary and if I say no she says yes.

“OK. We’ll go up there sometime”

“I want to go now!”

“But it’ll be dark in an hour or so?”

“Don’t try to squirm out of it. I want to go now”

“Well ok, if that’s what you want but you’ll need something warm as it will get chilly up on the hill. Mind you, we won’t be up there long so it doesn’t really matter”

“Don’t you tell me what to wear. I’ll wear what I like!” And with that she went upstairs.

I was in two minds now. On the one hand I didn’t want to have someone approach us and have her get alarmed but on the other hand I hoped someone would approach us and be vindicated in what I’d said.

She came down in medium high heels black tights and a pale blue button through front cotton dress.

I must say she looked quite nice.

It was dusk as we drove into the viewpoint and all the parking spaces where empty.

“See! I knew it. There’s nothing here”

The place was like a one way circuit and you had to go round the track to get to the actual viewpoint and as we rounded the corner there were eight or ten cars all parked facing the view. As we passed I could see there where men sitting in most of them.

There was a space right in the middle of them so I pulled in leaving a space on either side.

“Well what happens now?”

“I’m not really sure. I suppose we sit and wait”

She flicked on the interior light to check her makeup. She really is a good looking woman for seventy nine.

I flicked the light off.

“Why did you do that?”

“I heard somewhere that leaving your interior light on means you’re ready for action”

“Really” She sneered. “The only action here is people looking at what’s left of the view”

“We just have to sit and wait to see if anything happens”

“I’m not sitting here all night on a fool’s errand”

“Ok We’ll go” and moved to start the engine.

“Well just a few minutes but that’s all”

We sat in silence apart from the odd door closing and a couple of cars leaving, and after about fife-teen minutes she said “It’s stuffy in here” and wound the window down.

“You’d better put it up or you’ll find a cock coming through the window”

“W-what? Don’t be stupid this is a public place”


Within moments there was a shadow across the windscreen and a figure appeared at her door

Startled. She turned to find a large cock pointing straight at her.

She grabbed my arm as she turned back to me and I could see the mixed emotions on her face and in her eyes “David. What do I do?” She pleaded.

“Well you either wind your window up or you get hold of it”

I was getting quite turned on by the experience and hoped she would get hold of it

Her right hand had me in a vice like grip of fear but slowly her left hand came up from her lap and touched it then gripped it. She looked back at me.

“It’s a nice clean looking cock, wank him off” I whispered to her.

She let go of my arm and turning slightly in her seat started to wank him slowly with her left hand.

“Oh missus that’s lovely. Just a bit tighter” he said as his hand came through the window and started massaging her tits.

“Oh my God” she moaned and turned her head to me with questioning eyes.

I nodded my head.

His hand dropped to her lap and started to push her dress up

She turned back to him and found his cock pressing to her lips. He pushed a little and her lips parted and her tongue started licking his bell then the shaft.

His hand had reached her stocking tops by now (She never ever wore stockings only tights!)

And I could see she was wearing white suspenders and white satin knickers.

Then it hit me like a bomb blast! The little bitch had played me. She knew exactly what she was doing! Well two can play at that game!

His hand was in her knickers now and she wasn’t offering any resistance. I was as hard as hell and had my cock in my hand having a nice slow wank. There was a knock on my window and a guy motioned me to wind it down. I did and he leaned in and started sucking me off

The guy servicing my wife had two fingers up her cunt and she was just lying there moaning and bucking like a donkey.

Whilst I’d been distracted by the guy who was making a real nice meal of my cock another guy had got in the car behind my wife, opened her dress, got her tits out and was sucking away on her nipples which were sticking out like chapel hat pegs.

There were four other guys waiting alongside. Someone said “Get her out of the car” “Where will we put her?” “On the picnic table”

The guy with his fingers up her pussy looked at me “We’ll only do it if it’s ok with you”

“It’s not really up to me it’s up to her but she seems to be enjoying it. So it’s ok with me but you must be gentle as she has a heart condition and I don’t want her hurt”

They opened the passenger door and gently lifted her out, and across to the picnic table where they laid her out full length. Her dress had fallen off and she lay there spread eagled across the table wearing a white satin open bottomed girdle, nylon knickers that were down round her thighs, white satin suspender belt and black stockings

I got out and walking over to the table collected the dress. She looked absolutely gorgeous and very vulnerable just lying there, eyes closed, not moving. The four men who had stood back a little in admiration of the sight moved in, dick’s in hand.

“I’ll take her first cause I was first in the queue. You take her head” nodding to one of the others “And then we’ll change round”

They’d all unzipped and were wanking away.

Guy number one was massaging her legs moving slowly up towards her thighs. Guy number two had the biggest cock I’d ever seen. ”Wait till you get that monster up your twat” I thought. He pushed it to her lips and she gobbled hungrily.

The picnic table was just the right size so that her head hung over one end and her legs hung over the other end leaving her gaping pink pussy on full view.

Number one moved in and started sucking her pussy through her satin knickers.

Guys three and four were playing and tickling her tits and body with their mouths. She involuntarily held their cocks and was wanking them whilst she writhed and bucked on the table

I was mesmerised by the sight when someone reached round from behind and started wanking me off

The guy in her mouth suddenly cried “Argh I’m coming” and started to pull out. Quick as a flash her arms went up and grabbing his head pulled him hard in. He came with a loud “Urgh” and shot his load. She took the lot and swallowed it down.

I was so engrossed and turned on by what I was watching that I hardly noticed that the guy behind me had unfastened my belt and my trousers dropped to the floor.

I reached behind me to find my hand resting on a pair of silky knickers. I turned my head and the guy was standing there in just pale blue lingerie and white stockings.. He moved my hands to his cock. “Wank me old man”

In the meantime my wife was getting close to an orgasm. Number one was fucking her hard and he suddenly emptied his load deep inside her.

“Oh My God” she yelled “Oh my, Oh my, Oh my” and convulsed into one mighty orgasm that startled the guys so much that they stood back and watched.

She calmed down a bit. “David. David! Where are you?" I shuffled to the table “I’m sorry” she said. “Right, we’ll go then”

“We’ll go when I’m ready” She snapped back. Same old woman!

“Well there’s one massive cock waiting in the queue but you won’t want that on, its way too big”

I motioned Donkey Dick round to her as I moved to her head

He did and without any preliminaries banged his still ridged monster right up her cunt.

She let out one almighty scream and I put my hand over her mouth to silence her a little

Her face was wet with tears “It hurts David” “Do you want him to stop?” “Yes. Yes. Ooooh no it’s lovely. The pains gone now”

He was pumping away in a nice slow gentle rhythm and she was making gentle sighs and mewing sounds.

I pushed my cock to her lips and she opened her eyes and mouthed YES. I didn’t give a fuck whether she wanted it or not. I was going in any way!

Just then I felt a pantied cock at my bum hole. Something cool and soothing was rubbed round my hole. “Relax old man you’re going to enjoy this” and a cock slid gently up my anus.

He built up a nice gentle rhythm which transferred to the rhythm I was fucking her mouth and the rhythm she was being fucked at.

The guy up my arse gasped “I’m coming” “So am I” I gasped “Me too” Said the guy at the other end and with a loud “Aarrgghh” we all came together. Seconds later my wife let out a loud moan, “Oh My God. Oh my Oh my Oh my” and started bucking like a donkey.

Within seconds they’d all gone. She was lying there totally spent and looking very vulnerably and dishevelled. There was cum in her hair, running down her face, her tits and stomach and oozing out of her pussy.

I helped her sit up. “We had better go home” I said “What time is it” “its 11pm” We’d been there for five hours.

I wrapped her in her dress and we got back in the car.

She was quieter than I’d known her for a long time.

Suddenly she said “That was all your fault” “What do you mean “My fault?” “You made me go there, I didn’t want to go and you said nothing would happen”

“I’m fed up with this” I said.

I pulled into a layby scrambled across and straddled her legs, sat down, unzipped my fly and got my cock out. “Just shut up and suck this you dirty little cock sucking whore”

“Yes David”

Copyright © 9th November 2022 Resnonpel

Written by Resnonpel

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