2 Aug 2019

I've been reading the gay dogging stories on here after a long absence away from the site. It really reminds me of my early days of doing this. Much of what I used to do was in toilets through glory holes. Once I'd got started I couldn't stop. I went every opportunity I could get. Mostly I went to the same few places on the way home from work. I was in my mid twenties, married with a young child. I was still having quite good sex with my wife but I was curious.

She never had any idea what I used to get up to. My second wife of now well over thirty years knows I love to watch gay and bi porn and used to watch it with me but she doesn't know either what I still get up to and have done since just after we met.

I first got sucked by a man through a glory hole. My first wife used to do oral on me a lot before we got married but the excitement went for her. She still loved me licking her cunt though. After no time at all going with men I was wanking and sucking them and even getting fucked at times. In the end I let them shoot their spunk in my mouth which I still love to this day. When my marriage ended, nothing to do with my secret life, I was free to really carry on. I had my first proper fuck with a man when he took me back to his place. Amazing! In the end I met my present wife and we had a good sex life. She was still a virgin in her thirties and naïve. She'd never heard of oral sex or that women wanked themselves. She had never wanked a man or even seen a stiff cock. She loved to wank me and watch me shoot spunk. She sucked me but not come in her mouth.

In the end I wanted sex with men again so once we were married I started looking around. Still plenty of toilets around. Most of the men I went with were older than me so I was very popular. Now so few toilets now so all my sex with men is outdoors. I have a favourite car park I go to and have had lots of sex there over the past seven years. In the car park or up in the woods. Gets busy at times and it's not unusual to have small groups of us playing around. I don't get there as much now as we moved a few miles away. The car park is on the A46 Brockworth to Stroud road in Gloucestershire. Easy to miss it in the dark. It's just past a series of bends on the left going towards Stroud where the roads straightens out. It's on Google maps.

You never know, I might just get to suck your cock and taste your spunk. Lovely!