Written by Drkl

27 Mar 2019

It was Friday and I was winding down when Wife called me to chat about our plans for the weekend, and what she ought to make for dinner. Since it was just the two of us I asked if she wanted to go out to our favorite steakhouse. No cooking, get to dress up, good food and drinks? No question. She quickly agreed and said she would be ready at 5 pm for me to pick her up, so I made reservations for 5:30 pm.

The sun was low when I drove up to our house. Wife must have been waiting since she walked out as soon as I pulled in and she took my breath away. Even after years of marriage she is still a stunner. She is about 5'5" with long blonde hair, and a very athletic build (she was in cheer in high-school and kept her figure). She was wearing a long, creme colored paisley sun-dress, 4 inch tan heels, and she was very obviously not wearing a bra. She has beautiful, natural 36 D breasts, and pale white skin (she just can not tan, no matter what). As I helped her into the car I could smell her perfume, and noticed her hands and feet had been recently manicured with a subdued creamy tan color. She looked great.

We drove to our steak house where we had a long dinner with drinks and wine. (Here is where things always get fun!) Once Wife lets her hair down with a few drinks, she gets really flirty and her exhibitionism starts to shine through. Wife began hitting on our waitress. This did not shock me since we had an unexpected threesome with a woman shortly after we were married, and had played with women since then. But, when she started teasing the busboy, I was curious where she was headed. She had only been with one other man than me, and that was before we married. Since then she has shown interest in women, but not men. Tonight, the more red wine she had the more she would get physical with the busboy. The staff laughed it off (we are regulars there, and her teasing was pretty innocent) and we finished and headed down the block to our city park for an evening stroll.

As we walked down the block Wife stopped, quickly looked around and then removed her panties, putting them in my hand and resuming our walk. We got to Woodland Park, which is about 300 acres along the river, full of beautiful trails, an amphitheater, pick-nick areas and playgrounds. As you get nearer the river, there are woody areas as well. At this time in the evening it was still warm, the sun was dipping low, and there were few people on the trails as we walked. Wife was getting frisky and we would stop from time to time and passionately kiss. She usually timed this as people were approaching (I told you she is a bit of an exhibitionist). Once, when two guys were jogging toward us, she started in again, but let the strap of her dress slide off her left shoulder, exposing part of her breast. I saw both guys staring, and the one nearly fell over. We walked on but I began to notice that one of the guys had stopped jogging and was walking back down the trail toward us. He didn't stop, but I could see he was eyeing Wife as he passed.

Wife and I headed off the trail toward the more wooded areas and I told her to stop and give me her dress. She laughed and said "You want me to walk around naked?!" I just held out my hand. As she pulled her dress over her head, I saw past her shoulder, about 100 yards away through the trees, the jogger. "I think you found a fan!" Wife looked over her shoulder, tossed her dress to me and stepped into the treeline, blushing and giggling at the same time.

When this happened we were still in our late 20's and I am guessing the guy was five years younger than us. Anyhow, we just held hands and walked through the woods. Every once in a while we would look around, and occasionally, I would spot our "guest". Normally I might be nervous, but I was a bit bigger than this guy and I could see him grabbing his crotch so I was less nervous about being followed in the dark than I probably should have. (Live and learn!)

At some point Wife was getting very turned on walking around in a public place in the nude and she knelt down,still in her heels, and pulled my cock out and began giving me head. As she did, I saw the jogger come up to the edge of the clearing we were in and begin furiously rubbing his crotch. Wife began rubbing her pussy and then she looked up and said "Is he still watching?" I nodded, and she said "Oh God, if he comes up to me I would almost fuck you both." I stood Wife up, facing the jogger and leaned her forward, grabbing a low hanging tree limb. I took my cock and slid it up and down Wife's hairy blond pussy and finally pushed it in, balls-deep. Wife grunted and I said "Look, he likes it." She looked forward and jogger had his dick in his hand wanking away. He had a fairly normal size prick and his jogging shorts were around his knees. "Of fuck, I want to taste his cum!" Wife was groaning as I fucked her pussy, and I waved jogger over. He waddled toward Wife and knelt in front of her sucking on her tits as she I was reaming her from behind. Wife reached down and started stroking his cock and he started kissing her and squeezing her tits. Finally she tugged him up to his feet and pulled his cock into her mouth. For a second, jogger eyed me and I gave him the ok, so he grabbed Wife's head and began fucking her mouth. She grabbed his ass and swallowed his cock completely (my dick is about 10" long, and Wife has tons of experience with me, so she could easily swallow his prick) and held it there for a second. Jogger's head flopped back and Wife continued sucking him off . Jogger started grunting and I could tell he was pumping her mouth full of cum. As the cum hit Wife's tongue, I felt her begin to shake and he pussy clutched my cock hard as she had a massive orgasm. That was it for me and I finished by exploding all inside of her.

Jogger backed up, his cock still twitching, pulled his shorts up and shuffled off. Wife slunk down to the ground in front of me, cum dripping from her mouth and her pussy, and I leaned back against the tree adjusted my pants. "That was interesting." I quipped, "and you didn't even ask his name!" Wife smiled at me and wiped the cum from her chin, and said "Who the fuck cares what his name was!"

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