Written by Piere the dog

23 Apr 2019

This easter weekend wife and I took the caravan over Hereford direction to get away from the 'grown up' kids. The weather had been so good we decided to go for a good walk and parked up in one of the many country park car parks. We took drink and snacks and barely needed much clothing just shorts and t shirts because it was so abnormally hot for the time of year. following behhind the wife in her tiny shorts and gaping t shirt I fantasized about various sexual things and during rest stops flirted and gave her the odd feel here and there. Wife was quite playful but didnt let me go too far as there was generally someone walking about or rounding a corner likely to catch you out. After the walk we got back to the car a bit late and the temperature had dropped dramatically and the light had almost gone as it was close to 8pm. We both opened the car doors and reached in for our jumpers and jumped about to warm ourselves up before driving off back to the caravan, heater full blast. By this time I was gagging to have a fuck as all that flirting had made my balls full to bursting so didn't hang around getting back. Once in the caravan I was all over the wife tugging off clothes as soon as I could. It was then that we noticed she had lost her silver neckchain .Searching all over the caravan to no avail we concluded that it must have come off during the frantic donning of jumper in the carpark. I didn't fancy our chance of finding it in the pitch dark but as it wasn't far we thought it was worth a look before others returned the next morning . We jumped back in the car and raced back to the carpark and parked in what we felt was the exact spot we had parked earlier.

By now the car park was pitch black but we were aware of what looked like a couple of empty cars in the opposite corner which we ignored with only one thought on our mind..find the necklace. Both of us armed with mini torches we jumped out and started searching. i backed the car up a bit and put the lights on again but it was better with side lights and the torches with less glare. All of a sudden there we spotted a shimmer on the floor and it was the necklace..we couldnt believe out luck. Quickly back in the car ,wife demands I put it around her neck ,which leads to me nibbling her ear and then cupping her breasts as she falls backwards onto my chest.

We are so oblivious to everything as we are so relieved at finding the necklace and so ready for release. The tension had passed and we had nothing of importance to do but enjoy ourselves. I reached under her t shirt and unclipped her bra. MMMM she murmers. She reaches around herself and using womens magic produces a lacy bra in her hands yet still wearing her t shirt..as women do sometimes. I just love to feel those nipples protruding through thin sh irt fabric..sooo sensual. I put the interior light on a second to move gear sticks around and push the seat back a bit, then switch it off again. Now reaching around I free her breasts and gently kneed them ,rolling the nipples between fingers and then working them the way she likes it. She turns and kisses me. her breath is hot, her breathing is more ragged than usual.

She reaches for my fly and works my semi erect cock out from the tangle of fabric.

Occasionally we light a torch to see what we are doing but we are engrossed in each other. I reach down to her crotch, she is very hot, but its too restricted and I cannot get in. She understands and taking her hand from my cock undo's her shorts and lifting up a moment slides them down a little. I reach down as she reaches for my cock again. I am feeling so fucking horny I just want to fuck her wet pussy and I dont care about anything else. I have my hands in her pants and she is so fucking wet ..the smell of sex is so present and intoxicating.

It was then that I noticed movement outside the car. I almost couldn't be bothered to look up but the two faces were so excited and beconing attention I had to pause. I didnt bother covering the wife up as it was so dark but I cracked the window down as the two young guys were shining phone torches up at their own faces and I asked them what they wanted.

'can we take some pictures mate?' one said. Seeing my puzzled look he told me that it was a popular dogging spot and thought it was what I was there for. By this time wife was making moves to cover up but I held her still. i asked what they normally did. they said usually take some pics but sometimes get to touch.

I let the window down more. Do you want some pics of her? Wife objects. I tell her its just fun and noone knows us. Both lads get a glimpse of her and say how gorgeous she is. Wife is flattered..I can tell. I pull her t shirt back up revealling her tits. She tries to pull it down but I resist. I tell them that maybe she would feel happier if they showed her their cocks. I saw in her face the interest. I raised my eyebrows at them. They put their phones down on my car and proceeded to get their stiff cocks out. i was impressed, both bigger than mine but not by much length..perhaps an inch..but one was thick. I saw my wifes eyes light up..a hunger come across her face. She asked them if this sort of thing was common. They said yes, especially later during the summer. she asked how many women had they seen. They said maybe 8 or 9. She asked how many they had touched..they said 3.....my wife breathed heavy and I pushed two fingers up her pussy,,,,she screamed out as she came on my fingers......she said 'Oh god'

I put my hand out the window and asked them if they wanted to smell her cum....they did..they took turns licking my fingers as they wanked themselves. My wife asked them how they had touched the other women...her speech ragged and her eyes glazed,,looking at their cocks. They said they had felt one womans tits...anothers pussy and fucked the 3rd.

I was impressed at how my wifes breathing was making her tits expand and contract so much,,she was very excited...i finger fucked her some more and she rolled her eyes. I asked her if she would be up for helping the lads cum by wanking them a bit. perhaps thinking that making them cum would end the tension she agreed. I got out of the car and walked to her door. i opened it and she stepped out. her tshirt had dropped and covered her tits but her nipples were as erect as could ever be. She tried to fasten her shorts up but I stopped her and ordered her to get their cocks. She wanked them awkwardly, I suggested she wiped pussy juice on their cocks and spat in her hands. The lads were speechless but one had started to feel one of her tits. I stood behind her..in the opening of the door. I helped her shorts fall to the floor. she hesitated a moment as it happened but then carried on wanking the cocks. I lifted one of her legs and placed in on the sill of the opened car door, opening her pussy. I dropped to my knees and burried my face in her soaking cunt, slurping cum our of her..it was running like water..she was so turned on. She leant forward putting her head into the shouldder of the lad feeling her tit and started snogging him. I stood up realeased my cock and entered her from behind. We fucked for a few minutes and she broke away from the snog to gasp a few times and then as I shot my load into her she came too. At this stage I wasnt sure how far she would go, my heart raced, i felt like a dirty sex fiend..I wanted to see her fucked good and proper.

I grabbed her leg that was raised and told the lad with fat cock to come next to me and lift her other leg. as we raised her we tipped her back slightly exposing her open pussy to the other lad..I said 'fuck her'

She repeated 'oh God' again..and then started to grunt and call out yes yes. The lad kept it going for a few minutes and I nibbled her neck as fat cock felt her tits.

After the lad had shot his load up her and she had had another couple of orgasms I suggested that fat cock had her doggy over the picnic table. I and the first lad left them to it while we had a fag although I did go to break them up a couple of times as she was begging for mercy but as I got close she told be to go away and changed to fuck me fuck me!

The wife was well fucked that night. It seemed so strange to say goodbye to the lads and just drive back to the caravan site, they had become sort of intimate friends. Wife came into the mens showers with me so I could clean her up properly and i joked that if anyone came in I might offer them her pussy again. She was well up for it too and proceeded to give me a fantastic blow job, but I didnt want us to get a bad name so we sneaked out and off to bed. She has not mentioned it since and I suspect she thinks it may have been a dream.