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Tricked into gogging

"Two elves carried me to Santa and lowered me onto his big cock"

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This time of year always reminds me of how things all started for myself, Paula, and my cousin Phillipa.  The bonfire and fireworks party in a nearby village was nearly three weeks late due to bad weather and storms and as a result they combined it with the Christmas party and Santa’s grotto for the kids.  I was meant to drive us there but due to car problems Phillipa had to collect me and do the driving.  The village always put on good parties and there was always lots of drink and good food.  Over the years Phillipa and I had got to know quite a few of the locals and had been looking forward to the event.


Besides the stalls and stuff in and around the village hall they had a number of tents doing food and for some reason Santa and his elves and fairies were set up in a tent instead of the village hall as it usually was.  It was good seeing the kids all excited to see Santa and his helpers and get a present each.  I joked with Phillipa that we should go and take a turn sitting on Santa’s lap.  Phillipa told me that at 31 I was just a tad to old for Santa and at 29 she was to.  Then she joked that you never know your luck though.


It was now getting pretty dark and all the kids had been to see Santa.   They had some ponies made up to look like reindeer pulling a sledge with Santa on it three times around the bonfire followed by his Elves and Fairies before they pulled him back to his tent and lit the bonfire.  We all stood waiting for the fireworks.  They were the best ones I had ever seen that year, and things really went with a bang as they came to a close.  Parents were rounding kids up and taking them off home to bed and the party really started and the booze flowed freely.


 I was in need of a pee and wandered out from the tent where the drinks and music was.  I couldn’t be bothered to walk all the way back to the carpark where the portaloos had been placed so I went behind one of the tents.  It was the one next to Santa’s.  As I pulled my panties down and crouched hanging onto a guy rope I could hear noises from Santa’s tent.  Someone was getting a good seeing to, and whoever it was, Santa was telling her, “Ho Ho Ho your such a good hoe.”  I had just finished peeing and heard the girl groan loudly.


I returned to the beer tent and whispered to Phillipa what I had just heard and she laughed and said that perhaps we should go and sat on Santa’s lap after all.  It was about an hour later when between Phillipa and I agreed we would make our way home.  On exiting the beer tent we were stopped in our tracks as we saw Santa naked from the waist down chasing a fairy, and he was followed by an elf, also naked from the waist down.  They ran around both the grotto tent and the next one to it and then back into the grotto tent.  I could hear Sant telling the young woman that she had been a very bad fairy and it was time for her punishment.


Phillipa grabbed my hand and pulled me to the grotto and we peeked inside.  There was Santa with a fairy sat on his chair with her legs wrapped around his head as he knelt.  I was more than a little surprised at just how big his cock was that dangled between his legs.  The elf was stood on the arm of the chair with his smaller but hard cock in the young woman’s mouth and was giving her quite a good face fucking.  I could feel my own pussy getting wet and reminding me that my old man wasn’t that attentive to me and it had been almost three weeks since I had last had a hard cock in my pussy.  Phillipa knew this as we talk about everything together and I often joked that she should lend me her boyfriend.


As we watched Santa and his elf pleasuring the woman, Santa was slowly getting an erection, and I was quite envious of the young woman and what she might be about to get.  As we watched I thought that it was Phillipa that put an arm around me.  Then I heard Phillipa groan and as I looked at her there was a complete stranger stood behind her and he had a hand in her panties and the man dressed up as an elf behind me slid his hand under my dress to my damp panties.  I heard myself groan like Phillipa had.  The Elf called out, “Look Santa we have two more naughty girls for you,” as we found ourselves being bundled into the tent and followed by yet another elf.


I knew we should have ran, but my pussy was telling me that the fingers now stroking my pussy felt so good.  I now had two elves undressing me.  My coat and blouse were open and my tits were being hoisted out my bra as the other elf was pulling my panties down.  Santa had gone back to licking the fairies pussy and she was coming quite loudly.  I looked at Phillipa and she was in a similar state of dress to myself with her tits out and no panties only the man with her was between her legs sucking her pussy.  I though to myself the dirty lucky cow, how come she always gets more than me.


Looking back the Fairy she was now on a mat beside Santa’s chair and the elf who had been face fucking her was just about to penetrate her pussy with the cock that had been in her mouth.  I suddenly found myself being lifted off the floor by two of Santa’s finest helpers.  Now with no panties on I was being turned to face away from Santa.  I looked over my shoulder to see he was sat back on his chair and I was being taken to him.  One elf handed Santa my panties and he had a quick sniff before saying, “Hoe Hoe Hoe what a naughty Hoe you are.”  As he that the two elves lowered me onto Santa’s impressive cock.


I was about to tell them no and I was no Hoe, but it was too late and Santa’s cock was already penetrating me.  It felt so much bigger than my Brian’s cock and although I wanted to shout stop my pussy was screaming yes yes yes and it slowly sank deeper and deeper.  I suddenly realised I wasn’t the only one getting fucked.  I knew the Fairy was, but I suddenly heard and then saw that Phillipa was also on her back and the man with her was taking long thrusts at her pussy.


I could feel Santa’s beard tickling my back as I had this urge to ride his cock which was now full embedded in my pussy.  As I started to raise and lower myself on Santa’s cock the man fucking Phillipa called out to Santa, “Told you the slut was gagging for it.  Pippa was right she did need a good fucking.”  I tried to tell them that I wasn’t a slut but one of the men was now stood on the two arms of Santa’s chair and stuffing his cock into my mouth, and I just let him in.


Phillipa was right I was gagging for it and now I was getting it.  A nice sized cock stretching my pussy and another in my mouth.  The man in my mouth started to moan and I just knew I was about to get a mouthful of cum.  I hadn’t sucked Brian for a very long time, but when I had, he never come anywhere as much as this man did.  I had to swallow fast to keep up with the strings of cum the man shot in my mouth.  Then I felt it coming.  My first climax with a man in probably three years.  My husband would fuck me but he rarely got me off, I normally had to play with myself after he was finished.  Santa must have been close as well as although I was sat on him, Santa’s thrusting was more than a match for my own thrusts.


It was the best orgasm that I could remember.  In just minutes as I recovered I needed more.  Poor Santa was no longer any use for me as he had just cum in my pussy.  I remember just groaning that I needed more.  I found myself being pulled off of Santa and turned around and my head pushed down to Santa’s wet limp cock.  I found myself sucking it.  Then I had no idea who but a cock penetrated my pussy and slid right into me.  Then whoever it was started to screw me from behind as I sucked on Santa’s cock.


I was soon coming and coming and coming. I couldn’t remember ever coming that much before.  It felt so good.  I just didn’t want it to end.  Then whoever was giving me this great fucking was groaning.  Santa held my head on his cock using my hair as the man fucking me came and moved away.  I wanted to groan with disappointment, but I couldn’t with Santa still in my mouth and his cock was just beginning to recover.  Then a third cock was in me.  I could hear the men all discussing that I was a real hot slut.  Santa was saying he was nearly ready for a second go with me as whoever it was ploughed my pussy quite hard.


The man fucking me didn’t last that long and as he staggered away Santa steered me to sit in his chair and my legs were quickly over his shoulders as his big cock again penetrated me.  This time he quickly brought me to a fantastic orgasm as he again came deep in me.  I could see that there was another man ready to jump me, but I had to tell him no as I was now getting sore.  Then Santa shocked me telling the man that he could be first the next time Phillipa and I came for a good fucking. 


Phillipa had also finished and looked like she had been pulled through a hedge.  I assumed that I probably looked much the same.  The men all watched us dress and Santa spoke with Phillipa and then we were walking to Phillipa’s car.  It felt like I still had a cock in me as I made the walk to the carpark.   In the car Phillipa said, “Well you told me that you needed a damn good fucking.”  We both just burst out laughing.  Phillipa dropped me off home, and Brian didn’t even notice that I looked like a woman well and truly fucked as I got in bed with him.


A few days later Phillipa was round our house.  As Brian was out we could talk openly and Phillipa asked was I ready for another good fucking yet.  I asked how she knew what was going to happen.  Phillipa said she had fucked everyone of the men in the group.  In all there was nine of them.   She had engineered that I saw Santa chasing the fairy and that I ended up looking in his tent.   I asked how she knew them and she told me that she had gone to a dogging site in the village carpark and met the man that fucked her first that night.  He soon introduced her to the rest of the men.  They was always moaning that there was never enough pussy to go around.  That was when Phillipa decided that perhaps I would like some of the spare cock going begging.


It was talking to the men about needing more pussy that they hatched a plan to get me into their clutches.  I was a little annoyed that I had been taken advantage of like that.  Phillipa asked had I enjoyed it.  I had to answer yes to which Phillipa said don’t complain just own it and come with me on Friday.  I asked what was happening Friday and Phillipa said it was one of the better nights to go dogging and she would be going there with or without me.


Guess where I went that Friday?

Written by Paula

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