Written by RichardJ1940

26 May 2005

My friend.

You know the sort of thing, you are just more than acquainted with ‘that nice couple down the road’? They were our age, early 60s. P’s husband is probably a little older.

I knew P had a small flat nearer London and that she worked part time somewhere up there too, returning home at weekends. I had to go to London and she said ‘stay with me, I have a spare room’; I was happy to accept but as little worried about what her husband thought about this; it came up in conversation and he just said that his wife ‘did her own thing’ up there and that he was not worried in the least.

I duly turned up with the usual flowers and wine and was made very welcome by P.

Within a short time the conversation drifted from normal small talk to more personal things. I was a bit surprised about this. My home life was OK but after 40 years of marriage, unexciting. P, a year or two younger than me responded by calling me ‘poor boy!’ and hugged me, kissing in an exploratory way. I responded as a man would!

P is very forthright, very chubby, very ‘matter of fact’; she was soon running her hands under my suit coat and brushing up against my awakening penis. The fact that it was awakening was enough, she said ‘follow me’ and went into her bedroom, shedding clothes as she went ending up on her bed in her underwear only, lying on her side resting her head on one arm, smiling and beckoning me to join her. Of course I did, dressed in pants only.

P gathered me into her ample arms and hugged me hard and started kissing my chest and tummy. I tried to take her bra off but she didn’t seem to want that so I kissed her face, lips and the bits of her body that were exposed. She was very warm, very receptive and very interested in my penis!

Finally we took each other’s pants off and she allowed me to kiss her pussy. I loved it, it was a little hard to find among her plumpness but she helped and once found, it opened up like a flower, a sweet scented flower with nectar leaking out of it. I needed it! I kissed it! I added moisture to it. She seemed to be ‘ready’ and I moved to engage fully for sex; P stopped me; so I thought that full sex may not be on her agenda and wondered what to do now; I was bursting!

P realised the state I was in and took my penis in her mouth and my balls in her hand and my bum in her other hand and kissed and massaged until I was on the point of cumming and tried to pull away whereupon she made it quite clear that she wanted me to let go completely; I was beyond control anyway then and came in her mouth and she swallowed the lot with apparent relish. I was amazed and happy but thought that the whole process was unfair, what had she got out of it? P said she loved doing that; loved making a man happy and that it was enough, for now.

We got up and partly dressed and had supper and some wine.

After supper we seemed to be getting ready to go to bed separately when P said that if I wanted, she would join me for a while, before going to her own bed? Me! Mind? Of course not.

So; there we were, in her spare bed, mine for the night, me already somewhat sexually satisfied and she having a change of heart and wanting something more. We lay and cuddled a bit and then she said that she did want me to have full sex with her after all. After some play I tried to enter her but she was too fat for this from the front; she said that she liked it from the back anyway and rolled over on to her knees and I got a lovely view of her and entered her as directed. She was very wet and very accessible from the back and she was appreciating me being slow and deliberate and getting as far into her as I was able. Gradually she started to talk unintelligibly and then to moan and speed up her talking and finally to scream and thrash a bit as she reached orgasm. Because she had ‘emptied’ me before supper I was still able to keep on fucking her until she was over this. She realised that I had not cum a second time and rolling over she got some oil from the bedside table and put this on my penis and on her breasts and torso and rubbed herself against me with my penis in between us with her hand helping I came in a huge gush and to my surprise she rubbed this cum into her body.

She left me then with a kiss and said that she would sleep in her own bed and enjoy the scent of me as she did so.

It didn’t seem long before it was morning and she was back, stripping the duvet off, and on seeing my ‘early morning’ condition, grabbed the oil and put a handful on her pussy and another on my penis and immediately presented herself to me as before; we just fucked! She came very fast and I lasted at least one stroke longer!

Somehow I managed to get the work I had arranged to do in London completed and went home.

We meet as we did before at home, as neighbours only, and we both remember that night. I couldn’t wait to have an excuse to go to London again!

I asked P if I could stay again and she said I could, and that she ‘had something interesting for me to see then. I was curious but couldn’t have dreamt what it was to be that she had to show me.

I arrived in the early afternoon; I was not the only guest there; there was another couple too. The man was about 65 or 70, thin and fit and his wife was about 50, a cheerfully ‘gushing’ plump lady, we all know the sort, loud voice and enthusiasm!. They had obviously had lunch and I was offered a coffee as we all started chatting. It became obvious from the body-language and the conversation that the others had spent the morning with P and that they had been ‘playing’ as a threesome. It seemed that I was to be ‘approved’ as a possible playmate before commitment by the other guests. Very soon it also seemed that I was ‘approved’.

G, the ‘gushing’ lady sat next to me and somehow managed to lower her décolletage so that I was drawn to her breasts as a moth is drawn to a light. Her husband was sitting, holding hands with N and they were cuddled up just watching with friendliness and interest. It was a bit peculiar being just watched and I pulled away, not because I wanted to but because I felt strange and awkward.

P and G’s husband started playing too, he had a breast out and was kissing it; this made me feel more relaxed and I started to undress G. She was very happy about this and undressed me and drew me to her and took my penis in her mouth and held it there without doing much. Sex with someone you have just met isn’t as easy as it seems!

I undressed her completely and was then not worried who was watching, I just wanted to see what G was like as she got excited about sex and I really wanted to hear, see, smell and feel her have an orgasm. She was such an outgoing sort of person I thought that an orgasm from her would probably be heard in the next county! I moved my head down kissing her as I went and ended up at her pussy, opened it and found an obvious and erect clit. I took this into my mouth and twirled my tongue round and round it; she seemed to be vibrating! I put at least two fingers into her gaping pussy and one of these seemed to find a spot because she did, indeed, come with a cry and with some force; some of the cum that squirted out of her went over my shoulder and made my back quite wet! G was very vocal, very wet and very fragrant. She was in control and knew what she wanted but was, at the same time, very ‘hyper’ and sexually needed more than I alone could provide.

This scene seemed to have been either rehearsed or had been done before. P had some armless chairs that were pretty robust. G sat me in one of these and sat on my knee, straddling me and facing me; she put my penis in her pussy and held it there, her pussy muscles were very strong! Then P got another chair and G’s husband sat on the edge of it and P oiled his penis for him and he penetrated G’s anus. I felt his penis enter her and felt him move in and out, I was beyond movement and pinned down by the not inconsiderable weight of G! This action went on for some time, G seemed to be in a trance; she was holding on to me tightly and making sure her anus was fully exposed to her husband. P was holding us all together I think; her arms round all of us and her voice giving us encouragement. G was cumming so much that I could feel it flowing warmly over my balls and hear it splashing on the floor like spilt tea! I was in some discomfort, G’s weight on my legs, trapping them against the sharp edge of the chair was painful but I wasn’t going to move! G’s husband came eventually and he and P went to the sofa and G got off me, phew!

G knew I hadn’t yet cum; she was still interested and I put her on the same sofa next to the other two and knelt in front of her and immediately re-entered her pussy and fucked her as hard as I could until I came; she grabbed me as I came and held me tight to her breasts. I needed the comfort and rest and she was more than happy to provide it. The other two seemed to enjoy watching.

We were all in a bit of a mess, even P who had only watched the three of us but had still had an orgasm; I could see her cum dribbling down her legs. Luckily P had a bathroom with an open shower, no cubicle; this meant that we could all get in at the same time and help wash each other. The men washed first without touching each other and were drying while the women washed each other. They paid special attention to each other’s pussies and were obviously very happy about touching each other and kissing each other’s erect nipples; they didn’t cum again; it seems that women are different; they can have satisfying sexual activity without having an orgasm every time.

Amazing! All this from people who, if you met them in conventional circumstances, you might think had forgotten all about sex! There was at least 250 years of life between us. Age is no barrier, it seems.

All good fun, followed by a (conventional) cup of tea.

Funny how normal life returns and we all turn into the grandparents and aunts/uncles that we really are! If only our children and their children knew! I am glad they don’t!