Written by Anon

5 Sep 2005

It was 4.30pm on a beautiful warm but refreshingly breezy friday afteroon as i left work, feeling rather glad the weekend was finally here.

I'd just been paid that morning and decided that a night out with the girls was definatly on the cards.

As soon as i arrived home i phoned anna, she had already arranged to go out with some work mates but kindly asked if i would like to come along.

It was a little past 8.00pm when i heard anna's car pull up outside.

I made the final last touches to my hair, grabbed my handbag and raced to the front door.

Anna was stood at the door as i opened it, she looked stunning in her tight black and pink morgan top, cream mini skirt and light brown swade kneeboots. Her long blonde hair fell neatly down her back as she swung her hair over her shoulder and greeted me with a big girly hug.

" So" i said.. " Who's out with us tonight then?"

" Well, theres Katie, Steph and Andy from work and i think his mates are comin alone aswell, Chris and Jamie if i remember rightly, they came out with us last weekend but ya know what im like with names after ive had a few drinks." she chuckled as she unlocked the door of her new flash bmw.

We arrived in town and parked up on the car park opposite a popular new wine bar that had opened just a couple of weeks before and decided to have the first drink in there while waiting for the others to arrive.

It was around 9.15pm when anna's phone went off to the annoying tune of the approprately named 'crazy' frog.. it was a text message from katie " There down in blue lush " she said before taking a long sip of vodka and coke.

Before long we had downed the last of our drinks and had started walking up towards Blue Lush which was a chilled bar just a short walk up the road from the wine bar.

We arrived outside Blue Lush and entered through the double bar doors, it was really warm inside and i was glad to be wearing my slighty revealing outfit even if it did make me look a bit slutty.

"Hey hunnies!" i heard anna shout as two girls ran up to her and hugged her tight. " Guys " anna said waving the lads over who where walking from the corner bar with a pint each " This is Sarah, Sarah this is Andy, Chris and Jamie" pointing out each one in turn, and Steph and Katie who you met the other week, " Hey Everyone!! " i said feeling rather less nervous now i had actually met them all.

We stayed in Blue Lush for a while, downing tequila slammers followed by shots of green and blue aftershock.. i was getting on great with everyone, the lads especially as we'd only just met and had loads to talk about, they were really great guys and the girls where just babes!

It was now 11.35pm and time to head for the big club. After around 10 mins of queing we finally all spilled through the door and made our way up the stairs to the main dance floor, we were all crowed around the bar waiting to be served when i noticed chirs stood to my right.

" What ya drinkin babe" he asked me in a whisper so the other girls couldnt hear.

" Erm blue vkd please " i replied as i smiled up at him

Did this mean he was interested in me or just being plain nice? i hoped i was right the first time as he was just as fit as his other two mates were!

When everyone had got there drinks we all went to the dance floor which wasnt really empty but wasnt full either so we all spread out a bit, chris started dancing infront of me whilst steph and anna both had andy and katie had jamie. Chris was so sleek and sexy with broad shoulders and a manly chest, i was set up for the night now i thought just as andy and chris swapped places, ok maybe i was wrong i thought as andy grabbed hold of my wasit as he pressed his fit body up agianst mine, me and andy danced for a while, sort of dirty dancing if you want to call it that, he then grabbed my hand and swung me around and that was when jamies soft lips pressed up against mine. It was one of the best snogs ive ever had, so passionate but naughty at the same time. I looked around and saw that chris was now dancing with anna and kaite, steph was halfway down andys throat. Erm maybe there playing us i thought very excited at the idea !

Next time i checked my watch was at 20 past 1.

I was having such a great night i didnt want it to end.. time was going ever so fast the more drunk we all became not to mention my aching feet from all that dancing!

I told anna i was going for a sit down and made my way over to the seating area over the other side of the dance floor when i suddenly felt jamies hands fold around my middle from behind.

" You alright babe" he uttered in a sexy flirtatious voice.

" Yeah im fine, just having a sit down for a bit."

" Need any company" he asked with a georgous smile.

" Sure " i replyed.

We both sat down and put our drinks on the table, as i leaned back on the sofa settee he lifted his arm and held me around the shoulders.

" Your a great kisser you know sarah "

" Nah i dont think so, i could do with some more practice"

Jamie then edged forward from the sofa and pulled me on top of him, i was kneeling over his lap and could feel his hard erection against me as we enbrassed in a deep snog only to be interupted seconds later by katie and chris.

"Share the wealth hunny" katie chuckled basically meaning it was her turn for jamie. i climbed off his lap but he grabbed my hand as i got up, i looked at him as chris grabbed my other hand and started draggin me off towards the dance floor agiain

"share the wealth" i mimbed to him with my lips as he winked back at me from over the other end of the dance floor before katie got into him once more.

Back on the dance floor we were met by andy, anna and steph where off dancing with a guy i knew as anna's brothers mate.

I could hear my favourite song slowly up-fading from the current one and began strutting my stuff feeling very drunk and confident.

Chris was again dancing infront of me whilst andy was behind me pressing up aaginst my back whilst cheekally copping a grope of my ass.

Chris was obviously on a mission to impress as he also started to strut his sexy stuff. It was a huge turn on to watch him he defo knew his stuff, the dance floor widened as people stood back to watch, girls corping over his sexy body. Andy was now feeling me up and down as he spun me round to face him

" I want you " he whispered in my ear

My heart began to race, what did he mean, sexually?

I looked deep into his eyes and took a quick groap at his bulge then pushed past him and made my way to the loo's.

I turned back as i was walking towards the loo to see andys intence eyes watching me, he put his finger to his lips and slowly began to lick his index finger!

Oh my god i was so turned on!

Yet the crazy thing was that i hardly knew these guys.

"Hey Sarah hunnie"

I turned the corner to see anna stood at the cubicle door.

" Just waiting for steph babe, you ok?"

" Im great" i replyed " Pissed out my face and having the best time ever " i said maybe a tad to loud.

" Do ya wanna come back to mine after for a drink with the others" came steph's voice from behind the cubicle door.

" Yeah wicked! " i said feeling a lot better for knowin the night wasnt about to end any time soon.

We came out of the loo's headed for the bar again it was like 10 to 2 now and seeing as they stopped serving at 2 i ordered a triple vodka and coke with a shot of red aftershock, the girls seeing what i got both ordered the same. Katie was still all over jamie in the corner, chris and andy where stood at the other end of the bar each with a pint.

We walked down to where they where stood.

" Arnt ya gonna have owt a bit stronger" i said

" Are you jokin" replied chris "were off our heads"

" But still know what we want" added andy

I gave a little laugh as chris nodded in agreement obviously understanding what andy meant by that.

It wasnt long before we had all drank up and made our way to the door. We stepped out into the cool refreshing night air, i felt more out of it than ever now as the cool air swept across my body.

Jamie had managed to pass katie on to andy as he walked at my side with his arm around my shoulder.

" You comin back to stephs ouse " jamie asked

" Yer too right "

" Nice one " came jamies reply as we all pilled into the back of the mini bus and set off back to stephs.

Steph had told me the first time i met her that she shared a large house with her uni mates just outside of town, as it was the holidays all her mates had all gone on holiday to greece together while she was stook here working her summer job.

We arrived back at stephs shared uni house and stepped in the front door, she opened the door to the large living room and we all pilled in.

I flopped down on the sofa exausted as steph came running back into the living room carrying bottles of vodka, jack daniels and bacardi whilst katie was behind her struggling to carry two bottle of blue aftershock and red absinthe.

" Right people, lets get this party started " she screamed as she cranked the bass of the sterio up full as she flipped it on.

Dance music banging out, very strong drinks being dished out and there i was flopped out on the sofa.. get a grip sarah i told myself.

I sat up and grabbed hold of the drink which katie was holding out to me and took a sip.

Jesus! if that doesnt get to totally wasted i dunno wat will !

" Right lest push all the furnature back" anna suggested

" why? " Andy asked

" Coz where havin a game of truth or dare and theres more room on the floor"

" What about xxx spin the bottle" joked chris

"They wont play that chris" jamie remarked

" Who wont" said steph " come on ladies we'll show em! "

" Yeah your on! " i said.. " what do we have to do? "

"Well, " Chris started " We all sit in a circle on the floor and you spin the bottle and say it landed on jamie, ud get off with him then when it was your turn again you'd do the same but you can only get off with one person once just so it brakes the ice a bit but if it lands on jamie again anytime during the game you have to do whatever we tell you to do to him..

" Sounds cool" i said " but what if you landeds on andy would you have to get off with him?

" Nah doesnt apply to us guys we just down a shot but you girls have to snog .. etc them are the rules!"

I laughed as we all agreed that it was just a bit of fun anyway and a great way to tease the guys hehe!

We topped our drinks up as we all sat in a big circle on the floor, jamie and anna sitting on either side of me.

" Right who's going first?" Andy asked

" I will" i said grabbing the bottle in the middle of the floor spinning it round.

It had stopped on steph.. oh god id never snogged a girl before!

Everyone cheered us on as i looked at steph to see her reaction, she smiled back and crawled over towards me she pressed her lips hard against mine and i did the same back, nothing too full on.

It was anna's turn next her spin landed on andy, then stephs turn with also landed on andy. my next turn landed on chris, wow! and i thought jamie was a great kisser!

We were all having such a laugh the guys had downed about 4 shots each and i had gone round the cirlce once with everyone, so now whoever my spin landed on now id have to do summut more that just song.. i spun the bottle around and watched it land on jamie.

" Well the next one is strip so u'll need to strip him down right to his boxers" chris said

The whole room started cheering again as i began to unbutton his shirt, once is shirt was off the cheers became even louder as i gently unzipped his pants and threw them on the sofa!

My god did he have one fit body or what?!!

There was a few people still on snogs but when it came to katies turn she landed on steph again and ended up stripping her off, the best part was, she wasnt even wearing a bra, the guys loved that one!

So eventually there we all were blind drunk so much so we didnt give a crap if we were naked or not, the guys in there boxers and the girls in there thongs except for anna who had passed out during the game, so we just left her to sleep on the sofa.

It wasnt long before steph eneded up pulling chris's boxers off fully

i couldnt help but take a look and put it this way id never say no to him he was huge!.. so were the rest of the guys as i found out later on, as i sat there compealtly naked as andy had ripped my thong off a few turns before.

" The next turn decides who goes with who " said chris looking pleased with himself as no one disagreed.

" what ya mean? " i asked

" I means it decides who gets to go upstairs and shag who"

I wasnt exaclty sure what to say to that so i said nothing.

Chris went first and it landed on steph, but then jamie landed on andy to everyones amusement. Andy spun it again and landed on katie which meant i got jamie... YES!!!

We all trailed upstairs and found an empty room, me and jamie walked into one bedroom to find a king size bed.. perfect!

As soon as the door was closed Jamie grabbed hold of my waist and he started to kiss me on the lips before we both toppled over onto the bed pulling our clothes off.

He moved down from my lips and started to gently kiss my neck moving down my whole body, once he had got to my stomach he reached up with both hands and took hold of my breasts before coming back up and gently teasing all around the side my nipples with his tounge until they became hard and erect.

I pushed him over and moved down the bed.. his huge cock was now rock hard as i began to rub my lips all around it before gently pushing the top between my lips and into my wet mouth slowly taking his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth until i could go no futher, he was huge!

I then started to move back upwards sucking him in softly, i got half way when i suddenly took him back down again to his suprise.. and mine as he moaned so loud with a satifiying ah!

" You'd be great going down on a girl like that" he said

Again i didnt quite know what to say

"Have you had a girl before?"

" Nope "

" You what to?"

" Well ive never really thought about it but if someone offered then yeah maybe i would" i told him

" Wait here, ill be back in a min"

Oh no where was he going? ... didnt take a genious to work that out did it.

I watched in antisapation as sure enough in walked steph and chris followed by jamie.. steph walked straight over to me and lay down next to me, chris and jamie sat at either side of the bed.

" Make me cum sarah " steph whispered as she spread her legs over the bed. My heart was pounding so hard right now as i went down the bed to kneel between her open legs.

She was so wet as i went down to taste her went juices that were driping from her fully shaven pussy. I spirled my tounge all over her pussy before moving up to her clit.

I slowley circled it with my tounge teasing her then without warning i flicked my tounge hard upwards over and across her clit then back down again before i stopped altogther.. i moved a bit futher down the bed then using my index finger i ran it down over her clit towards her opening which had become even wetter.. i reached the bottom of her crack before gently sliding my finger into her tight pussy. I pushed my finger in ever so slightly each time as i could hear her breathing faster with pleasure until my finger was all the way up inside her, i slowly withdrew it, only to push it back in again pushing it as far up her as it would go.

I withdrew my finger fully to taste her warm juices that covered my finger.

I leaned foward and entered two fingers into her cunt opening as i started to flick my tounge againt her clit at the same time, pushing my fingers futher up her as i licked her clit harder each time.

Her pussy was litrally dripping now as i withdrew my two fingers and lapped up all her juices.

I then began to flicker my tounge in and out of her crack, pushing down hard to get my tounge deeper inside her cunt.

" Suck my cock Sarah" moaned chris as he walked towards me.

I lay back down on the bed and he pushed his cock into my mouth as he sat on my face.. jamie did the same with steph.

I took his cock and started sucking hard as he began to moan

" Ah Sarah yeahhh! "

I felt jamie move to let steph get up, she went down the bottom of the bed and spread my legs wide as jamie started sucking on my nipples, chris's cock still deep in my mouth.

It wasnt long before i was ready to cum

Somehow steph had senced this. She got up and turned to chris.

" Finger my fucking cunt chris " she screamed

Chris withdrew from my mouth and moved over to steph leaving jamie free to run his hands all over my wet cunt.

My clit was so sensavite i was sure i was gonna explode any second

" Your so fuckin huge " i complaimented him as he sat up over me

" Wanna know how huge it feels inside you?" he asked

" Emm Yeah! " i moaned as he leaned over on top of me.

He kissed me soflty on the lips as i felt the top of his cock pushing open my tight wet cunt.

As he entered me i could feel the pleasure building as he pushed harder inside me, it wasnt until it was compleatly buried in my pussy that i felt the emence pleasure i had never felt before.

He started sliding up and down slowly bringing his cock in and out of my cunt .. the pleasure just intensivified so much i was on the verge of cummin.. seriously!

" Im gonna cum hard all over your cock" i told him as i drew closer and closer to exploding my cum over his rock hard erection

Which only made him fuck he faster.

Chris was now fully inside steph as they lay next to us on the bed, she turned towrads me and we started to snog me which sent the guys totally wild.

Jamie was thrusting so hard and deep, grunting loudly with every thrust i knew he was about to cum so i held back.

" Cum in my mouth jamie, i want to taste your hot cum" moaned steph

Chris withdrew and grabbed my hand dragging me to the edge of the bed.. he entered me from behind. Jamie and steph moved closer to me as jamie got ready to share his hot cum between us both.

He came so hard, his cum shot all over our mouths and lips, Steph pressed her lips against mine as we both lapped up every last drop of his thick hot cum. Chris was now thrushin his cock in my pussy so deep from behind i could feel myself coming to orgasum.

Seconds later i exploded all my cum over his thrusting cock.

I slid down on to the floor and told steph to lean over me and chris to enter her cunt from behind as i started to suck on her clit.

She was really screaming loudly now, i wondered if andy and katie could hear down the hall way.

" Im cummin" shouted chris as he thrust slow and hard squeezing every last drop of sperm inside her.

Jamie and Chris then left the room.

I slid futher underneath steph as i licked all of chris's cum out of her fingering her clit hard until she came all over my tounge.

Well i hope that you enjoyed this story even if it did drag on a bit lol.. this being the first time i have properly written any of my experiences for you to share i would be really grateful if you could email me with your thoughts and suggestions so i can make the next one even better!