26 Jan 2019

It was bright summer day in London, Arthur and Jenine had had a good journey and were pleased with their room in the Hilton metropole. The Hotel was very central, equidistant between Hyde and Regent’s Park. They were about to meet James for the first time, they had established a rapport via the internet. James styled himself as a charming and cultured man but he had, on occasion met couples like Arthur and Jenine to explore his own delicate erotic preferences and hopes to make his new friends trip to the UK magical.

There was no great plan for the day, a frisson had developed already with Arthur and Jenine expressing their erotic adventures to James. They were young, in love with each other but also with life. They had a free expression, had met others to join in their love making and also with coupes were no sex happened but the eroticism of being close and photographing each couple’s most intimate sex was electric. There was however, an expectation that they would fall back to the hotel in the afternoon, Arthur wanted to watch Jenine with another man but his fantasies stretched even further. Jenine also liked the adventure, to make love in front of Arthur, to tease him and be wanton in front of him turned them both on. This was also not real life, it was abstract, separate and somehow didn’t affect their US life. They could experiment as they wished and if they liked repeat and if not mark it down to experience. She liked the sound and photo of James, he was not a love threat in terms of being a partner, that was Arthur, but his calm wisdom and experience and smooth manners made him attractive. She was looking forward to sex with him later that day. She wanted to be a little submissive, do as directed but feeling safe that Arthur was there to watch over her.

The strolled down Edgware Road, now a centre of middle eastern culture in London, the hooker and shisha pipes were on the pavement with men smoking sweet smelling tobacco. The colours were vivid all round with some fashion shops specialising in Arabic style woman’s wear. Just short of Marble Arch James suggested a coffee stop and pulled into a charming little square nestled in the corner of Oxford Street and Edgware Road, you had to know it was here, a block back from traffic in all directions with an atmosphere of sophistication.

They all got on well, attentive to James’ description too where they were, pointing out the key landmarks and places of interest. Jenine was relaxed, Arthur noticed her demeanour relax and knew from that moment this adventure would be wonderful. James had a natural authority, he was very cultured and experienced indeed. They walked so more all the way down Oxford Street the mecca for tourist shopping and the centre of most flagship stores of UK retail chains. Selfridges, a store started by a US businessman of the same name is now the most prominent establishment on the street. James had an idea, to take a lift to the top and slowly come down the store to show Arthur and Jenine its lovely ambience. But he also had a twinkle in his eye. He led them to a lift (elevator) at the back of the store, usually less busy than the main foyer. They entered alone, just 3 of them and pressed to go to the top. As the doors closed James approached Jenine pushing her softly backwards to trap Arthur behind her. James was at her front and kissed her very gently. She could feel instant erections at her crotch from James and pressing against her ass from Arthur. Jenine’s nipples stiffened as she felt both cocks through the clothing of the men now sandwiching her. It made her stomach flip and she knew her pussy was moist. The lift dinged its arrival at the top and the three of them exited with a small smile on each face.

Lunch was to be at the British Museum, a wonderful institution in the Holborn area at the eastern end of Oxford Street. The museum was so rich in antiquity mainly because of the once prominent international position Britain held. But now post Empire it still housed some of the most cherished exhibits in the world. James was enchanting, explaining the provenance and origin of exhibits before a lovely simple but delicious lunch in the restaurant overlooking the central courtyard. As they sat down James leaned forward and whispered in Jenine’s ear. She left almost immediately to the bathroom as Arthur asked James what he had said. ‘ you will discover soon enough’ was his mischievous reply. Jenine returned and immediately after the waitress had taken their orders she discreetly passed Arthur her panties. They were unmistakable to Arthur, they had a damp feel to them, an aroma of her sex that sparked his synapses immediately and now he knew his wife was sat there without underwear in the British Museum Restaurant. James was sat next to Jenine on a banquette with Arthur opposite. He could tell that hands were manoeuvring under the table as the facial expressions of both James and Jenine indicated. Indeed James had his had on her now bare pussy, his index finger was stroking the slit of her sex which parted most easily having been lubricated by earlier arousal. Jenine’s hand was on James’ cock again. She felt the stiff outline of a nice sized cock, large but not a monster, thick but also manageable; her mind flicked through scenarios of sex that might happen later in the day. Arthur was caught, delighted to see this connection that would be vital to make their fun so enjoyable later but also a little jealous as Jenine responded to the control of James. But James was kind as well as dominant and after a few minutes made excuse to go to the bathroom first instructing Arthur to take his place. Arthur did and immediately felt the now drenched pussy that moments before was in the hand of James. ‘Should we return to the hotel to have some fun?’ asked Arthur to which Jenine said ‘let us do whatever James would like to do, I am enjoying the adventure so far’.

Lunch was pleasant but there was an air of occupation of all minds. Arthur wanted to return to the hotel immediately, Jenine was happy to be led and also be the centre of this attention while James had his own idea which were going to happen as he was in charge.

They left the British Museum and headed via Soho and Covent Garden to the Strand. Covent Garden was a distraction by means of buskers and acts that plied their trade to seek attention from tourists and offer money for the entertainment. Soho has been much cleaned up from its era as the centre of the adult entertainment zone. While a few adverts still exist for ‘models’ the pseudonym for a prostitute most of the area is now clean. There are a few adult shops still open catering for tourists seeking some vestige of the history of the area. Jenine stopped to look at a window with a display of leather and bondage wear. Her interest seemed piqued with the models and the suggestiveness of the mannequins. Jenine entered the shop followed by Arthur and James where she quickly selected a set of leather straps, a sexy underwear set and a contraption designed to lock up a penis; a male chastity belt. All secured in an innocuous carrier bag they left the store but heads of course were spinning.

James diverted the threesome to a very old and atmospheric old English pub. The décor was indeed old English with Oak and Brass. Arthur and James had beer while Janine a cooling spritzer, white wine topped up with ice and club soda. The conversation flowed but with a heightening frisson and expectation clearly evident between them. James asked ‘shall we put those purchases to good use this afternoon?’ ‘I hope so’ replied Janine while Arthur gulped a little. Another round of the same drinks and they were again hydrated. James took control, out of the door a raised hand and a black cab was instantly on hand. ‘Wait I have to pee’ said Janine. ‘Me too’ came Arthur quickly. ‘Sorry’ responded James, ‘no peeing until the hotel. Hold it in’.

All 3 were bursting as they fell through the door of the room. ‘Hold on’ said James ‘undress everyone and into the shower’. Arthur and Janine just obeyed, the pain of holding in their pee was excruciating and this was the only way they could relive their over full bladders. All 3 now naked in the wet-room bathroom. ‘Sit down’ James directed to Arthur as he also sat next to him ‘now pee on us’ he directed Janine who obeyed and squatting with her gorgeous naked body over the 2 men let flow a powerful golden stream of pee over them. James reached up and opened the folds of her labia as the stream span down his arm before he placed a finger on her urethra immediately stemming the flow . Janine was almost in pain as the ecstasy of her release had been stopped but it was only momentary as James shifted Arthur beneath her. ‘Open your mouth’ he directed and at the very moment he did so James removed his finger to allow the flow to jet from Janine into her husband’s mouth. Janine panted and squealed with relief as Arthur grunted as his mouth was filled and over-spilled with warm golden pee.

As Janine’s flow ended she slumped down satisfied with the relief of the feeling and the eroticism of what was happening. Arthur stood and peed himself, mostly in the shower but also across the torso and legs of Janine who had not yet recovered her equilibrium. Of course James had his full bladder left and he rose to be above the beautiful couple. He held his penis carefully exerting pressure on his gland. He had created a flow regulator and slowly peed over Jenine’s breasts, she gasped with joy as this warm fluid tickled her nipples, she threw her head back and opened her mouth inviting James to squirt there, he did while at the same time releasing the control pressure and his cock turned into a fire hose. ‘for Arthur too please’ Janine asked as James switched his flow too Arthur. As the flow eased and all now had empty bladders they sat at the floor of the shower. James reached up to start the jet of clean water as soap and body wash was passed around.

The cleaning of each other was erotic and sensual in itself. James and Arthur soaped and cleaned Jenine, foaming her breasts and allowing hands and fingers to explore her body. Jenine cleaned Arthur first before turning to James, the boy’s arousal was clear for all to see. Three clean, horny, turned on adults in a private room. I wonder what would happen now?

Jenine stood first and selected the penis truss from her bag. As Arthur was flaccid on the floor of the shower she quickly fastened the straps and cup in place. It had a see-through cap over the bulb of his penis with a long strap around the back of his scrotum and a small strap dividing his balls and attached to a ring near his frenulum. His cock was trussed! He couldn’t get a hard on at all, he was cuckold in his own hotel room as Jenine led him to sit on a chair now placed close to the bed.

James was stiff, just the eroticism of seeing Arthur fastened up caused his cock to swell and be ridged. Jenine eyed it and liked it, James was a little larger than Arthur but entirely manageable, she took James’ hand and was intent on leading the next phase of the adventure. She loved to be fucked so that Arthur could see. Jenine loved the pleasure of another man but it was heightened when Arthur was watching. It was amazing now that his cock was trussed up, he was suffering humiliation but was, as expected absolutely focussed on what was going to transpire next.

James lay on the bed, his erection pointing at the ceiling. Arthur was oblique near his feet and could see the view as Jenine straddled James, her leg was cocked over displaying her pink flesh of her very lubricated pussy to Arthur. She squatted and with one hand on the base of James’ shaft and the other spreading her lips she impaled herself. Her breath rushed from her body as seemingly forced out by the filling of her sex she rose and lowered so that James cock was glistening with the sexual secretions of Jenine’s pussy. She stopped just as the head. The purple and engorged head was about to slip out. James reached up to massage and fondle her breasts. Each thrust was now complete, Janine’s ass met James’ thighs. Arthur was in pain and extasy as he watched the love of his life fuck while his cock was shrivelled and contained. Jenine was riding to her first orgasm. James grabbed her ass cheeks to help power the rhythm of the fuck sure in his own staying power that he was a long way from cumming and had plans about that.

Jenine roared as her orgasm wracked through her body, she was crying, smiling, panting and sighing all at the same time her body fell limp on James where he kissed her face and neck gently allowing her too regain composure. He rolled of Jenine and got the straps from the bag bought earlier. Jenine was strapped into the tuck position her knees were drawn against her breasts with her feet now below her glistening and engorged pussy. Her hands were strapped behind her back and James placed her on the bed with her mouth and pussy free and accessible for his pleasure.

He took his hard cock to Jenine’s mouth and she tried not to take it. ‘open wide’ commanded James and she did as was told. Just the head was put in instructed to clean and suck. Jenine’s mouth went to work as James fucked her face his hand placed on the back of her neck helping a steady rhythm. Arthur watched this mesmerising view. Jenine would suck cock for sure but never allowed an ejaculation in her mouth. Would James take this all the way?

James stopped and withdrew returning to Jenine’s pussy entering and riding her again. She sighed and whimpered with each thrust asking for release from the ties, she wanted to be free. ‘ will you do exactly as I tell you if I do’? asked James. ‘Anything’ she replied I will obey everything. James untied Jenine. ‘Now unstrap your husband and suck his cock to life’ directed James. She did this immediately and as Arthur moved to lay on the bed she sucked and licked and caressed his cock like never before. As Jenine was bent over Arthur, James knelt behind to lick at her pussy with his tongue darting to the pucker of her ass. She squirmed at this attention but kept her attention on the cock of her husband. ‘Don’t make him cum’ James directed to an immediate frown of disappointment from Arthur. ‘Get on all fours and suck my cock’ ordered James. ‘Arthur get behind and fuck her for all you are worth’ he then directed. ‘We will not stop until we cum and your job dear Janine is to make us cum at the same time’. James plan was clear, her was going to cum in her mouth, be the first ever to do this while Janine was also impaled on her husbands cock who was to shoot his hot sperm inside her at the same time. Jenine didn’t want to argue, she was riding on near constant orgasm. She was being filled from both ends and it would be natural to take cum from these 2 lovely men at the same time. Her hands cupped James balls and applied pressure to his prostate. She was sure she could feel the eruption of this volcano of cum as it travelled up his cock. She felt also Arthur stiffen in her pussy, he was panting and grunting as his hot semen spewed into her pussy, she could feel this in the moment before James cock erupted in her mouth. She kept licking hungrily as the sperm dribbled out of her mouth. She kept going until James cock softened a little and she fell and rolled onto the bed. Arthur fell on her where their eyes met with a satisfied smile. What an incredible first day this had been with James. I hope he returns soon.