Written by i.t. man

27 Jun 2006

a month ago i was sent to work in derby by my company i was fittig a new it system in a small company. i had been there a couple of days and was well in to the job and had met most of the staff there except one who was only partime and older than the grils who i met. she was late 40s nice body 36b and nice legs we seemed to hit it off right away as when lunch time came she asked me if i like to eat with her i jumped at hthe chanceover the meal she told me she had been alone for about 18 months and missed havung some one to chat to and cook for. later in the day she asked me were i was staying and would i like a home cooked meal jill then gave me her adress. so i niped back to the hotel and had a bath and got redey to go to meet jill. when i arrived at her house she met me in just a low cut top and short demim skirt and i could tell she was not wearing a bra as her nipples were stood out which turned me on and i felt my cock twitch and start to be come hard and jill noticed it as well tto which she kissed me and rubed herself aganest me my hand went up to play with her tits and then up her skirt and he only hada g. string on which made me more randy alll the time she was get my cock out and then went down on her knees to started licking and sucking me i had her top off and was playing with her tits and i said i was going to come she the stoped sucking me amd let me cum all over here tits and stood the with my cum runing down her. we then went upstairs and got in the shower and washed each other and them had sex and after we went in to her bedroom and made love twice more that night. the next day at work she was flirting with me when alone in the office and i asked her if she would like to spend the weekend at my place up in york to which she jumped at the chance we travled up on friday evening and as it was a warm night when i got back i put the table and chairs out in the garden and hope to have some fun with jill out there as the garden can not be over looked.jill and i soon had a drink out side and just chating when she said to me i love to spend the weekend nude well i striped off and jill as well amd made love on the grass then we had a bath and soaped each other and played with her my fingers in her and she wanking me. part 2 to come soon.