Written by Chippy.

13 Nov 2005

I have been an avid reader of this site for close to two years, jealously admiring the sexploits of the many lucky people who partake in extra-relationship activities. The fantasies, too make great reading as my wife, Jane and I often relate ours to each other.

So I thought it time to share them with the thousands of like-minded, horny people who browse this site. The first is Jane’s, and gets me rock hard each time I hear it.

Jane and I are sitting in a quiet country pub. The bar is about to close so Jane goes up and gets 2 last drinks. She stands at the bar next to a guy sitting on a stool. She's been looking at him most of the evening, commenting on how attractive he is and teasing me about getting his cock out. He's in his 30's and quite fit. He's given her the eye and some nice smiles during the evening, which has aroused me.

He gets off the stool and deliberately brushes behind her, making his way to the toilet. As he passes they look at each other and smile. On his return he passes close behind her again, but this time he stops. I can see he's got quite a bulge in his trousers, and rubs it against Jane's arse, as she leans on the bar. She reaches behind and rubs his bulge, then looks across at me. I smile at her. My mouth is dry and my heart pounding. He is now blatantly rubbing his bulge in to her arse, his hands on her hips. The only other people in the pub are a young couple serving behind the bar. Jane leans her head back and whispers something in his ear. She's told him that she's not wearing pants. His hand reaches round the front and slips in to the waistband of her skirt. I see her arse push back as he fingers her pussy. His other hand goes up her top and starts massaging her 38C tits.

The barman puts the drinks on the bar, turns off most of the lights locks the door. As he returns to the bar his partner appears. They look at Jane and this guy, smile and start to kiss each other. I sit and watch in amazement, knowing I'll only be allowed to join in when invited. Jane has unzipped the guy's trousers and pulled out his decent sized cock. She squats down and begins to suck it, looking over at me. I have to content myself with rubbing my cock through my trousers. The couple from behind the bar are well in to it now, having totally undressed. She's laid across a table, knees up while her partner licks her pussy. The guy with Jane strips himself naked then removes her top and bra. He gently massages and sucks her tits then lifts her on to a stool. He raises her skirt and slips his cock in to her. She looks across at me again and beckons me over. I quickly undress, releasing my aching cock, and walk over, standing beside them. She slowly wanks me while being fucked. We kiss passionately, then tells me to sit up on the bar. He pulls out of her, she turns round and starts sucking my cock, as he fucks her from behind. I can't quite believe this is happening as I'm also watching the other couple fucking on the table. There's lots of moaning and a fantastic smell of sex, then suddenly we all start cumming. The barman pulls out of his girl and sprays cum over her belly, I cum in Jane's mouth and the other guy up her pussy. We all smile and thank each other for a great show, dress and leave.

Jane and I don't speak on the way home. As we walk in the house Jane takes my hand and leads me straight upstairs. She orders me to undress and lay on the bed. She climbs on to the bed, lifts her skirt and sits her spunk-filled pussy on my face, making me lick her out. My cock springs to attention again and we spend the night fucking.