Written by poppytin

2 Sep 2006

My best encounter was a meet with a guy from a swing date site last year. He was older and wanted to take his time. He was an artist is so many ways. He wanted to paint me naked, but funnily enough that never happened.

After a polite peck on the cheek and a few double entendres we knew what we both wanted and we went upstairs.

We sat on the bed and kissed and as the urgency increased we started undoing each others clothing. He said, "do you mind if I watch you?", and I proceeded to strip very slowly.

He was naked before I finished and I sat down next to him.

I was well up for it by then, but he said he wanted to take charge and take it very slowly.

He kissed me from the top of my head down my body missing the area I really wanted kissed and down to my toes, then turned me over and kissed me up to my butt and up to my shoulders.

By this time I am running wet and desperate and he .

He turns me over and puts a silk scarf round each wrist and ties them to the bed posts, I could escape if I wanted to, but I didn't want to. He then kissess my nipples and starts to suck them softly at first, then harder and I feel his prick against my leg leaking with precum. He bites them gently and I moan with delight.They are as big as I have ever seen them now, but he wants to do more.............

He gets another scarf and puts it over my eyes and blindfolds me. I am almost cuming with this alone. His fingers trace all over my body and I expect him to penetrate me. I feel him move closer to me and suddenly his prick is in my mouth.I gasp and then he starts to fuck my mouth, but not deep throat, he is gentle and rythmical, he pushes a bit further and further till I am almost gaging, but I get the rythm and suck and lick until I feel his balls start to contract on my chin and he withdraws.

I am desperate now and beg him to take me and he says,"your wish is my desire".

Still lying blindfolded and tied, he penetrates me a fraction at a time, till he is deep within me and holds himself still as I orgasm around him. Contracting and spilling my juices over him. He stays perfectly still then he twitches inside me and I am gagging for him to fuck me hard. He chuckles and asks," did you enjoy that?" By this time I am ready to scream at him and he senses that I really want him to get going and he starts slowly , but very deeply to penetrate and screw me into the bed. As he quickens I am leaking fluid at the trickle and I come more deeply. He waits and again he starts, but harder and faster.His breathing quickens and I know he going to cum and I loose myself in an almightly spasm of delight, as I come deeper and longer than ever before. He shoots inside me as we both climax together, in a writhing heap.

I slip out of my bonds and we lie kissing gently, but I am always ready for one last cum and I slip on top of him and before he goes soft, I pop it in for a last squeeze or two and finish it off myself with my finger I ooze some more juice over him.

Satiated for the moment ,I get up as he doses and wonder at what just happened. Should it always have been like this...................I want more...........much more.