Written by R

26 Nov 2005

A few years back while I was working abroad I corresponded with a couple and after about a year I had the opportunity to go to see them. We had got to know each other pretty well by correspondence and exchanging photos.

My visit was during a trip lasting 3 months across Europe and I stayed at their place for a week. They ran a B&B that was closed for the winter, so the situation was ideal. We couldn't get out much because the weather was horrible that week and their car broke down while I was there and the part had to be ordered.

I arrived around lunchtime a bit travel-worn after an overnight ferry trip with connecting buses. The husband (Bill) picked me up from the bus station and took me to their home, where Amy greeted me with kisses. The first thing I needed was a shower, and as I emerged from the shower Amy immediately went down on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. That was a lovely welcome! After a little while of this I kissed Amy again then we all had lunch. Bill said that Amy did not normally do oral, and she had only ever sucked Bill before she sucked me. After lunch, Bill went back to work and Amy and I went to bed.

I never understand how people can write detailed accounts of all that fucking and sucking - whenever I'm with a woman or couple it all merges into one wonderful haze with the occasional big bang, and I could never remember who did exactly what with whom and in what order. So you won't get that from me.

We did spend a lot of time in bed together while Bill was out, doing a lot of kissing and cuddling as well as fucking. Amy had had a hysterectomy, so I could cum in her, and she was hot pretty well all the time - towards the end, she said she had been on a sexual high all week.

Amy had a number of lovers who called on her occasionally, but one thing Bill had never seen was Amy and her lover putting on a show with Amy getting fucked so Bill could watch. One evening Bill was watching as Amy sucked me, so I beckoned her to climb on top of me and Bill had a clear view of Amy's ass as she went up and down on me. I love licking pussy, so Amy got plenty of that during the week and really responded to it.

One evening we went out to a local bar. Amy was very uninhibited and did some folk dancing for the customers. When we got back, Bill fucked Amy in front of me and then I fucked her; I love the feeling of a sloppy second. I guess Bill had some of those during the week. Amy slept with each of us on alternate nights, because she did not want Bill to feel left out.

There was a funny incident during the week. Amy's daughter called round one afternoon on a regular visit, as she lived not very far away. She did not know about me the visitor, and I just stayed quietly out of sight. We had been so busy making love that we had neglected the housework, and there was a pile of unwashed dishes in the sink. This was not at all like Amy! The daughter was wondering what was going on and made another unexpected call a couple of days later. Fortunately we had restored order and I was once again invisible till she went away.

At the end of the week we had to say sad farewells. Bill said, 'In a short time this will all seem like a dream'. Amy dropped me off at the bus station and I so wanted to have her again, but we had to be very well-behaved as people would recognise her. She gave me a small book from the local area which I treasure to this day as she wrote an inscription in it ending 'come again!!! come again!!!'. Sadly, it never happened on account of difficult personal circumstances for all of us. At one time we thought that Bill would be coming to my country on business and would drop Amy off so we could have a bit of fun together, but that didn't come to pass either. I have had sex with many couples, but I still remember that week as one of the best weeks of my life.