Written by steve merthyr

7 May 2006

Sue walked to the kingsized iron framed bed gently pulling me by my cock. At the bed she lay on her back opend her legs and pulled her knees up to her chest. What a fantastic sight that thick dark triange of hair leading to one of the largest clits I'd ever seen then her tight wet pussy and then that dry tight and dark arsehole.

I don't remember taking off all my cloths but the next thing I remember is my head burried in that dark bush sucking on her clit, tongue flicking it's sensitive head, thumb in her pussy and forefinger in her tight asre. I could feel her juices flowing out of her pussy into her arse and lubricating my finger. By now my cock was rock hard again and Imoved her to the edge of the bed and positioned her with her bending over the bedlegs slightly apart and slipped my cock deep into her dripping pussy.After her earlier oral on me I was able to hold my cum back and continued fucking her through a number of her orgasms by changing position every few minutes.She eventually suggested I fuck her arse, this was a first for me but she was an excellent teacher . Ater a short period of rimming her and adding my saliva as a lubricant I was soon deep inside her tight arsewith one hand holding onto her blonde hair and the other around her belly with my fingers working on her clit. The novelty of fucking her up her tight arse soon had my cock throbbing and no sooner had I uttered the words "I'm Comming" she had turnrd around and took my load over her face neck and pert little tits.

I collapsed on the bed and she lay ontop of me kissing and allowing my cum juice to mingle with the sweat on our bodies.

As we lay together I told her that her outward appearance in no way gave any indication of she could transform into a right little cum slut. She laughed and got a few DVD's and Videos out of a small unit and we spent the next two hours watching her and her husband with another couple fucking, sucking and licking in every immaginable position.

Little Miss Prim and Propper Sue and her authoratative husband in the large old semidetached house in Abergaveny were not all they appeared to be.

Sue mannaged a few more days off during that summer.

When the job was finnished her husband suggested that we go for a meal in a small pub just down on the main road to celibrate the end of a long job. He said that myself and a young 18 yearold lad who had helped with the job on occassions could stay in the spare bedrooms rather than have to stay fit to drive the 18 miles home.

After a few drinks things began to happen on our return to the house and Sue wasted no time in teaching the young 18 yearold a few lessons while he also taught her a few. Myself and her husband watched and latter joined them and helped add another hot video to her collection.

Thats a story for another time.

In the hope that Sue may well read this story and will certainly recognise herself although her name has been changed I'd like to just say thanks for a great summer and your in the wrong job