Written by Nick

18 Jun 2005

I’ve posted before about some goings on in Porn cinemas in London and also about the things I’ve seen in the adult video booths in the US where I’m living at the minute but what I saw last night tops the lot, I’m a 31 year old single guy and last night went out for a couple of beers and on the way home decided to pop into the adult video store to see if anything was happening. I picked a booth inserted some money into the slot and sat back to watch a porno and stroke my cock. I was watching a beautiful girl getting fucked hard doggy style while a big black guy was pushing and pulling an enormous butt plug in and out of her puckered little arsehole and I soon had my trousers round my ankles and was wanking enthusiastically. This video store has glass partitions between the booths and buttons that put on a green or red light depending on if you want the people next door to be able to watch you or not. While I was stroking the light beside me changed to green so I opened up the partition, usually you get to see another guy jerking off or a couple of guys sucking each other off but tonight in the booth next door was a couple both around 40 and she was wearing a lacy basque, hold up stockings and no knickers. She was quite short but in pretty good shape, he had his trousers off and she was playing with his rapidly stiffening cock. She looked appreciatively at my fat cock which was a good size bigger than his so, feeling very horny by now, I started to slowly pull the foreskin back and forth over the head. He sat on the stool and she knelt between his legs and started to give him a blow job but her eyes never left me. I watched this for about 5 minutes when she stood up unlocked the door to their cubicle and motioned for me to join them. Well I was round there like a shot and the moment the door opened I was kissing the woman, nibbling her neck and within seconds was greedily sucking on her hard nipples. The husband (who I later found out was called JP and his wife was Laurie) retreated to the corner and watched as I snogged, fondled and fingered his wife. I had my trousers and shirt off soon after and as Laurie sat back on the only stool I worked my way down her stomach and started to slowly tease her clit with my tongue, well she went wild and was thrashing around like a lunatic. JP joined us and started to fuck his wife’s mouth while I bought her to a huge orgasm. Kissing her straight after and smearing her juices all over her face I moved onto the stool and she dropped to her knees and started to suck and wank my throbbing prick. I was so horny by now and she gave me a fantastic blowjob, dragging her teeth over my bellend, and JP moved behind her and started to fuck her slowly at first but was soon pounding the shit out of her. She moved down and started to lick, suck and nibble on my balls which always drives me crazy. It was then that things went a bit strange, JP pulled out and moved up to where I was almost lying back on the stool and started offering me his cock to suck, now I didn’t want any of that but Laurie begged me saying “suck it for me and I’ll make you cum” I was so desperate to shoot my load I thought “fuck it!” grabbed hold of his cock and started to wank it, stuffed it into my mouth and almost immediately he stiffened up and groaned so I pulled his cock out pronto and he spunked thick strands of cum all over my chest. Now that was over I was ready to cum, Laurie was really going to town on my cock and balls and I was feeling very close to exploding when she raised my legs up and moved her tongue from my balls to my arsehole, now I love getting rimmed and I knew that I had about another 10 seconds left, I could feel her tongue corkscrewing into my sphincter and my cock was harder than I think it’s ever been. JP grabbed my cock and suddenly wanked it furiously, and as I felt the spunk bubbling up from my balls I felt Laurie’s finger wriggle it’s way into my arse. Well that was it I thought I was never going to stop cumming I shot what seemed like pints of sperm all over my belly, chest and even some on my own face. It was fantastic, as I recovered and watched Laurie scoop some of the cum up and rub it into her nipples I realized that the partitions either side were open and there were 3 guys watching us and wanking and judging by the state of the glass they had already cum. Anyway after that it was time to clean up and go home, I’ve got Laurie and JP’s number and will give them a call if I ever want to explore my bi –side as talking to them outside he is fully bi and she loves to see him have m2m fun. Anyway I hope you enjoyed the story. Email me if you did.