Written by Lusinda

24 Jun 2006

After our experience at the sex cinema, where my husband, Richard, and I met (and got off with, I might add) Patsy and Craig, the four of us relaxed with drinks at a spot near the the theater. But I think all four of us knew more was in store, and it was soon agreed we would go to their house for another few rounds.

I wanted to freshen up, so Patsy kindly offered me a chance to take a shower. I also gave my glasses a better cleaning. (The old saying is that men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses. I've always found that men will make passes at a girl who wears glasses if the girl is willing to suck or fuck them, as I always have been. Besides, I like to see what I'm doing, and who I'm fucking.) When I came out — nude, because by that time nothing was left to the imagination — Patsy was also fully nude, lying on her back on the bed, massaging her pussy and murmuring softly to herself. Richard was only in his thong, and Craig was in a silky, open robe, both of them standing next to the bed.

I have always been bisexual, I think, and the sight of Patsy’s nude body made me horny all over. She was slim and fit for a woman almost 60, with lovely, good-sized breasts (something I don't have).

I went right to it, kneeling over her.

"So, you went down on me at the cinema, didn't you, Patsy?" I said. "Would you like me to return the favor?"

She nodded and smiled, and I got busy. I love to give a woman oral sex. I love the taste and the feel in my own mouth, and, being a woman, I feel I know just what to do.

Evidently, Patsy agreed. She turned out to be one of those who likes to talk, and to talk dirty, during sex.

"Eat my cunt, you filthy little whore," she said. "That's it! That's it! Yes! You nasty bitch! Tongue me out, you slut bitch! Suck my clitty! Suck my clitty! Yes! Yes! Tongue-fuck me, you fucking cuntlicker! Yes! Make my pussy cum!"

She was hot, and she got hotter when I slid one of my hands underneath her and stuck two fingers up her asshole. She moaned and bucked, and I was getting hotter and hotter myself.

It was the right time, too, because that was when I felt a big cock enter my own pussy from behind. I looked up just long enough to see Craig standing behind me at the end of the bed, banging away for all he was worth. He was a little bigger than Richard, I could tell, and it felt quite, quite wonderful.

But I knew I owed Patsy a good eating out, and I went back to work on her. Soon, she stopped talking, and I glanced up to find out why: Richard’s cock was in her mouth.

With that, I knew it wouldn’t be long for any of us, and I put extra pressure on her clit. I knew Richard must have taken his cock out, because I heard her say "Lusinda! Lusinda! You goddamn lez bitch! You’re making me … CUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM!"

Just as she shrieked in the throes of orgasm, I felt myself start to explode as my cunt tightened around Richard’s cock. I came, and I came hard, doing some howling myself. That was when Craig pulled out and popped his wad all over my butt cheeks.

I rolled off Patsy and soon Richard was astride her, going for the one thing I can't give him: a good tit-fucking. In moments, I saw his body shudder, and saw globs of white stuff shoot out of his dick onto Pat's big jugs.

We wiped off. I knew two things: The boys were out of action for a while, and I still needed more fucking. A lot of it. Right away.

So I reached into the toy bag I always carry for just such occasions, and pulled out a harness with a strap-on dildo.

"We're going to do some fucking now, Patsy," I told her. "I don't really care if you fuck me first or I fuck you first, but, believe me, we are surely going to do some fucking."

"Well," she said. "You just had cock. I just had tongue. Give me cock, Lusinda."

So I strapped it on, lubed up, and proceeded to start some hard-core fucking. I gave it to her with her on her back. I had her ride me; we both got off as she played with her clitty and titties. I bent her over a chair and fucked her hard. Then, she returned the favor, and it was my turn to be the multi-cum girl.

By that time, Richard and Craig were ready again. We did a bit of everything, and I won’t go into complete detail, but I will tell you I had my hardest cum of the night when Richard shot off inside my asshole while Patsy was eating my snatch from below (all while Richard was giving her a good shag).

Eventually, the night had to end. Craig was all but exhausted, but I did manage to get him off one last time with some strategic sucking and wanking. Patsy finished off Richard by having him unleash one more load of jism between her big, brown-nippled tits.

So, we said good night, and headed home. It's nice to make new friends, isn't it?

If time permits, I hope to tell you more about Richard, about me, and about the encounters that help us live up to our motto: No one ever had a bad time when they were cumming.