Written by Wren

15 Jun 2004

I have been married twice to nice looking women who have often been the envy of my friends,one mate said he got a hardon watching my first wife walk down the street.

I have always enjoyed a good wank and over the last year or so I have fancied another man's cock in my hand watching it spurt cum.

To this end I scoured the net eventually finding Alec who wrote on apollo for men about a day he spent with a golfing buddy and himself having a great wank/suck session.

He sent me some of his cock pics and he had a beaut,seven inches with a nice head,no foreskin which is so much cleaner.

We arranged for him to come visit from Edinburgh one night,he is in his 50's over six feet tall and after we had a coffe and a wee chat I reminded him it was really his cock I was interested.He stood up slipped his pants down to reveal a black thong like pair of pants with his rising cock making a nice bulge,dopwn came the thong to release his big prick and it felt great to take it in my mouth amnd massage his balls.I wanked and sucked him then he got my cock out and he remarked how sweet my precum would be before taking my grateful knob on a lovely trip to the back of his throat.

He brought me three times to almost shoot my load and when I finally did it was better than any wank.

Please tell me about your bi wank/suck experiences.