Written by kitten45

8 May 2013

I was at work on a night shift. I work in one of the uniformed professions. It had been a while since I last had sex and was feeling pretty randy. I keep some toys in my locker at work so on my lunch break I decided to go have a play as it was 3am my crew mate was having a kip.

So I inserted my butt plug, and my vibrating love balls and put on my clit clamp. And pulled my trousers back up.

This got me very horny and wet for a bit of added excitement I decided to go for a walk around the car park, with each step I took I could feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm. And before long I came very hard so hard my legs almost buckled on me. At this point my pants where soaking wet and I felt horner than ever but figuring I had better go sort myself out I turned and started to walk back into the building. Just then my radio went off. Omg I had a job to go to. No time to nip back to the toilet and remove my toys or do anything about my soaking wet underwear I had to go.

So we arrived at the job with all my toys in situe. I Had almost come again on the way there. But as I stood talking at the job all I could think about was my toys and trying not to come again in front of everyone. I have never been so scared or so turned on at the same time. I did have to leave the room twice under a pretence so I could come without anyone seeing me.

Anyway we left that job and straight away got another well by this time my legs could barely support me anymore I had come about 6 times. And my crew mate had started to notice my discomfort. So I said I desperately needed the loo asked the person at our next job if I could use theirs. Went in quickly removed the toys putting them in my pocket.

Half of me wantsito do it again it was such a turn on but I don't know if I can take so many orgasm in one go again