Written by Anne

24 Jun 2006

I've just spent an hour reading my way through all the stories on these pages. I'd logged on to check my mail while waiting for the bath to fill, and having never looked at the "Swingers Stories" pages before, decided to have a quick read. So, by the time I'd finished reading, I was very wet and horny and my bath was very hot and full!

I took my rabbit with me and as I slid into the hot, fragrant water, I lay back, closed my eyes and using hand to play and squeez my nipples, the other switched my rabbit and I started sliding the throbbing head back and forth over my clit.

As I lay there, I imagined taking part in some of the stories I'd been reading. Being fucked by a stranger on a beach, going to an empty gym and being joined by someone in the shower, taking a walk in my lunchbreak and being shagged senseless behind some bushes and leaning over a large empty desk at work, my skirt pulled up over my arse and being taken from behind... all good!

I switched my rabbit up a notch and pressed harder as it slid smoothly and silently in the water, over my throbbing clit.. When I came it was and intense explosion of pleasure, the sensations from my clit and nipples meeting in the middle with waves of orgasm...

I'm up early in the morning, so later, when I head to bed, I will use my rabbit again. This time I will slide it inside me with one hand and play with my clit with the other... So, check out my profile and if you're not doing anything at around 22h45.. visualise me and.. and maybe you'll join in.. kind of a 'cyberspace experience'. The thought of men wanking while thinking of me doing the above, will, I imagine, have quite the desired effect..