Written by Peter and Aunt Cathy

24 Aug 2004

My widowed mother remarried when I was 16. My new stepfather, James, had a younger sister Cathy who was 24. My new Aunt Cathy's husband Bill was a bit of a Dell Boy character doing dodgy deals all over the country. Sometimes he was away for a couple of weeks. Sometimes longer when the law did not approve of his buisness skills.

Whenever there was a family party. Uncle Bill was seldom there. Aunt Cathy would make a bee line for me and make me her partner for the night. After a few drinks it was obvious that she had the hots for me and was all over me like a rash. Some people found this funny. Others like my girlfriend did not.

When I was 18. My mother went into hospital to have a baby. Since Aunt Cathy lived only a couple of streets away. It was decided that she would make supper at our place for me and James. James would visit hospital straight from work. I managed to excuse myself from visits after the first night.

The second night when I got home from work. I could smell food being cooked so I new that Aunt Cathy was there. I went into the kitchen and said helo. Aunt Cathy looked great. She was 5'6" and had a 38dd 24 36 figure. Ithen went into my room and changed into track suit bottom, no underpants, and T-shirt. I put on some deodarant and after shave. I wanted to see how bold Aunty Cathy was without an audience or a couple of drinks. I must add that Uncle Bill had been away for a few weeks so she had not had a service for a while.

I went into the kitchen and looked over Aunt Cathy's shoulder and our cheeks were almost touching. Although it may not seem like it. You could feel the atmosphere.

I said "That smells nice"

Aunt Cathy turned round. Her lips were almost touching mine. She said "So do you."

I decided to see how far I could go. Standing behind her I slid my arms round her waist and held her tight. She leaned back a little into me. I then kissed her on the back of the neck. She turned round and we kissed. She started to flick my tongue with hers and pressed her crotch against mine. I had a hard on and I new she must be able to feel it against her crotch.

The kissing became very intense and I started playing with her tits. Everytime I ran my hand over her nipples. She moaned with pleasure and rubbed her crotch against mine. She then put her hand down the front of my tracksuit and held my cock in her hand.

"We better do something about this before you do yourself a damage." She said.

She then moved away from me and walked towards the bedrooms. I followed her. She went into my bedroom and started to undress. The next thing we were both lying on top of my bed naked. I thought I was going to come just looking at her. I realised that I had been gagging to fuck Aunt Cathy for two years and I was about to fulfill my dream. I put my finger on the lips of her cunt and was surprised to find it was dry. However when I parted her pussy lips the flood gates opened. Aunt Cathy had just been holding my cock. She new that if she had just given me a few strokes. I would have come in her hand.

"Go inside me now." She groaned.

I quickly got between her legs and slid my cock into her cunt up to my balls. Her cunt felt silky smoothe and after only a few strokes I emptied a full load into her.

I appologised for cuming so quick. Don't worry we've got plenty of time before James gets home. We had some heavy petting for about 10 mins. Aunt Cathy took hold of my limp cock. It soon became semi erect. She then went down on me. I was soon rock hard in her mouth as she sucked my cock. She stopped sucking me and straddled me on top. She held my cock in her hand and guided it into her pussy.

"I'm sorry. I'll give you a blow job later. Right now I need cock."

She rode me for about 10 mins during which she came several times. When I told her I was coming. She screamed as she orgasmed. I was worried that the neibours would think I was murdering her.

We had been in bed for about 1 hr when Aunt Cathy said that we better get cleaned up as James would be home soon. I pointed to my erect cock and got on top of her again. This time I made love to her slowly and gently. After about 15 mins we both came together. When we had finished.

She said "I needed that. I have not had a good fuck in ages."

That was in 1969. I have been seeing my Aunt Cathy on a regular basis over the years three times a week. We have fucked each other more times than most couples do in a lifetime. She still looks great at 61 and loves sex.