Written by Watcher

19 Jul 2013

For his birthday, I took my husband Fred on a Caribbean cruise. In the middle of that cruise, I told him about a guy who was hitting on me at the pool.

Fred asked, “Is he someone you would consider having sex with?”

“Well, he is cute and sexy. If I were younger and not married, I suppose I would but I have you in my life.”

He then added, “Hey… This could be an opportunity for you to fulfill my sexual fantasy of watching you have sex with another man.”

“How many times have I said no?”

“Think about it as a birthday present for me.”

“You are persistent” I told him.

He then asked me, “Just suppose that he asks you to go to bed with him. Would you consider doing it for me?”

“Are you being real here?” I asked him.


“Are you sure that you want to watch David pleasure and satisfy me?”

“His name is David?”


I then sat alone for a while thinking about the proposal Fred was gifting me. For the first time ever, I actually was thinking about what it would mean to do it. Fred has consistently harangued me to do it for a long time but actually doing it has always been to me just a fantasy.

Sitting alone, I found myself arguing with myself that David was a really sexy guy and my husband is urging me to do it. We are in a neutral place where no one we know will pop up. The more I thought about sex with David, I found my thought process began to change.

I found myself asking my self, “Why not do it? What do I have to lose? I heard my inner mind say “Nothing to risk at all. Fred wants you to do it. However, if ever misunderstood, it could also destroy our relationship.“

Look at the other side. What do I have to gain? My mind then imaged sex with David. I felt a tingling between my legs. I concluded that wanton sex could be a huge gain.

I then argued to myself, “Fred really wants this.”

I then thought back to my college days when I did it without any thinking at all. Why not now?

I kept debating the pros and cons and eventually I kept finding myself saying, “Why not?”

Then I ran out of arguments and began to imagine what sex with a hunk like David would be like. I said to myself, “Think about it. Di I choose "No sex" … or … "wanton sex" with a sexual hunk?” Over and over I thought of the options.

Eventually, ‘wanton sex’ won out and I heard my self surprise Fred by asking, “Suppose I ask David to let you watch?”

Fred almost fell out of his chair. He then asked, “Are you saying you will do it?”

“I think so”, I told him.

“You would ask him to let me watch?” he asked.

“Only if you will promise not to ever use this against me in a negative way.”

“Done” he told me.

I then went looking for David and found him at the pool. I was in my bikini when I sat next to him. It didn’t take long before he said to me, “My offer for you to see my cabin still stands. You and I can go there any time.”

“If I go will you expect sex from me?” I asked him.

Hearing this he asked, “Would you expect sex from me?”

“You are a sexy guy.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Maybe, but it has a condition.”

“What’s that?”

“You and I could get sexual but my husband would have to be there to watch.”

David was surprised and asked, “Your husband wants to watch you have sex with me?”

“Yes. If you let me bring my husband and let him watch then you and I can do as we please.”

“Let’s do it”, he said.

“You’ll let my husband watch?” I asked again.

David answered, “I’d let anyone watch if that is what it takes to get in bed with you.”

“I’ll talk it over with my husband. If he is still OK, I’ll bring him back with me to your cabin.”

I went back to my cabin and told Fred about what happened.

“Let’s do it”, he said.

“Let’s be clear”, I told him, “If we go to his cabin, David and I will have sex. Since you have handed me this option, I intend to get the most satisfaction I can get. No doubt about it. You are on notice that I intend to have a good time. I expect he will explore a lot of sexual territory with me and I will let him have his way with me. Also, once we get started I don’t want you to interfere with what we do because what we do will be ours to decide without input from you.”

When Fred and I arrived at David’s’ cabin, David pushed a glass of wine into each of our hands. His cabin was much smaller than ours and it was almost too crowded for the three of us. I was thinking that we all should go to our cabin when David soon said, “She tells me that you want to watch her and I have sex.”

Fred replied, “It sounds like you two want to have sex.”

David then said, “I expect that you will not interfere or interrupt us. Is that right?”

Fred said, “Yes”.

I was just about going to offer moving the whole thing to our bigger cabin when David moved our two wine glasses to be out of the way. He was no longer interested in chatting or drinking. He wanted sex right now which was verified when he took my hand, pulled me to the small single bed, and sat me down with him sitting beside me. He leaned towards me and began kissing me. Without resistance I found myself kissing him back. His hand went behind me and I felt him untie my bikini top. He was wasting no time. When my bikini bra fell into my lap exposing my breasts, he pushed me onto my back and began nibbling on my nipples with his hand on my crotch. The smallness of the bed’s tight quarters forced our bodies close together. He reached for my hand and slid it down the front of his bathing suit. When my hand was inside, I felt his hard penis in my hand and suddenly realized that for the first time in a very long while, I was sexually touching a man who was not my husband. His penis was noticeably larger than Fred’s. This caused me to glance at Fred who was sitting on the only chair in the cabin. He was staring at me. His expression was hard for me to read but his facial expression was one of wonder rather that concern. I saw no measure of displeasure in his expression. From his many statements made in the past, I finally understood that he really wanted to see me do this. So, I got back to making this happen.

I was kissing David with my hand still inside his bathing suit as I began to stimulate his penis. I could tell that he liked what I was doing. Each motion of my hand elicited soft moans from his throat.

David then slid his hand into the front of my bikini bottom and I felt him begin to explore my private parts. His fingers probed my inner region. Again I looked at Fred to see how he was dealing with this and saw amazement in his gaze rather than concern.

I then heard David ask me, “You want to fuck me don’t you?”

When I whispered ‘yes’, David pulled the bottoms of my bikini off my body making me totally naked. As he did this, my hand was still buried in his bathing suit while holding his penis. I then pulled his bathing suit off leaving us both totally naked lying side by side on the bed.

After that, both of us ignored Fred’s presence. He was invisible to us. All I wanted at that time was to let the orgasms begin. Fred did not disappoint. From that time onward, I was strictly concentrating on getting properly laid without wondering how Fred might be reacting.

In the very tight quarters afforded us, David made moves to get his penis near my vagina. I knew what he was doing and I wanted him inside of me. Therefore, I adjusted my position and body to make this quickly happen. I knew I was very wet down below and could feel him as he began to slide into me. By then my hand was holding his penis to help guide it. It had been a long time since a penis this big was trying to get inside of me. It hurt a little but the pleasure igniting inside of me overpowered everything else.

When it ultimately was all the way in, I spread my legs as wide as I could as he began making love to me. As he began his in and out missionary position motions I began mine. I was staring into David’s eyes without even looking at Fred as I just knew for sure that he was watching. I was more interested in working up my first orgasm which I could feel building inside.

As he pounded me with his hips he just groaned saying, “Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me….” And I did.

I quickly had an orgasm followed by another. I didn’t want him to stop. I was squealing, “Oh… Oh… Oh…”

When he proclaimed he was coming, I began pounding him harder and had one more orgasm before he dropped on my body and began slowing down in his thrusts. He was still lying on top of my naked body when were no longer moving. We then laid there quietly with his penis still inside of me which I felt shriveling up.

Later he rolled over to squeeze besides me saying, “I really needed that”.

I said, “me too”.

He said, “I want more… much more.”

I said, “me too”.

I looked over at Fred and saw him still sitting in the chair staring at us.

We were in his cabin for several hours exploring all kinds of positions with Fred and me making love almost the whole time.

Fred sat through the whole thing without saying a word.

When it was time to leave, David said he wanted more. I looked at Fred and he gave me the look, ‘it’s up to you’.

I then said to David, “I’d like to sleep with you tomorrow night in our cabin. Is that OK?”

David said, “I’ll be there.”

I asked Fred, “Is that OK?”

When he said, “OK”, I said to David, “We’ll ask for another bed to be moved into our cabin for Fred to use.

Just before leaving, I said to David, “Be assured that after tomorrow night we will never see or contact you again.”

Fred and I then left and on the way back to our cabin he asked, “What are your thoughts?”

I told him, “He is a great lover. I am looking for much more tomorrow night…and I expect it will take all night.”

Fred said, “Best birthday present ever.”

“It’s not over yet” I told him.